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It is wonderful to meet you. I am new to the story behind all the characters but do enjoy the quality and display the figures give to my man-cave. I need to learn more about each and am open to direction on a good source. Again it is very nice to have you as a friend.

It_Figures7 vuotta sitten#1525918Had to send a Friend Request since it seems you share the same taste in figure type that I do. And a Moguden avatar helps too! :-3
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It_Figures7 vuotta sitten#1464687I remember seeing your comments at various places (Hobby Search, Neko Magic, etc.) and it seems you have similar taste in figures (body wise and main topic), so I had to send a Friend Request when I saw you were here too! You have a great collection yourself! I keep talking myself out of getting more, but there's ALWAYS something that pulls me back in, so I surrendered ever since. Just a bit picky on what figures I do get. :)

Oh! Thanks xD

I understand your words very well, I'm also trying not to buy lots of figures but only what I reaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaally like and as I don't have a full army I enjoy my collection very much, also, I don't have enough room you know x3

So, are you aiming for this new Sonico? item/98781#ref-... ^^
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Hi there, thanks for the friend request! ^_^)/

You have an amazing collection full of great figures, lots of moe too xD
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I have Iroha (Samurai Spirits) which You need! Interested in Buying her? :)
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It_Figures7 vuotta sitten#1183802A Happy Birthday to the purple haired Kitty variety! Hope it's a great one!

( o^_^)b

It was, thank you so much!! :3
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Happy Birthday! Have a Nice Day! :D
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It_FiguresOMG, I'm late! But thank you very much! :D
It goes without saying, but let's hope this year is better than the last!

Haha, yes, definitely!! :D
So far so good~
And I hope the same for you as well. :]
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Happy New Year!! :3
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It_FiguresIs that so? Well Happy Birthday to you too! I'm not sure if I'm going to do anything special, but...I gotta get a card for my Dad come to think of it!!! (His birthday is tomorrow ^_^; )

Have a great day!

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