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Updated Sept. 21st 2018

Been playing Uta no Prince-sama: Shining Live. help save me from idol hell.

Thanks to trying FGO, I finally got around to mainline Fate. I only played Fate/Extra on PSP back in the day, but now I've gotten thru two routes of Stay Night. After I play the VN, I'll watch the anime and stuff.
Also have an excuse to delve more into Fate nendos now lol (tho I did already have a few.) I love you Shirou <3. I hope you like your new shirt! :D

Still collecting nendoroids, but sadly they have started a collection of their own- dust!

Fan of Mystic Messenger, and collecting merch. Check my blog for more nonsense, lol - link


My dolls' names are Chul-soo, Seong-min (the MC that dates V) and Ji-hyun (V).

Witch hunter robin, detective conan, 12 Kingdoms
Boogiepop phantom, xxxholic, Narnia
Visual novels, Fate Extra, Akiba's Trip, Dark Cloud, .hack//IMOQ



thnx ^^
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Thank you and NP :).I hope to add more Yugioh,Soul eater and Uta Prince Sama to my collection soon though Yugioh(out of the sides and mangas are,I’m also a Yugioh card collector and currently learning how to play the game,how many ways to summon),Soul eater(outside of the manga) and Uta Prince Sama stuff is limited in where I am.True I can order stuff from sites but you know
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Thank you,I like yours too.I like your Attack on titan,Fate,Love Live,CardCaptor Sakura,Hatsune Miku,Haikyuu,Prince-Sama,Amnesia and Diabolik lovers, Collection
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I see, haha.
And see ya!
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Thank you! love the pic =D Kaitou Kid is life <3
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Yeah I think that's the common complaint about BAW is players didn't realize it was more plot-focused than romance-focused. Which I'm pretty cool with as well since it adds more diversity to the genre. There seems to be a lot of mysteries to uncover in the game.

Maybe you can switch out the pillow cases once in a while? I hope they make pillows for MM Another Story since there's already an enamel pin set. I'm actually hoping they will make a Rika route eventually (there are some details in the game that hint this may be a possibility). I know a lot players don't like Rika, and she is heavily villainized in Ray's route, but there are some interesting points that were brought up about her in V's route that I would like to see expanded on.
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The first season of UtaPri is the best imo so you're a fan in my book lol! I usually only recommend the first two seasons to people since I feel like they really started to stray away from the original intentions of the games afterwards.

I think White Mask is usually recommended for the end. But to be fair, I probably would want play his earlier on too since I do like masks as well LOL. BAW seems to focus more on plot/world-building than character development/romance? A lot of common complaints I hear from my friends who play otome games is romance isn't as big of a focus as they'd like.

Ahh the main guy is Alma, I think? (Red hair, right?) And I guess bat guy is there for the fanservice lol. Though he does have that whole stereotypical delinquent look going on. I forgot a lot of information about the main group of guys since I'm more interested in the NPCs LOL.

Edit: I keep forgetting to mention this, but I love that you have all the Mystic Messenger emoticon pillows on your profile! Have you been playing Ray's route by any chance?
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Thank you! This is kind of embarrassing but I haven't actually had a chance to play Bad Apple Wars yet LOL. I read some walkthroughs and summaries when the game was only in Japanese and adore Gas Mask-sensei (Suou's art style + gas mask = Yes). I agree the OST is pretty great! Which routes have you played so far if you don't mind me asking?
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Lehst (1 vuotta sitten) #30897180I love your profile. <3
Thank you! (*^▽^*)
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Lehst (1 vuotta sitten) #29652570I don't know how it got so big... well, I did start as a kid I guess lol.
Yeah it's funny how people are on here for a long time and don't meet, mfc is a big place! I'm usually looking at figures of bishounen so that is probably why. I used to only get trading figures because you get many characters that way; scale figures were out of the question for a long time. x'D
Nendoroids have steadily taken over my life over the last 3 years orz. Thanks for visiting my bjd! (they say hello! lol). I should update my profile... I'm kind of done with Yuri on Ice and now Fate Grand Order and /staynight have taken my time. I never actually saw that show, so playing the game has been all a surprise to me lol. I might the be only one that doesn't know how it ends xD.

If you started as a kid, then that's a long time of collecting. That explains all, I just collect for about 6 years now I believe. MFC is indeed big, you don't even come across the most popular MFC'ers that often or some just aren't active anymore like they used to.
Trading figures are a nice way to rack up your collection easily and they also don't take up a lot of space. I've had a time too that scale figures were out of the question for me. xD
I've had a period in which I really liked Figmas, but right now my focus is mostly on scales and dolls.

My BJDs say "Hello!" back too! When did you get your first BJD? Just curious. Those are some great animes. I personally still need to watch a couple of Fate animes too, I also need to figure out in which order to watch them. xP
I actually haven't seen or played Fate/Grand Order yet, but I'm quite interested actually. If I get into it, it will take up my time too probably. I also don't know yet how it ends. :')
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