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❣️I am a doll, here in this dream to look after you❣️
❤️My name is Jimmy❤️

✦︵‿︵‿୨♡୧‿︵‿︵•┈••✦ ❤ ✦••┈•︵‿︵‿୨♡୧‿︵‿︵✦
✦︵‿︵‿୨♡୧‿︵‿︵•┈••✦ ❤ ✦••┈•︵‿︵‿୨♡୧‿︵‿︵✦

❤️I've always loved collecting dolls, figures, statues, generally anything doll-like and pretty❤️

🌹Asmodeus' number one (Otome's Obey Me)🌹
Also, my profile picture is of my own original character,
🌹I'm @oddjupiter on Instagram🌹

Selling a lot of my collection, PM and I'll respond when available!
❤️Welcome home, good hunter❤️
❣️Much love❣️
.·:*¨ 👑Jim👑 ¨*:·.

Clubs: Varicoloured Hair & LGBTQ+ & Queen of Hearts <3


❤️Holy Grails7



Most welcome! (^w^)
8 päivää sitten
Have a nice day!! ૮ ˶ᵔ ᵕ ᵔ˶ ა


I'm happy to see you too! ૮꒰ ˊᗜˋ ꒱ა ♡ ༘*.゚

I usually watch anime with fewer episodes, so this isn't a problem at all.
Huu dark and sci-fi 'sounds' good!!
- hehe

Have you seen Moriarty the Patriot?
I currently watch it as a mystery, sci-fi anime, but not so much lately
I had time to continue the series *what a shame D: * This is already the second season, I think the first one was brilliant, I feel a bit of a drop in quality here.

I was shocked that not a single figure of it was released!! T- T

The NANA figures still stress me out a bit X, DD
God, I don't even know where to get my head.
I don't like about myself is that I tend to procrastinate, and I to overthink things. :,)

And it's not intentional,
I'm simply forgetful because there are too many thoughts in my head! X DD

I don't know about DenkaiAnime, but I'll look into it!!
Thank you so much for your help. ଘ(੭*ˊᵕˋ)੭* ੈ♡‧₊˚

Yes, the key chains are very cute. I would like to collect the other characters as well, but it won't be easy. (*꒦ິ꒳꒦ີ)

I've already watched Spy x Family and went through the episodes as soon as they appeared. I recommend it, I enjoyed it! < 33


10 päivää sitten
Hello!! ‎♡‧₊˚


I finally caught up with the messages, it's time for the happy dance X,DD

Ahww, Thank you so much for the kind words, nice to see you too!! ଘ(੭*ˊᵕˋ)੭* ੈ♡‧₊˚

Wow, I plan to watch No.6! I honestly have no idea what this series is about and what themes it covers. But I had it marked as a planned on a site called AniList a while back, so I'll definitely make time for it someday! ૮ • ﻌ - ა

(Maybe stupid question, but not bl?) :oo

These figures you showed all look very good, I hope you manage to get them and everything turns out according to your ideas! Don't worry, don't be nervous, approach it as positively as possible! ( ˘͈ ᵕ ˘͈♡)

I'm glad that your friends stand by you in difficult times!
And very welcome! I like talking to people with the same interests. ˶ᵔ ᵕ ᵔ˶

I'm fine at the moment, how about you? < 3

Huha, currently I'm only interested in Nana and Hachi as figures:

ITEM #1226081
ITEM #1226082

OH MY LOORD, so expensive!
But also so wonderful.

Which site do you think is the most reliable for pre-ordering?
Maybe AmiAmi?
I have never bought such a large prices of figures before. ૮₍˶Ó﹏Ò ⑅₎ა

The last items I bought was a few pieces of Rent a Girlfriends acrylic stands:

ITEM #1038908
ITEM #1038911
ITEM #1050366
ITEM #1050369
ITEM #1050370

And 2 Spy x Family Ichiban Kuji:

ITEM #1268742
ITEM #1268806

I'm glad I bought the latter at a good price, because the series was very popular. It's as if the hype is quieting down a bit now (lol)

And I have some Nana manga planned for my upcoming birthday!
The rest are songs of the future hehe.. ( ˘ ³˘)♥︎

14 päivää sitten
Have a nice day!!


OMGG, *sobbing* sorry for the late reply. (╯︵╰,)
I haven't been able to respond quickly to messages lately, but I'm trying to change that.

You're welcome!
Thank you for your kind words, I'm glad you like my page. ( ˶ˆᗜˆ˵ ) ♡

How are you?
Are you planning to buy/pre-order any figures?

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Hello! I love your profile aswell!
1 kuukautta sitten
HII! TYSM FOR THE FRIEND REQUEST (i think you found me through that sonico figure, IM SO EXCITED FOR HER) also you have such a cool profile
1 kuukautta sitten
HHEEYYYYYY!! Thanks so much for the birthdaayyy wisheesss <333!! You're the best, have a wonderful day https://static.myfigurecollection.net/upload/pictures/2021/05/26/2729441.gif
2 kuukautta sitten
Hii!! Thanks for accepting :D I really love your taste <3 ps love the smol riddle gif you added to the message ;3
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