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Trying to catch up on replies once more.
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Heya visitors of my profile! I'm Miss Foxy! I'm pretty much a perpetually lewd-minded visual artist who loves anime and figure collecting!


I have been collecting for about 5 years now. I don't fully know how big I want my collection to be, but I have my current figure limit set to 50 for the time being. When I reach 50 figures, I might sell some of my collection away to continue collecting,or keep what I have and stop. I will never leave MFC as I do love seeing the different figures that get announced each year! :D

I don't know if my collection seems a bit random or not so let me give some context on why I collect the figures that I do.

For the most part, I am drawn to fantasy figures and figures that are fairly unique in concept. I hold a HUGE bias towards demi-human figures like mermaids and fairies!

Figures of normal human beings just don't spark much excitement in me. Unless, that figure is of a pretty boy/bara or has a unique figure concept like ITEM #1419303. Fair Warning: The example in the link is a NSFW figure, but all she has going on is a censored nip-slip. ^^'

Admittedly, I never thought that I would be the type of person who would be drawn to NSFW figures, especially female ones, but here I am. :') For female NSFW figures I prefer to go for the ones that can almost pass for a SFW figure like ITEM #1102235 and ITEM #1372228. As for male NSFW figures, I don't mind if they're much more explicit! In fact, I welcome it! Atm, I sadly have yet to come across a male NSFW that I like. Just about all of the ones that exist out there are either of a femboy, a BL figure, or both. >.> I'm not a huge fan of BL, or GL.

Part of me feels like a NSFW male figure that appeals to me will never be made by any of the figure companies that are around. ;-; Since I feel like that's the case, I hope to commission a male NSFW figure of one of my male OC's someday. :')

Anyways, I'm always up for long convos and convos of a variety of topics so feel free to leave a message for me and I'll try to reply to you as soon as I can!

Non-MFC figures that I own/ordered:



My Art:

I am a recent 2022 art major graduate, and I often like to sketch in my sketchbook and make some digital art as well. I only just got into digital art in mid-2020 so I'm still practicing! Down below you can see some of what I think is my best art. (Everything is ordered from newest to oldest.)

You can find the rest of my current art on my Instagram account!:3

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Currently Working On:

Recently Finished:




Thanks for the Birthday wishes Foxy! :D
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Thanks so much for making a new thread, that helps tremenduously!^_^
I linked the thread in the forum page.

Unfortunately I couldn't really find the names of the two missing figures and therefore wanted to name them "original character" for now but when I save the edit it does not change it whysoever. I will try again later.
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Thank you for the wish! :D
And the cool gif
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Don’t worry about it, my birthday is on the 7th anyway, MFC just says it early. Thank you for the birthday wish!
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I am working on my replies. But I just thought of your one comment when you mentioned you wished for a male mermaid.

