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Doka is a sound I like


HAIGERWow, I feel awful for not responding in so long. It came from the Me 109E-3 Luffwaffe Mascheneung Fighter PVC Statue. Lucky me it was to scale to some degree :D

Thank you very much :D
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I absolutely love your collection! It's so nice when you look at it... mostly black and white, looks very impressive!
Cheers from Poland.
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nice pics :) may I ask where did you get that Drumfed MG34/42 Yomi is holding?
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Yeah, d7000 right now is the better deal, better image quality and refined features. Think the d300s still has it beat on build quality and sealing, but right now it's just a victim of its classification as the "pro" level crop camera.

D800 will be interesting, I don't remember hearing anything about any new Sony 35mm sensors so I guess it's a wait and see. Speed really is the only thing that'll help in low light, well, that or a d3s...think a fast lens is the better value xP

I think you're on the right track holding off and being patient. It's way more constructive to be finding your niche than to be worrying about gear. I still need to get off my ass and get into street photography. I'll be stuck in Memphis on Friday and LAX for five hours on Saturday, all I brought with me is my S95 but I guess I should take this as an opportunity (><.

HAIGERYeah, I actually screwed up a bit of today's sessions because of the windows and suddenly natural light. Need to work on that :(

Oh yeah, I'm past that now and there will always be other deals. Oh man you know, I was considering getting a D300S but the specs off the D7000 won me over. I just still can't get over the rather strange price difference between the two. A D400 would be rather nice to see and aghhhhhhh, where is my D800 announcement :( I'm sure the places I'll take photos of with the 24-70mm/2.8 won't be too dark. Chances I'll use that mostly outside or in rather bright places. Talking about this makes me feel rather good that I want to buy the 50mm/1.4. I really like to make low light photos look really nice.

I'm still more or less still finding my muse in photography. I grasp the basics of what I like and possibility want but still, I think it'll take more then that to have me consider moving to the higher up bodies.
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Sweet. Just watch out for bright highlights like the sun reflecting off chrome or something at large aperture settings since that thing has a tendency to produce magenta fringing in that situation.

Dang, oh well, deals like that are pretty rare but just think of it as $1800 bucks you saved :P I was hoping they'd announce a d400 at least but I guess we'll get a Nikon mirrorless system instead later this month. I wouldn't really worry too much about rushing things if it's something you need to get important shots you can't get otherwise. I always found 2.8 to be too slow for low-light stuff, but I don't know what conditions you shoot in. I guess you could always up your ISO to pretend you were shooting at 2.8 (and ignoring the noise) to see if it would get you acceptable exposures.

HAIGEROh yeah, the 35mm just showed up. I like it so far for what it does and it'll definitely give me a better grasp of wider apertures. Real excited to use this on a daily bases.

It doesn't look like the deals for that are popping up. I assume I'm either too late or somehow the seller just took them all down suddenly. Yeah, that's the thing, I wasn't sure if I should just wait if they ever announce the D800. I also thought about selling the D5000 and grab the D7000 for the hell of it as a spare body when push comes to shove I move up to any FX body. I do hope those sweet cameras under Nikon won't be another set of coolpixes, lol. As far as priorities go, I would love to shoot more often at shows so, high iso performances and even faster shutter speed for the most part for me. The lens I really want for that kind of thing would be that 24-70mm/2.8. Ahhhh, sometimes I just don't know if I should move up fast or not, I do have the option to but I don't want to rush things when it comes to camera gear.
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I'll definitely make them call me if something like that happens again xP

Yeah, it's so easy now to self promote with the internet, but at the same time people expect to get something for nothing these days. I'd love it if I made enough and had enough free time to pursue music on the side, but as it stands, there's too much other stuff I want to do. Photography, breaking into the industry is hard. I don't think I could just do weddings or portraits all the time, which seems to be where the most stable work is. Then there's the competition...not enough room in the market for me to quit my day job to try lol. Too many people doing weddings and stuff on the cheap.

