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Doing my final internship
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Hello everyone !

I try to not spend too much on figures (and i fail)

I love cute things : Koupenchan, Sirotan, Rilakkuma and Cinnamoroll are my best friends <3

I currently am downsizing my collection (mangas, goods, figures) to be able to buy more expensive figures (Homura from Aniplex and Sakura Clear-Card from GSC I'm looking your way...)

Anyway, feel free to look around or get in touch, I would love to chat (when i remember to oops...)


Thank you so much for accepting my request! 。゚( ゚^∀^゚)゚。
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Hello, ta boîte de messagerie est remplie pour t'envoyer le numéro de suivi
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Mademoiselle3 vuotta sitten#17394928Thank you very much ! You speak french really well you know that ?
AND here is what I forgot to answer (again). (I am hopeless).
Well for the first semester I was in Dublin and for the second semester (now) I am in Barcelone !
I don't regret it ! It is by far one of the best experiences I've lived ! :D
I don't think they'll stop now that they've come this far xD (or I hope so)
So did you enjoy your christmas ? Did you receive any figures ? xD

Really? :'D Merci beaucoup~~
Ah how nice~ I'm so happy for you. You should definitely enjoy your day to the fullest every single day. :D I surely hope so too! To have all the DMMd boys would be a dream come true.
It was great! I had dinner with my family and the Christmas cakes were so delicious ^^ How was yours? Did you go back for Christmas during the holidays?
Hahaha no figures as I'm trying to slow down this year buuuut we'll see about that X'D Btw aren't ya excited about native Aoba?? Just a few days more!
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Joyeux anniversaire!
Wishing you all the best in life~
Passez une merveilleuse journée!
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Mademoiselle3 vuotta sitten#16126672Yeah I know ! I've been really well thank you! I just didn't have much time as I am doing my studies abroad this year (I miss my bedroom with all my figures aha xD).
Yeah I have seen that ! It is really not good for my wallet (I am going to starve xD). Mink~~ I am so happy I didn't think they would do all the boys <333333 But I didn't find a lot of informations about slow damage ? Do you have some visual ? (I suck xD). I reaaaaaaally am excited about all the bishounen merch that we have this year. But it's so hard to see that without being able to get them :((( (Right now I am searching for my beloved jiji that I wasn't able to get before xD. One step at a time !).
I hope your birthday went well and that you were gifted with a lot of figures and yaoi stuff ;P

Yeah, it's hard but there's tons of great experiences from studying abroad ^^ Where if you don't mind me asking? Hahaha I'm already starving as it is X'D I was so excited when I saw Mink! I thought I was still dreaming or my eyes were playing tricks on me or something. I really hope GSC will make the rest of the boys~ ^^
Ah, I normally check their website www.nitrochiral... (since I don't have Twitter or whatnot). The only teaser visual was this: www.nitrochiral... Looks awesome already :D I can't wait for more info!
God I know right? I need to seriously cut back next year for various reasons so it's really hard seeing all these boys and not being able to get them. I've already passed a few boys :'( Which Jiji? The 1/8 scale? Hahaha nah it was a normal one but thanks for your wishes~ :D
P.S. I cannot believe it's almost the end of the year! *super excited*
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Mademoiselle3 vuotta sitten#16007749Happy birthday ! I wish you all the figures you want xD
Thank you! Omg it's been so long~ how've you been?? So many boys have been announced~♡ Did you see Mink's nendo and the new visual for Slow Damage?? X'D
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Mademoiselle4 vuotta sitten#9837213OMG sorry for the late (very late) reply O_O"
Yeah I was expecting a lot much, but what a good surprise aha. Even if, with the shipping + customs fees it is quite expensive (my purse is crying). How much did you (or are you going to) pay ?
Such a shame isn't it XD (even if I can't complain myself aha) ? Everyone should be able to buy some native's figures xD So I guess you bought him by some site like nippon-yasan ? Was it THAT difficult ? (I mean, I heard a lot about proxie but it doesn't seems that easy right ?).
Yeah same here ! I was so excited when I saw all those fan <3 (I kind of thought "I am not alone anymore!!" xD).
Oh my, don't tempt me, I think I would faint if Koujaku ever got this figure (or Noiz. or Clear. OH I'm dying). Right now tho, I will just enjoy my little Aoba !
Oh wait forget my questions then, you answered (proxie + US aha).
Yeah, this smile is the most beautiful I have ever seen in my life (no I am not exaggerating aha). It is soooo great to have this alternative face, I can't even describe it. (and same here that why I bought him :D)
Yeah, I finally bought him 2 days ago (I couldn't before and I think it was the worse time of life xD The wait was unbearable aha).
Except that I didn't buy him from native (shame on me). BUT it was around the same price if I bought him directly from a french site so... (I feared the customs fees. Last time when I bought Kaneki from ami-ami I had to pay 42€ O_O" so with this one I can't even imagine).

