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How did I start Collecting:

I started collecting when I was like 15-17 years old, my firts kits were a 1/60 Scale God Gundam, 1/100 Scale Master Gundam and 1/144 scale Devil Gundam and a few of Gundam W Endless Waltz kits. I stop collecting at that time because I was still in highschool w/a very low allowance.

October 2010 when I just bought a Kamen Rider HDM Souzetsu Kamen Rider Ichigo, Zo and Faiz. I was really impressed on the details of the figure and was now looking forward into collecting those figures. I went to a store one day and saw some S.I.C. and SH Figuarts, ( The only Toy line I'm focused on collecting right now. ) I bought my first SICs and SHF ( Movie Realization Kamen Rider the Next Ichigo and Nigo and a SHF Kamen Rider Another AgitΩ. )

And there, my "addiction" began...


Happy Birthday! ^^
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night813Thanks for the FR and welcome to MFC! ^^ would love to see your collection :D

Np dude, actually I ended up to this site thru your Blog Site/Facebook account.. yup, just need to get a better camera, as of now Im still using my Blackberry phone to get some photo of my SICs and SHFiguarts collection..
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Thanks for the FR and welcome to MFC! ^^ would love to see your collection :D
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welcome to MFC, thanks for the FR
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Thank you guys... ;)
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~Hi! Welcome!~
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