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Hey, as you might've figured out already my name's Dan. Being a touchy-feely straight guy, the most important body asset that a woman could have is a great pair of breasts, and has a 'bit of meat' on her in general. Some good "celebrity" examples would be Carmella Bing, Tessa Fowler, Anissa Kate, Shion Utsunomiya, Sensual Jane. These would be the kind of women I'd recruit for top modeling jobs to represent the pinnacle of beauty.

Unfortunately this is not the common standard in real life, where either extreme is promoted instead; the large majority of 'top models' are either flinter thin OR they let go of maintaining the "great pair, bit of meat" state and become "plus size" instead. But to be fair, yeah it is hard work to constantly maintain, and everyone should have the freedom to follow their sexual preferences, how they want to go through life etc.

Disappointed with this reality, I sought refuge in the world of anime where nothing is held back or twisted/manipulated by said reality; everything is possible. To say that my needs have been met through this goes a bit far, but I did come across some very talented + like-minded artists who were blessed with the skills to visualize it in great detail, and for that I am glad.

There's real value in collecting figures and goods, sometimes literally if the price goes up in the aftermarket, but especially in the coping sense. In this world that I've created for myself, I can be honest about how I feel and surround myself with what aligns with that, without having to worry about betrayal brought on by inevitable and eventual change (human nature, c'est la vie). Purity, freedom, identity...these are the true keys to happiness. And with those 3 intact, the downsides are manageable in comparison.

Of course it would be terribly shallow if it was all about the body and nothing else, so I will say that personality wise, the easier it is to tease a woman and be flirty with, the better. On the other hand I'm also a huge sucker for the caring Onee-San type (ARA ARA) and yes, the jealous type. Some girls may look the part, but if they don't vibe with me on a personal level then I'm much less inclined to collect stuff of them.

I consider all the ones you see here to be of 'waifu tier' quality but if you told me that I had to choose 1 waifu out of all my favorites for something exclusive (such as a life size figure) then I'd pick Azur Lane's Taihou. Azur Lane is unmatched in the sense that it has a big range of these waifu tier girls for anyone's preferences overall, but just about anything produced by Azarashi Soft / Atelier Kaguya / Squeez (Milk Factory) / Hadashi Shoujo really hits the spot in the waifu department for me personally. When a character in an eroge / game or anime / manga hits waifu tier, I try to buy at least 1 item of her as my way of appreciating them and the artist. The rest is comprised of OC's that I really like the looks of.

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is what my collection is based on in a nutshell. There are a bunch of unmentioned smaller details that I love like the maid / teacher themes, or how sexy birthmarks are on certain spots of the female body, but it would simply take too long to mention it all. So, this will have to do! ;)



A few stellar art examples of MOE points


Hi, what were you interested in?
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Demigod_Dan11 päivää sitten#110703466Sweet! The artist (mangaka) name = ENTRY #61752 and the series name is Mayoiga no Onee-San (search マヨヒガのお姉さん to find them, NSFW of course xD)All added into the database! ^~^ Feel free to find me again if you need any other help!
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Loria11 päivää sitten#110701984Oh of coz - I'd love to add them into the database! Do you have the name of the artist and the doujinshi series? ^~^

Sweet! The artist (mangaka) name = ENTRY #61752 and the series name is Mayoiga no Onee-San (search マヨヒガのお姉さん to find them, NSFW of course xD)
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Oh of coz - I'd love to add them into the database! Do you have the name of the artist and the doujinshi series? ^~^
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Doboy Animated Chicks FTW
No problem, I'm not familiar with the game/series myself. I just liked the tapestry so I bought it years ago and added it to the database lol.
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Doboy13 päivää sitten#110655398Done.
Cheers mate! Sorting the collection in relation to a big upcoming article atm and panicked for a moment when I couldn't find that one though the game dev name haha xD
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Doboy Animated Chicks FTW
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We can talk on discord. I was going to dm my discord username but your inbox is full so you can dm your discord username instead.

Oh yeah I saw the notification of Alizee on discord. I logged in just to unlock her poses. Lol I'm not gonna lie she has better poses than some of the other characters.
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Erikku17 päivää sitten#110503567Man a purple shrimp is a sight to behold. That's probably the rarest color for a shrimp since there's technically no purple "gene" for shrimps.


Imagine Emilia being the trigger / inspiration to the most profitable type of shrimp breeding of the future xD heck, even those Taiwanese fellas would be lining up to buy from you instead of the other way around!

The table Mary lies on has a stand so you can place it in a way that Mary is positioned as if she was standing. I'm gonna put her ITEM #604194 partly in front of her as that'll really complete the scene which represents these gambling gals :). And holy crap, 4 times delayed? I feel your pain brother...here's to hoping there won't be a 5th time!
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Miss_FoxyOxO17 päivää sitten#110503718snip

Well, as it happens I heard from very trusted sources that Mayuko still plays Genshin ;D. Also that is quite the mousepad! Hey, does that shop have any Raiden ones in stock? Totally asking for a friend :^)...