ITEM #1553223 Enjoy! ;)
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Alice_Zuberg_30 アリス・ツーベルク
Came across your profile randomly and wow.. love your art! Wish i had your talent.. i went to art school and still suck xD
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Miss_FoxyOxO4 kuukautta sitten#107280437View spoilerHide spoiler(I pinned the message that I'm replying to here since you sent it quite some time ago and may want a refresher on the context. ^^')
Aw, I am very happy to hear that! ༼☯﹏☯༽
I do agree that breaks are always a good thing to take advantage of. Breaks keep you from going through burnout, can help you collect your thoughts, and they can also help you cool down emotionally. When you're at the height of your frustration, you're likely to end up doing or saying something you'll end up regretting. On the internet, you have to tread carefully as nothing seems to truly get deleted on here. >.>
MFC is a relatively niche, peaceful place compared to most social media sites nowadays, but it has a fairly large and active userbase. With such a large userbase, scuffles are bound to happen, but at least it's not to the degree like it is on Twitter. I've heard that some people end up getting doxxed or swatted after getting into fights on that site! o.o
It's really unfortunate to hear that a gal got ripped a new one on her own vent article a while back. Most of the people who make vent articles on here just want to get some heavy stuff off their chest, and/or seek out advice. People who make vent articles tend to feel crappy already so there's no need to kick those individuals while they're down. I think that fair portion of MFC's userbase are still impulsive minors and a lot of people online in general nowadays seem to become more irritable due to the pandemic. I feel like those reasons further explain when there are scuffles on MFC. :/
Bruh....I really dislike some collectors who think they're the only "true" connoisseurs in this hobby and people who are just terribly nitpicky in general. From what you've hinted about this Miku figure that this guy grilled you about, I would have to guess it's that Myethos Miku that came out fairly recently. I have seen that particular Miku appear on the POTD page fairly often.
It was highly unfair of him to ask you and other members on MFC about Miku's legs, and then get upset over some answers that he didn't like. He could have been trying to see how unpopular or popular his opinion was or to see why some people like that Miku's legs, but he handled that situation very poorly.
And I'm really sorry about this, but I find the idea of someone threatening someone else to sit somewhat funny as it's such an odd threat! XD
Getting back to the topic at hand though, her legs do look a little bit long, but her sitting position hides that somewhat. Plus, doesn't that guy know that anime styles are highly stylized? Take One Piece for instance, most of the women have torsos so narrow that you have to wonder where their organs went! Does anyone bat an eye? No, since the art style that One Piece uses is highly stylized.
There was no reason for you to apologize to that guy, you did nothing wrong. Imo, that guy should have in your DM's to apologize to YOU! >:(
Oof, I am sorry to hear that Covid-19 got you, some of your co-workers, and some of your family members. I hope that all of you guys pulled through alright. From what I know of the vaccine, it doesn't prevent Covid-19, but it instead helps lessen the chances of you getting it and helps makes the symptoms less severe if you do get it. Getting the vaccine will help keep you out the hospital for Covid-19 too.
Though I am an only child, I understand that as you get older, you get slapped with more and more responsibilities, especially if you're the eldest child in your family. There's nothing wrong with that per say, but those responsibilities tend to turn into unwelcomed burdens if the other members in your household aren't contributing much. Doing chores like cleaning can serve as a decent de-stressor and keep you busy, but chores can become draining. In fact, I feel like if you do almost anything for too long, it can leave you feeling mentally drained and maybe even a little annoyed. As it is, long term tasks are mentally taxing for me by default since I am living with ADHD that I am trying to self-manage without medication.
I am happy to hear that you made use of the large amount of free time the pandemic gave you to make your current bedroom a lot more spacious and cleaner! I do hope that you can get a hold of your dream computer desk too! x3
Btw, what's a GIMP? Is that another word for a floor plan? :o
Aw, it's very sweet to hear that you were worried about whether or not I had a place to stay after getting thrown out by my mom. Since I failed to pass my senior thesis in the fall, I'm stuck with having to retake it this semester in the hopes that I finally pass. :') During the time of when I wasn't staying my college dorm, I got thrown around somewhat by my relatives, during the summer, I lived with my godmother. She seemed to be terribly eager for me to go back to my mom so that she could free up the guest room for some of her husband's relatives that were coming down to visit for Christmas. A week or two before I started my fall 2021 semester, I stayed with my grandmother and aunt. During winter break stayed with them again that time as well as it seemed like my godmother didn't want me to live with her longer than that summer. I get along with my grandmother well for the most part, but my aunt doesn't like me living under the same roof as her. There are also issues with the house itself, it has an extensive black mold issue and the house progressively falling apart from the roof down. My grandmother wants to move, but my aunt's stubbornness seems to be stopping her. My aunt drives my aunt to places, fixes her dinner, and gets my grandmother her medication. My grandmother is too old to do all that stuff on her own. My aunt doesn't want to abandon that moldy house and pretty much traps my grandmother there. My aunt also stopped my grandmother from getting the house repaired early on too. My grandmother has promised that she's going to get a new place for my sake and hers, but my godmother has said my grandmother has talked about moving once or twice before and never followed through with it. I want to trust my grandmother and believe that this time will be different, but it seems too big of a risk to take. I am currently trying to see if my college knows of some free housing that I can take advantage of.
I do hope goes well as I might have to report the house that my grandmother and aunt live in to "force" the move. My cousin Sherrie and godmother have tried to tell me that isn't a good decision to act on and how it isn't my choice to make, but I feel as though I have little choice. I don't want to be forced to either go back to my mom to being emotionally and/or physically abused again,or staying in that moldy house and let it frick up the health of my grandmother and I. My grandmother and my aunt (especially) may hate me for reporting the house to the city. As it is, my aunt lost her crap when she found out I took photos of the house in secret.