It's just a cheap short tele. For the price it can take some nice pictures but I'm not sure if it's something I want to keep since I prefer 105mm and that sucker is so hard to focus lol.

Hope you managed to get the 35mm today. The bokeh isn't the greatest but it's still pretty decent.

Wow 1800 is a pretty sweet deal, too good to be true sweet lol. If it's legit idk, I'd be pretty tempted. You could always resell for profit but if that thing has been up for a while or reappearing I'd be weary, deals like that are usually gone within a few hours, at least here. The d700 is pretty sweet but it shows it's age in some ways. That said I'll probably use mine until it breaks and they stop making batteries for it lol. Whether it's worth it to you I'm not sure. Full-frame lenses are expensive, even more so since it's Nikon. That said, I have a lot of cheap old lenses that I like using with mine and it made my Tamron 90 macro a lot more useful. If the money is no problem and you can test it out to make sure everything's good then I'd say sure, get it and enjoy it. It'll always be a great camera. If you'd be pushing it to cough up the cash or can wait, there should be some sweet cameras coming out within the next 12 months. Take the a77 for instance, 2k list with a 16-50/2.8 kit lens, sensor stabilized when you need it. 24mp on crop kind of made me wtf though. An update to the d300/d700 is overdue, too. Just make sure you have your priorities sorted out and know what you're getting into :P Main reasons I got a d700 was high iso performance, more control over dof and metering with old lenses. I outgrew my d5000 and returned it for a d90, then after 10k pics I outgrew that and got a d700 (kept the d90 for dual wield though lol). I guess what I'm getting at is ask yourself why you want a d700. That price is fucking good though for the d700 with the nikkor 24-70/2.8 lol.

HAIGEROh neat, yes, kenchan has been around and glad it seems like djkc is good friends with him. Oh no!!! For sure next time you'll hang out with kors k.

That's just about how I feel with my job. Pays the bills and money gets me out of trouble. Getting publicity as a musician or a photography seems easy these days. I just don't know how far people can take it when it comes to money. I'd like to make something out of it but blehhhhhh, it'll probably slap me in the face too.

Oh jezz, an 85/1.4. Micro or just a mini telephoto? Yes, I really had slight issues with the focal length of the 50mm I rented but regardless, I like to buy that one when I can. Hoping to see my 35mm/1.8 tomorrow.

Random question, I keep seeing this deal for a D700 with a 24-70mm/2.8 and battery grip all for $1800. I always thought about moving up to a D7000 sometime soon but a deal for all of that, you think it's wise to suddenly jump to an FX body and skip out on that one? I also really want that lens :I
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We hung out recently and I mentioned kenchan and he said he knows him. Apparently they also got to meet kors k when he was here since one of the guys they know is friends with him...f'ers left me out lol, orz.

I asked him about the hacked machine and he said it's still broken. None of us really go there anymore so it's not a huge deal I guess. Hopefully they hack one of the other machines, 75 cents a play xP

Dang, yeah that dead end feeling sucks. Sometimes I wonder why I put up with all the crap I have to deal with in the consulting field, but meh, it pays the bills. I really wish I could've been a musician, and now I guess a photographer, but reality would probably just slap me in the face lol.

That 35 should help with dof. It's fast enough to still shoot in dim situations but has the benefit of that shorter focal length. I'm a sucker for fast glass but the dof is so damn thin with my Samyang 85/1.4 that I'm scared of using it lol. Enjoy that 35/1.8. Personally I preferred that lens a lot more on my d90 than my 50/1.8 af-d. A fast normal can be a real nice all-rounder and that sucker can focus pretty close, too lol.

HAIGERAh, djkc most likely have to be talking to kenchan. He has knack for messing with the HDDs in terms of going so far as to what you just said, adding a bunch of bms files in there. We're rather good friends and run into each other at certain events when they happen. I really miss him a bunch, hahaahahha. Just about every machine around is hacked except for Houston's machine, Planet Zero. Though we have supplied them with a hack of Sirius, they still continue to buy the real HDDs and get stuck at beat#1.

