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Uuhuuu! so pretty! Buy.
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I've just started my Figure collection, I'm finding that its REALLY EXPENSIVE ON A PART TIME SALARY! holy crap...I've blown through 3/4 my savings in about 2 months....!
I may not be a fan of every anime/media my Figures are from; mostly because I buy Figures on the Scale of Pretty or Not, but I believe if you like something you should be able to admire it and since you can physically get it, why not. haha.
I like and love to admire all the details, colours and precision used to make all the fantastic figures I crave and so I've been going on Figure binges buying the ones I like. Of course I'm not super-rich so I usually grab the 100yen to 9,000yen figures only anything higher and its a forcefully-saddening pass.
So far the most expensive figure I own, cost me about 11,000yen; Samus Aran from Max Factory, Bought from Big BAD Toy store, pun intended, it was a BAD idea, she came to about $120 with taxes and this is BEFORE shipping! I'll never buy from them again! D=< , I'm not counting Pre-Orders (POs) due to the fact they come out on a certain month and you have the room to save up for it so its not a massive hit to your bank account =D haha.
Lately (past few days) I've been buying bargain bin figures ... roughly bought about 20-25 .... >_> dont judge.... these were all between 1,000 - 6,000yen(mostly 0-3k) =D so its not that bad...but damn I'm going to be paying off my Credit Card debt for a while haha.
Its fine if I tell you a secret-ish, I've moved back with the folks while I go back to school .... and... my folks dont know about my figure collection... I've gotten the shipments, opened the boxes, oogled at the awesomeness and stashed the figures back in their boxes behind my closet, hidden behind clothes... haha ... I wonder how I'll manage when I the next batch of figures arrive ...oh dear.
Moving out will be fun. >_> T_T

I dont like to keep "Sealed" figures, that to me just screams " I bought it in order to hopefully sell it for a higher price later"
Why buy things you plan on selling?
Even if its for "Collector" purposes...I guess I'll never understand people that collect Collector's Items and never open them, I feel like its some kind of insult to the Maker, it was made to be cherished and displayed for all to see. Behind a plastic window; feels like a cage for the figures!
But on the twisted hypocritical side, I dont really like to buy Opened/non-Sealed figures....feels like opening a present someone already opened for you, that "Amazed" feeling is just not there anymore =)

Friend me if you like, I'm friendly enough that I dont mind =D
Also add me on Xbox/PSN =D
PSN: HyeVltg3



Thanks for selling me the volks figure! It was in great shape and you made the process very easy!
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Someone else from Quebec cool ! :) and yeah me too I am part time and wasting waaayyyyy too much on figures. Going back to school starting next week so I won't be able to pre-order anymore figures. Sadly Wonderfestival was last weekend and I saw about 15 figures i'm really interested for the next year omg... so many figures, so little money
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Happy Birthday, keep up the awesome collection.
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View spoilerHide spoilerYou are the birthday star today... Happy birthday! ...xD ...xD
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(❁´▽`❁)*✲゚* happy birthday
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Happy Birthday !
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Still interested? www.amiami.com/...
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HyeVltg36 vuotta sitten#2325728Zero geez @_@ so many Sonico figures...
And I assume you love Pink hair?

haha maybe,
I like Sonico a lot as you can see ;)
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Thanks for purchasing the figure I put up for sale. You're a good buyer and gave me some good advice. Thanks a lot.
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Oyamatsumi 大山積命
Ohayou !
Welcome to you on MFC :3
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