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Where did you pre-order ITEM #798953 ?
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Skorpius (1 kuukautta sitten) #45860410Happy belated birthday, Jen!

It’s not belated! Today is my birthday (the 18th!)
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Happy belated birthday, Jen!
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Jenthehen Otaku at Law
shckwv (1 kuukautta sitten) #45849670Hope you have a nice birthday!drakanity (1 kuukautta sitten) #45856495Happy Birthday!

Thank you!!
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Happy Birthday!
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Hope you have a nice birthday!
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That makes a lot of sense. I tend to like displaying the bases, but in most instances for me the bases are for figures that have some kind of scenario associated. Looking over my collection and the handful of sitting figures, there's only three scale figures that really work well without their bases thanks to their stability. Definitely something to consider for the future, though.

I'm thanking my lucky stars right now because my A/C went out but I fortunately got a portable A/C from my complex to get me through till the end of today. Yesterday it was dead at like 5pm, but that little portable is a hell of a unit, I was sleeping comfortably, and in Florida, that's no joke considering it was like... 84F in my apartment last night. Went down to 80F so the figures were all fine, but damn was I concerned about it for a good while!
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Sorry it took me a bit to respond - my job is a bit exhausting and I'm severely introverted (and it's not an introvert dream job by any means) so I often have to just take some time and avoid contact. When you say you have bases you don't use, what do you mean? Are there some figures you don't display with their bases? I'm pretty curious about that. I've only got a few who would even be stable without a base, though most of them tend to be rather bulky on the bottom or in a sitting position. And well, I'd use something like a case, but I don't have anything that would be easily transportable; with plastic bags I can at least put them all into individually labeled sets and finally ditch boxes for figures I never intend to sell, like my Robot Damashii, haha. Moving sucks.

I was the same way. Nobody at my job knew about my figure stuff or interest in anime, even, and I kept to myself. After I found out some other folks were into it, I began sharing more and showing people some of the collection (even some NSFW stuff! - but no management, haha), and everyone responded really positively. Went to my first con last year and I'll be going to one again around September of next year. It's exciting to be "out" when it comes to this sort of thing, though I admit it has a strange wistful or nostalgic feeling back when it was a "closed" hobby and only a few people knew what you were talking about. It is great to talk to people about anything and makes the actual purchasing of hobby items way easier too, though!
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Have you found any particular vendor to get bags from for accessories, if you store them that way? I'm hoping I can get rid of a great deal of packaging that way, but it necessitates acid free bags for long term and I haven't found a lot of luck as of yet.

Here's to hoping!

That makes sense. I definitely got the sense it was less overtly lewd stuff and more of the artsier type anyhow. I'm bad, I have some really naughty ones here and there and it kind of worries me that down the road when I get a ladyfriend she'll be all "uhhh" about it. It's funny you mention blending, though! My mom saw my shelf one time, gave me a lot of huff about Kurumu from Rosario+Vampire in her maid costume... but didn't even notice that Suzuki Margit was a little more than topless! It was funny in retrospect, though at the time it felt kind of weird.

Sports, huh? Not my thing, but it takes all kinds, after all. It's cool that you guys each have your own little alcoves, though. Hopefully I'll find someone understanding like him at some point, our hobby isn't well accepted, haha.
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It is indeed! My issue right now is that I used to collect in spurts, but all the stuff I want now is mostly from Native, which is very expensive by comparison to picking up aftermarket, mostly because their aftermarket is ludicrous. Ban!'s Dva went from $200 shipped (preordered) to something like $400+ at most sites! It makes me want to spend outside my means to get it all, when I already really need to sell for space. To be honest, if there was a way to skip having to hold onto all the boxes, it would make life a lot simpler, as I'd have a tremendous amount more space, haha. But when you have to move in less than six months, gotta hold onto them boxes for transport!

I think I heard about it on Reddit, yeah. Here's to hoping Insight's packaging is better than FOTS, and that Tohru's maid uniform version doesn't come busted to hell and back like all the other ones I've been seeing. Some heartbreaking stuff, that.

On an unrelated note, I took a look through and a large amount of your collection is non-lewd, but you've got quite a few lewd on your wishlist. How do you decide what you want when it comes to those kinds of figures, and since you mentioned you have family, how do they feel about that kind of thing? I live alone, so whatever I want I display, but I'm curious!
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