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«Long-distance Extraordinaire»
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Hey what's up??

I love collecting in fact I only really started collecting because of my love for Portgas D. Ace!


(◍•ᴗ•◍) ♡♡♡

Characters I want to focus on collecting

-Portgas D. Ace
-Akutagawa Ryunosuke
-Tsumugi Aoba
-Yagen Toushirou
-Seung-gil Lee
Jojo's bizarre adventure, One piece, Osomatsu-san, Rurouni kenshin, Bungo Stray Dogs etc.
Science fiction, thrillers, horror
Bungou to Alchemist, Ensemble Stars, J-stars, JJBA: eyes of heaven, KOF 14, The Last of Us, Skyrim
Tall, dark hair, sweet af, confident
Anything that sounds good, Metalcore, Rock, J-rock
Nikon 1

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No worries, PM sent ^^
28 päivää sitten
rufusdrumknott (28 päivää sitten) #30344809Hi there, I need to send you your invoice for the BSD coffee cup keychain split club/618/discus... but your inbox is full ^^;

Sorry about that >< I've made some space now
28 päivää sitten
steffi-panda (28 päivää sitten) #30350078Merry Christmas!
Merry Christmas!!!! X3
28 päivää sitten
Merry Christmas!
28 päivää sitten
Hi there, I need to send you your invoice for the BSD coffee cup keychain split club/618/discus... but your inbox is full ^^;
28 päivää sitten
Hey there, sorry to be a bother but I was just wondering if you're still interested in your slots for the Bungou Stray Dogs Coffee Cup Keychains split? club/618/discus... Thanks~
1 kuukautta sitten
HypedSniper (2 kuukautta sitten) #27630491Sorry I'm replying rather late >< I've been really busy with uni! Oh man I can't wait to do revivals in the future, but I need to save up my dia again since I used quite a bit Of it in this Autumn Live event. I kind of really wanted Ibara haha<< Also my son Tsumugi was there so I couldn't help it and my other blue boys. ~~
Yeah that's quite the predicament ><. Of course I don't mind I always make time for my friends! Feel free to PM me whenever ( ´꒳`*)人(*´꒳` )
I hope you've been able to catch a break from enstars events lately! My dias have all vanished ranking for Chiaki during halloween... he seems to be my new best boy now...sorry Adonis ;A; Have you seen the cover art for the new switch cd or listened to the previews yet?! Tsumugi looks so handsome and hearing him get more solos in the first song (Easter Carnival I think?)... aaaAAAa ;w; they sound so good. I'm so excited for the full versions! I hope you've been well and good luck during finals~
1 kuukautta sitten
Dirge (2 kuukautta sitten) #28166565I actually have him ordered already but thank you for the heads up! ;u; It's no problem! I'm just glad you didn't miss him ^^
2 kuukautta sitten
I actually have him ordered already but thank you for the heads up! ;u;
2 kuukautta sitten
HypedSniper (2 kuukautta sitten) #27630643Haha that's smart of you to slow down. I should do the same tbh XD Did you see the Bingo Stray Dogs nitotan plushies?! I ordered Akutagawa so quick (๑´ㅂ`๑) since nitotan plushies tend to sell out quite quick right? Oh I've been ok lately I guess been really busy since I have deadlines creeping up. Thanks for asking >< Sorry I haven't replied sooner. Anywho how have you been doing???
PS Thank you for splitting those BnHA niitengomu ><

Haha trying to slow down but not sure it's working with BNHA being a pain in the wallet. I saw the Nitotans! So cute! And good you got in on that since they do disappear fairly quickly in the aftermarket.

No rush on the replies since I'm also swamped with work on my end. Good luck on your deadlines! :D

And no problem at all. I tend to get boxes of almost everything now since I normally have to get so many chars for me and my siblings. Thanks for joining! :D Hopefully the merch releases slow down a bit so the wallet can recover.
2 kuukautta sitten
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