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Final Fantasy Series, Breath of Fire
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Lumien (2 vuotta sitten) #13455404Thanx for accepting my friend request :P

You're very welcome Lumien :)
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takenyaka Lunar Kaworu
Lumien (4 vuotta sitten) #2595702Good Morning Takenyaka!
After reading the comments below this Kaworu-GK ITEM #101210 I have seen you would sell him??? *____*
I am very interested in one depend on the price. ^^
Thank you for answering and have a nice day!
- Lumien

Hello! I will PM you about that ^_^ I still have two spare. I bought a lot approx a year ago from its sculptor, but changed mind to make a flock of winged Kawos, so selling them all since I assembled and painted one already :)
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DeadlyAnime Web Designer
View spoilerHide spoilerYou are the birthday star today... Happy birthday! ...xD ...xD
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Happy Birthday ! =)
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Lumien (5 vuotta sitten) #1677002WTF????????? Oo
That much? Thats criminal... I have to pay nearly 20% of the current exchange rate. This was the first package from japan which was catched by the customs. A higher risk I have when I am waiting for a package from Hongkong. ^^

Yep, Brazil's government is corrupted to the root, many taxes are abusive U.U

Any package has a random chance to be taxed (from any country, but HK and Japan are really targeted on these days, but if I use SAL Parcel, the chances are really low at least...)
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Lumien (5 vuotta sitten) #1676154Good Morning! ^^
No problem, you're welcome. :)
You have to sand and cut some protruding parts. And you need some colour for her earrings (black) and for her Eyelids. But I think you can handle it!
I can really recommend her! I love her! (has arrived yesterday after I rescue her from the customs... -_-' Bastards...)
Ah I forgot... You can order her directly from Volks. (14.700 Yen)
Have a nice day!
Bye Bye

Thanks for the tips, I'll save some money and try to get her myself then.

PS: Customs are really a fu*#$%@ bastards, I don't know how it's work on German, but here in Brazil, sometime they put value that they want and put 60% on taxes U.U)
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Lumien (5 vuotta sitten) #1675526Hey! You have asked for pictures of the Etna with Prinny by Volks.
I hope they are engough. If you want more please ask :)
Have a nice weekend!

Wow, I almost forgot about that question XD
Thanks for the reply, those photos are enough.

I wanted to know how the original colors are, since I don't have the skill to paint GKs and that's has a pretty good color. If I have a chance, I'll get her.

One more time, thanks for the reply.
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Lumien (6 vuotta sitten) #1364278hoi,
ahso ^^ manchmal kann es ja sein, das Leute aus Foren unterschiedliche Nicks verwenden ^^
Sonst gehts mir ganz gut. ^^ Hab heute frei und kann bisschen entspannen und kitten. :)
Schönen Tag dir :)

aso :) Das ist ja toll^^ Wünschr ich dir auch^^
sag mal bestellst du auch aus mandarake?
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Lumien (6 vuotta sitten) #1358923Moinsen!
Wat denn aus Berlin? :D
Jetzt mußt mir aber auch verraten wer du bist!
Liebe Grüße

hay ^^ kommst du auch aus berlin? :)
wer ich bin? kA XD
kennst mich nicht, hab dir ne random add gesendet ^^
wie gehts? ^^
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Happy Birthday! ^^
6 vuotta sitten
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