Actual Love Live trash
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I'm an avid collector of figures from things I like, things I probably shouldn't like, and things that just look pretty.

I'm a sucker for display porn (i.e. photos of collection displays that I hope to one day shamelessly take inspiration from).

My forever loves include Love Live, Kill La Kill, Super Sonico, and Zelda.

This hobby will probably be the death of me.

Hit me up on LL SIF! Deter/172565826

Sets I'm currently aiming to complete:

Sega Love Live "Sunny Day Song" prizes - 9/9 - COMPLETE!
Honoka Eli Kotori Umi Rin Maki Nozomi Hanayo Nico

Sega Love Live "Snow Halation" prizes - 8/9
Honoka Eli Kotori Umi Rin Maki Nozomi Hanayo Nico

Alter Love Live SIF 1/7 scales - 4/9
Honoka Eli Kotori Umi Rin Maki Nozomi Hanayo Nico

Max Factory Love Live FigFIX - 2/9
Honoka Eli Kotori Umi Rin Maki Nozomi Hanayo Nico

Sega Love Live "Sore wa Bokutachi no Kiseki" prizes - 1/9
Honoka Eli Kotori Umi Rin Maki Nozomi Hanayo Nico

Stronger Love Live Birthday Figure Project 1/8 scales - 0/9
Honoka Eli Kotori Umi Rin Maki Nozomi Hanayo Nico


Happy Birthday!!! Hope you have an awesome day!
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Happy birthday Dribz hope you have a lovely day and get spoilt rotten.
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Happy Birthday! May the figure Gods be good to you this year xD
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Happy birthday :D !
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Happy birthday , have a lovely day and amazing year ahead and hope you get spoilt rotten
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Hey ^^ I apologize for the random comment but I just happened to come across your discussion on the Taito Halloween Miku thread and I just wanted to let you know that I absolutely agree with you :) I didn't want to jump into the argument in order to keep the talk about the fig but liked your comments instead! I can totally relate to your feeling, it too has been 'bothering' me for a while how more and more ppl put prize figures on a pedestal lately. I remember this blog post about a recent Madoka prize and ppl were raving about how next level she is and everybody was in awe over the promo pics. Well, I just saw her the other day at an arcade and she was just... a prize fig XD Had a big ol painting flaw in her face, no textures, no shading. So yeah, hope you know that you're not alone on this and don't be afraid to speak up :D The loud ones are not always the right ones neccessarily :)
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Hentai_Son Cool Guy(tm)
You have great love live taste
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Kotori is love kotori is life. She is best girl of muse.
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Thank you for accepting my FR! I love your collection! Kotori is best girl! :)
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Happy birthday have a great day and brilliant year ahead
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