No worries ^^ Well I was forced prepared to pay more because Native doesn't ship to my country. I paid almost half of the total amount so November wouldn't overkill my wallet...hopefully. Still gotta pay for shipping and maybe customs tax o_o
The thing about proxy is most of the time they require full payment or partial payment upfront so if possible ordering direct from Native is way much better imo unless local retailers had him up for PO. There are some proxies who are willing to undervalue too.

Haha it would be totally awesome if ever a butt naked version of Koujaku or Noiz was released. I can stare at Koujaku's gorgeous tattoos all day~ and admire Noiz's piercings kyyaaa~~♡.♡
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Mademoiselle4 vuotta sitten#8971646
I read somewhere that he was around 17k yen, but hey, until I see it I will not Believe it aha xD
Yeah I am really happy, for once it will be easy to buy à figure aha. Yeah I was wondering too why they would chose some countries and not other...
I am sure everyone will be able to get him (or at least trying to get him by any means :D). I mean this figure is an event ! I don't think I remember seeing people that excited before XD.
And OMG did you see the other face ? (the smiling one ?). Now I don't have any doubt left. I NEED this figure! 8D. (I still can't Believe how much I fell in love with this face XD)

Aoba indeed was 19000 yen with tax! I couldn't be happier as I was expecting 25000 yen since he is the first EVER erotic male figure. XD I love Native so much now~♡
Probably due to some restrictions some country have. Like for mine you know how strict they are as I mentioned before how Nami and Robin are considered explicit so Native just doesn't bother to send here I guess T.T
I know right? It was so exciting when so many ppl were hyped and discussing about Aoba! I've never seen 200+ comments in such a short time. I checked back every 2-3 hours but there were still 6 pages of unread comments where I last left ^^ It felt really great and fun! A festive event indeed! Well worth the celebration. Hopefully Aoba will be the pioneer of adult male figures and inspire other manufacturers to follow suit :D Oh imagine Koujaku in your favourite bath scene~♡.♡ So sexy!
I definitely went out of my way and ordered from the US (exchange rates be damned) and got another one from a proxy.
YES! I mean I will be getting him regardless no matter what because Aoba is the love of my life ^^ a sexy Aoba no less! That crying in pleasure was already great and the surprise second "mind break" / "fallen" face just seals the deal for a second Aoba. He looks like Shiroba and SlyBlue with that dead eyes and smirk! O.M.G. He is so perfect in so many ways~~ Did you get him? I read that the flat rate shipping is now 3100 yen instead of 2000 yen from Native but it's still the cheapest way to get him currently imho :D
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Mademoiselle4 vuotta sitten#8523294I totally agree with you, it is a total bonus ! I will try to find a part time job, but it will not be easy... Nobody wants to hire, and even less when you are a youngster. But I will persevere aha 8D (I need the money-money xD).
OMG, really ? Finally ? I really am afraid about his price, though. I mean, it's native AND aoba. Aha.
I really like him a lot but at the same time I am not totally satisfied by the outcome (his face for example and in particular his mouth didn't convince me). BUT like I said before, it is AOBA AND NATIVE DAMMIT XD. So yeah, the dilemma.
And last but not least, will it be send to our country ? OH WAIT, I juste went on the site and it does send to my country 8D. Oh my, am I going to lose against myself ? XD

I'm sure you will find one soon enough! I wish you the best of luck! :D (money money money must be funny in a rich man's world~~) XD
I know right? Native AND Aoba, a match made in heaven and hell..hopefully he will be less than 20k yen. I envy you that they ship to France..if only Native ships worldwide..I wonder why they only send to selected countries? Haha start saving for him now! XD I really hope that those who want him will be able to get him. I have to look for alternatives in order to PO him. Praying real hard NY will have him since a lot of shops don't carry Native figures T.T
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Mademoiselle4 vuotta sitten#8345094Too hardcore? Nothing is too hardcore when it comes to yaoi 8D
Thank you! I will try my best to enjoy this time of my life ahah.
Yeah I saw him, really well made. I really like him. But that such à pain, because now that he looks so good looking I really Want him...:( (money doesn't Fall from the Sky dammit!) XD well I guess I'll just have to find à partime job aha.

Ahaha that's true too right? Hardcore is non-existant in the depths of yaoi XD If you can manage it, I think getting a part time job helps a lot. It not only builds your social skills, it also helps you prepare when you officially enter the workforce after you graduate. Plus, you have extra pocket money! :D btw Native Aoba is finally getting a PO date!!!!!! 8D
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