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In search of a cute centaur girl to build a life together with.
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My boyfriend and I live with two dogs (Densuke and Samurai Calibur) and one cat (Harlock), and we are building this collection together. We both love anime, manga, light novels, and gaming, and we hope to build a varied collection that shows our love for many different titles and characters.

We both almost exclusively read manga and light novels that we physically purchase, and at some point I would like for us to do the same with physical anime and physical music CDs.

You can also find me at:

Collection Goals (in no particular order):
View spoilerHide spoiler-Appraise collection and buy collector's insurance
-Start a collecting YouTube channel
-Purchase all anime/manga that we have watched/read online
-Log all owned Aikatsu doujinshi in a personal log
-Take/upload pictures of all individual items in collection
-Build enough risers for entire collection (including main cases, Aikatsu shelves, Rem wall)
-Begin building garage kits
-Custom bases for Love Live swimsuit figures
-Buy frames for remaining prints, puzzles, and posters (including two custom frames for life-size Aikatsu posters)
-Get straps/badges on display
-Locate missing box of straps/acrylic stands/trading figures
-Replace games collection shelf with Billy
-Build displays for Re-Ment sets
-More general figure photography
-Diversify doujinshi collection
-Complete Pokemon Fit collection
-Actually play the games we own
-Monthly loot posts
-Own 850 figures
-Own 500 database-able goods
-Own 100 database-able media (not counting games/manga/light novels)
-Make a public list of all owned manga/light novels
-Begin collecting Aikatsu CDs
-Complete Love Live sets
-Complete manga series that are fully available in English
-Define more specific goals in terms of sets (complete Nendoroid/Figma collection?
-Achieve a collection world record including only items that we love



Hi there!

I have a Miyako Nendoroid for sale! (25). PM me if you are interested!
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I am FREAKING OUT. Thank you SO!!! much for posting that DeDeDe figure on the page! I have wanted it so bad as a grail (I love Asano) but just hadn't wanted to pull the trigger at the exorbitant prices preowned I had seen. I wasn't planning on buying a figure this month but just happened to click ... that is CRAZY it was in stock. I can't believe it, again thank you!
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Happy Birthday~!
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I just read your comment on galablue's article about yourself, and I just want to say best of luck with your planned business!!! Oh my gosh, I would totally support you, honestly. Maybe if you get good enough, you can also consider doing (unofficial) nendoroid more sets? Like, I would love for my Touken Ranbu boys to get their citadel outfits for example. XD

It's a long road ahead still, but I wish you nothing but success!!! I will watch out for you closely and offer you any support that I can :D
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Mewsie The magi-cooliest✧
Omigosh, your icon is Prism Cherry~ Loooove it~ <3
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