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Sub-nuclear physics student (elementary particles physics field), and a nerdy one. Used to love body building in my earlier University days, back when i could afford some delays in my academical carrier...Sigh, i want my muscles back :'(
Aiming to become a researcher and a good teacher. There are too many bad teachers ruining people's potential...
For now, spending my days giving private lessons to high school kids (earns me enough to provide for house expenses and collecting) and studying for my exams enough to give one per month.
Time for hobbies is short, but still, my (short) evenings goes for gaming, animes, mangas and music (often more than one at once), sometimes with my friends too (but they are all so mainstream...)
El Psy Congroo.


you still selling makoto?
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Ciao hai la casella in entratata piena!

Per caso vendi Katakuri max? O altre pop?

Sono in cerca, perdona la domanda :(
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Hey, your inbox is full, but I'm in Taylors, SC, USA (29687).
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Hey, your inbox is full so I can't answer your message ^^"
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LadyLavellan JennaroniPepperoni
Haha, I thought it was a phase but apparently selfie spam is still very "in".

Anywho, thank you! Luckily P5 is my favorite thing (if I didn't already make that obvious lol) so like away!
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LadyLavellan JennaroniPepperoni
Oh, I see! Lol! That's okay! If not for my figure instagram I wouldn't have any pics up either! My personal account is collecting dust at this point.

Still it's nice to see collectors here on MFC on another platform. The community on Instagram is really tight-nit and kind to each other. Happy to have you!
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LadyLavellan JennaroniPepperoni
Hey! I recognized your icon on Instagram! Thanks for the follow. :D
Do you use Insta for your personal stuff or do you share figure posts there too?
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Gabribuon compleanno :D
Grazie °ç°
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Gabrigiova ma hai mollato le pop? D: non le vedo più fra le possedute
yes gabri le ho tolte di mezzo...preferisco investire momentaneamente nelle banprestine e qualche statua non di one piece...era un po di tempo che mi avevano "stufato"
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Gabriauguri giovà! :D
grazie di cuore gabri ^^
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Premium Figure Imports


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|GoT| |11/22/63| |Il Nome Della Rosa|
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