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Well what can I say... I'm a anime figure collector, just started summer 2018, as a kid I always want to buy figure but never had the money to do so.. "continued to building my dream anime figure collection " all figures are never open and sealed in there boxes!!! Always and forever NEW!!!

P.S. there still some figures on order I haven't upload yet, just need time to do it so Please come back and check for update... "I will be give out free Bishoujo figure out when the time is right" please feel free to leave a comment or review... thank you for visiting... (" more update coming soon" the Winner can get a free figure, and if is in "My Friend List
" can choice any one figure in my collection!!! ).

If u have any question please feel free to ask and thank you...
( the Cosplay is “Artoria Pendragon Lancer Alter” )
( 2nd Cosplay is Kurumi / 3rd Cosplay is Saber Bride )
( 4th Cosplay is Prinz Eugen )
( 5th Artoria Pendragon Ruler / Saber "Bunny Girl Ruler" )
yes I have more pic, just need time to upload...

If u read this far then I guess i will share a Secret with you that currently I’m searching/hunting for the top 1% best figure(each year) to collect...

i maybe got connection too ;D


That sucks makes me glad I have TONS of space and I mean whole suite haha

It’s gonna take time to fill that up
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Surprised you have 85 figures I only have like 20 with my pre orders how do you newbies get so much figures? Been collecting for almost a decade so....
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Thank you! Love your avatar btw ;)
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Hey Evomo, your inbox is full.

I came across a Fate doujin with Altria Pendragon Bunny on the cover ITEM #894085 and it's on your wish list
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Your inbox was full but nah I am good I plan to save up for my own house after I buy the 1/2 scale shinobu she is sadly my last figure since things are getting worse around the world I think saving your money is the best option and I really don’t want to live with my mom longer then I have too
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Yes I was hoping the cost wouldn't be so high. But I think you are right about the limited having an effect. Shes BINDing money :O. I'll leave paying for her to future me :)
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Thank you :) happy collecting
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(((o(*゚▽゚*)o))) You would be the happiest person in the world once FREEing release Pendragon Bunny. I really hope FREEing keeps her blue fishnet leg stockings/tights.

You're right about 90% accuracy but overall, Celia still looks good. However, I'm not a die hard fan for Celia (not familiar with the series) or the pose. Actually, the pose reminds me of this bunny ITEM #806095

Hmmm I had Celia bunny and display her cast-off, I would display her showing more of her face than her butt... But it would be weird if I had a naked anime girl in my room >,< Do you worry about people seeing a bunch of bunny girls in your room?

Actually, the girls from Zettai Junpaku♡Mahou Shoujo are all naked right? picture/2386969.... I could cover them up like this: picture/2005510...

You're very happy having Celia! Do you have other bunny figures that will be arriving to your house soon?
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Hmmm tempting.... The negative thing I don't like about Celia Bunny is that her breasts are too big and I wish she has a standing pose. A big positive I do like about Celia Bunny is that you can display her without the bunny suit, keep bunny ears, and display her waist garter belt holder on, like this (*ΦωΦ*) picture/2331500...

I actually like ITEM #775701; she's cute (≧▽≦)

and wow, ITEM #543897 is pretty expensive. It's not the original outfit but ITEM #583279 looks amazing.

I like to see your display of your bunny collection! I bet you enjoy Celia more outside of the box right?
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Awwwww, thank you! : )
I hope you are having an awesome day as well
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