Aww you didn't reclaim your Link pad which your mom mistook for a female huh xD? Lmao, for most women that find a man sentence would end with to smash. this is a sign of culture indeed. On the topic of mousepads, I recently ordered 2 lifesize ones: ITEM #597807 and ITEM #952152 . One for each hand? Dual wielding is where it's at n all.

Well Gabby :P, My MFC membership was a single month as well; ever since the site issues and continued lack of response to allow users to add chinese origin Goods under certain conditions I really don't want to pay the admin any money just to use my inbox again though. Maybe I will feel like it one day when MFC is flourishing and operating fully functionally *inhales copium*

Your clothes faded? I have half a mind to suggest that they're see-through now then xD that would make quite an impression if you showed up like that for your thesis LMAO. Oof, Insta...the way I think about it is that growth on there is heavily tied to popularity which already exists elsewhere, and aside from that, most easy gains coming from looks + posting selfies, and...posting cooking recipes? Lol. There are so many artists around who're trying to gain exposure, no? Seems to me that you gotta do something to make yourself stand out from the standard approach, but I dunno what that could be for you. You can post your insta here if you want, then you'd gain at least a few more followers :')

The way you describe catching up with messages, I legit imagine you having all of them in some sort of spreadsheet, knocking em off one by one while adding a similar amount of new messages to it at the same time...a never-ending cycle, LOL! I do feel a bit guilty writing long messages to ya for that reason and try to keep it as short as possible. It's not really noticeable is it xD

Yooo that's the finished version of the artwork huh? It looks so good! The interchanging balance between all the colours you used is the best part of it I'd say. Also, you know about deckbuilding games like Slay the Spire? There are lots of those on the market nowadays and has a rather big following. With chara card designs like that I reckon you could turn into an artist for such videogames, would that even interest you at all though? I do think your art style lends itself well for that genre, which is the most important thing to qualify :P

Y'know that rock is gonna fade as well if you stay under it much longer xD imagine if you come out from under it and the world has turned into some hellish landscape with garbage piles the size of towers, homeless people everywhere etc. It could totally be the sequel of the movie Idiocracy, lol! ( www.imdb.com/ti... in case you've not seen it, great movie)

Titane is actually worse than the entire HC trilogy combined. The only trilogy it cannot top is probably www.imdb.com/ti... , and morality wise it sits around the same level as the recently released Diablo Immor(t)al, which is so immoral that people are no longer writing or pronouncing the T when talking about it xD (maxing a single character in a reasonable amount of time on DI costs over $100k, LOL). At least the Human Centipede doctor had some ethics? Uhhh...yeah. Also I wonder if Mayuko will agree with you on RE8's wasted potential, hmm hmm!

Ok bet, I think Paradise killer could well become your favorite game ever once you actually play it if you dig the art style that much. I definitely imagine you vibing with it in more ways than one. Plus there's a character who bares his chest non stop, except...Well, you'll just have to find out the drawback for yourself xD. Yeah I loved the Gnosia art style as well, it's a beautiful 'conflict' of a fragile hand drawn style vs the super over the top characters that represent it. It was such a wonderful game, I really hope that there'll be a sequel one day. Didn't get into Crimesight as of right now still, due to the current stressy schedule so I can't answer this one yet regarding plot or not :P

Pssh, I dunno about that Gabby...I'm gonna need a whole lot of convincing and that def includes that centaur paizuri you mentioned. But since that focuses on the front I have no idea how you'd incorporate the lower half which defines the centaur aesthetic in that xD it sounds like a challenge actually, lol! I'll figure something out so you can PM it to me if you wanna take on that challenge, don't you worry ;D. As for my OC, nah it's just for Koikatsu Sunshine; I'm content with having her roam around in storymode alongside all the other queens I conjured up (including like half the Azur Lane cast, lmao)

Oh right, so currently I'm following a diet which entails avoiding all cowmilk based products and gluten for 6 weeks in order to get my bowels to function properly again. I thought this was the final week but I was told to extend it by another 6 weeks and it took all my restraint to not flip the bird upon hearing that. View spoilerHide spoilerhttps://i.gyazo.com/486646e1e79c0971bf2c437e17065635.png Yeah, she knows xD That means cowgirls are banned as well, rip ITEM #1129467 & co. Actual milk replacements are not the issue though but when you realize this affects just about anything you consume on a daily basis normally, yeah it's rough to adjust. Have you ever been on any diets before?
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We are Spreading the Love of All Japanese Figures and Games! Warehouse, Pay-later & Worldwide Shipping Available !


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