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Selling my entire collection. Send me a message if interested.
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Whole collection for sale.

I have adds for a few things but just PM if you're interested in anything.


Still Selling?
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sent you a pm
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Still selling some stuff? am located in brisbane happy to bulk buy!~
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hi! are you still selling the lucky star girls?
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Almost forgot to leave this review, but it was important.

Very good seller so far. Very kind when I was buying from him. We chatted on Discord and he even offered to answer some of my questions on the process of buying figures from MFC (this site). Gave a picture of the figures right away when requested, and sold with no hassle. The buying and selling process was a 10/10, very pleasant and personable to talk to, great seller.

Assuming they are "like new" as labelled, I would highly recommend this seller to any future buyers. Seemingly trustworthy and friendly. Great prices for their labelled condition on the ad.

I will update this review on the condition of the "opened but like new" figures once I get them.
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