Man, I'm waiting to get myself out there in the field to get more contacts. Chances I'll just make more friends around the Houston or Austin area, get a real job there, and move there. It feels so much like a dead end feeling for me at work. I have freedom in my hours but ehhhhhhhhhh, that's as far as it gets.

The 50mm 1.4 was just straight up amazing by so much that I kept shooting at an f stop of 1.4. In some cases, it was appropriate to shoot with that aperture but then I realize afterwards how subjects get out of focus or their arms in the foreground or background become blurred as well. I really would love to try to get the entire person looking sharp when they extend their arms towards me or when they lean their hand on something. Other then that, I do love the shallow DoF and shooting in low light is also my favorite in terms of situations. I actually am getting a 35mm 1.8 Thursday to practice on until I end up buying a 50mm 1.4. Can't wait to start shooting at a higher aperture~~~
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No worries, can't say I always reply right away either lol.

Pretty sure that's the one. djkc has some contact, not sure who, but we got a hacked version of troopers from them so our original iidx machine had a bunch of crazy bms files on it, until the drive crashed... TGA's machine was hacked too, right? Think he was talking with somebody from TGA before so might be the same person.

Yeah, job market is pretty crappy. My job pretty much has nothing to do with what I studied in college so, meh, college is overrated. Now that I think about it there was pretty much one guy responsible for finding both of my full-time jobs. He worked at my first job and was friends with my boss back when I was a lab assistant in a campus cleanroom. When I got laid off he hooked me up with somebody at the place I'm at now to get an interview. Guess it really isn't what you know, but who you know lol.

Man, I need to pay more attention to the people that come play here. Always end up finding out about it after the fact, orz.

Any particular problems you had? Gotta admit I'm a sucker for fast primes since I like shooting in low light, shallow dof is always fun too lol. Not sure if you tried it, but Nikon's 35/1.8 is pretty good. It's got a couple of quirks, but overall it's pretty solid.

HAIGERSorry for the late response. Attended a local anime convention and birthday shenanigans.

Oh, you're talking about the Programmed World e-amuse? You should e-mail Anthony of TGA about that. As far as a new game too, I can talk to someone upon helping you out with that also.

Man, that sounds so rough about finding a job. I'm trying to get a decent job with my degree but alas, no one is hiring and I'm stuck doing this cooking job until then. So much for going to a university for 6 years.

Oh man, I know you guys have a heavy potential to getting him along with anyone else. They really love Hawaii awhole bunch. Nekomata Master+ is where it's at too~~~~

As for birthday stuff, I rented a 50mm f/1.4g lens for the weekend and realized the things I did wrong with it, lol. I hope to improve when I do own a prime lens but gosh was that thing so awesome to shoot, it was overwhelming.
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First off, happy birthday!

Managed to play a game this weekend, gotta admit I could get addicted again if they manage to upgrade the machine and connect to the underground e-amuse server. Friend just got back from Japan, too, so probably end up playing games at my place again till he goes back to the west coast. Probably actually save money if I get hooked again.

Moved islands for college but never did make a bigger move to the mainland. Socal would've been cool but it's probably lucky I didn't go since they froze hiring and had layoffs at most of the big companies I was looking at. Still got laid off here right before the dow tanked, but luckily found a job a couple weeks later.

God damn, kors k is prolly one of my favorite bemani artists along with nekomata master and sota. Hopefully he comes back and maybe drags technorch along with him lol. Nice to hear he's down for some after show chillin. This stuff needs more exposure so I know what the hell is going on.

HAIGERUgh, wish I can just have that magic to beat all my old scores. I think when I do have the time to unwind, I should just play for the hell of it.

Oh man, what happened when it came to moving out? SoCal is so great even if some good places closed down. Awwwww man, when kors k came down to play in Chicago, we partied with that guy afterwards. I didn't think he can drink so much, lol. He really wants to visit and play in Hawaii again. Mannnnnnnnnnnnnnn, I was made jealous when they brought Arisa along for that gig. AGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH
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Tenma The Idolm@ster
Happy Birthday!!

Have a nice day
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