I showed the photos to a cousin of mine to help her understand that I wasn't exaggerating about the conditions of the house that grandmother, my aunt, and I stay in. I thought that such photos would only stay between her and I, but she shared them with her dad, who then confronted my grandmother and aunt about the house's conditions. My grandmother and aunt don't know why I took those photos. I took them more or less as "insurance/evidence" for when and if I have to report the house to the city. Idk if they city will ask for photos, but I took them just in case. Idk why my grandmother is surprised by my actions as I did tell her once before during my winter break that if she doesn't follow through with her plans to move out, I might have to report the house to the city. I personally feel like I gave her a warning well in advance. As for my aunt, I've told her nothing as she's easy to irritate and she's a drinker. >.>
Aye, the last hurdle of the classes is fairly challenging, especially my senior thesis! I spend most of my winter break reworking the essay portion of my project. I also spent some time on revising some of my sketchbooks so that I wouldn't have to spend so much time planning out my designs during the semester. Despite all this preparation, I feel like I'm just going to BARELY get everything done in time for the day I have present my project before three judges for my senior thesis. :<
After when I finally finish my college, I do hope to spoil myself a little bit in some way. Maybe I'll treat myself to a Nintendo Switch or a nice dinner?
Not long after getting thrown out of my mom's house, started to rebuild my collection almost immediately. I had hope to recover all of my favorite figures from my original collection while balancing my college tuition and pre-orders before 2021 was over and done with, but that wasn't possible for me. Taking out that student loan for my fall semester and almost immediately paying it back took quite a bit out of me financially. This year was somewhat a rocky start for me for many reasons, but at the very least I have finally gotten some of the claims that I've been working on for the state treasury since 2020 processed! There were also issues with my new laptop arriving with a screen with a couple of dead pixels too and it seems like my laptop's manufacture might let me keep the money that I would have paid for that laptop due to that! Since I am in a better place financially, I was able to get a hold of some grails that I never had before and FINALLY get a new copy of the ever-so-elusive item/460018! Now that I've obtained him and the rest of my favorites from my original collection, I can now just focus on pre-orders and maybe a few reasonably pre-owned figures that I've never owned before. If I had to say, the next grail I would like to get is Myethos's Red Queen of Hearts. I sort of fell down the rabbit hole that is Meythos's Fairtail -Another- line. She's the only other "old" figure I would like to get from that line.
Though I'm buying figures at somewhat of a faster rate now, I am making sure that none of my figure purchases are impulse buys. The money that I have and am getting isn't endless and I still need to sort out my living arrangements after college. To help me save money and buy me time, most of my figures are being shipped to me via seamail. I hope that by the time they arrive, I know where I'm living for the next year or two.
College is a difficult thing to save up for, but there are a couple of ways to go about it. You could work as you make your way through your curriculum if you think that you can devote enough time to your job and to your college courses. I personally didn't go that route as I felt that having a job would have taken away from my study time. If you have the credit score for it, or can get a hold of a co-signer, you could look into getting a loan and do some research on what they payment plans will be like for them. Pursing some scholarship might help you as well,but the chances of winning the ones that involve some sort of contest chances make the chances of you getting said scholarship fairly slim it seems. >.> Still, it couldn't hurt to apply to a few.
Yes, I most certainly do make art! ^^ Oooo! You used to animate at one point? Did you used to do 2D animation, or was it 3D animation? What sort of stuff do you typically like to draw?
Also, congrats on recently getting your hands on some oil pastels! From the brief periods that I've dabbled with pastels in the past, I can confirm that they are indeed fairly messy! I would say that pastels are almost as messy as charcoal.
No worries on not really want to draw anything at this time! After all, making paper craft characters is still a form of art imo. :) I never quite heard of the vocaloid SeeU before, but she does have a fairly cute design. I really lover her fluffy hair and cat earphones! SeeU's papercraft chibi looks cute, but it does look like it was somewhat roughly assembled. ^^' I would love to read an article about your papercraft making progress! :D
Ah crap! You thought that you made me mad after when I read that your parents didn't take out their anger on your figures or on the rest of your belongings? That's not the sort of vibe I wanted to give off at all in that part of my message! I am terribly sorry!;v; There's no need for you to apologize to me. At the time of when I typed what I did I was fairly angry at my mom and at my former predicament as well. Despite that, I didn't think that I was taking out my anger out on you. But after re-reading how I worded everything in that part of my message to you, I suppose that I did unintentionally come off as a bit hostile. :/
Oof, there was one time where your mom accidently broke your $200 GK?! Did she ever apologize for it?! o.o I wouldn't say you were in the wrong for that Homura on top of your dresser at the time since you didn't expect your mom to have a sudden, burning need to move your dresser and TV. (I'm gonna assume that your mom took the dresser and TV with her to bring to her new place?)
I am happy to hear that Homura's damage was minimum and does seem to be easily fixable! Have you got around to assembling and painting her yet? :o
That's understandable. I frickin' hate helicopter parents! Does you dad have a level of caution with every guy that you interact with? Since Kevin wasn't at the store that day, I would assume that he either had a shift change or took the day off.
Aw, it's pretty cute to hear that you have a mini crush on one of your former co-workers. If you two were relatively good friends before he left, I think that trying to get back into contact with him is worth pursuing!
It's really interesting to hear that you and Jose used to go to high school together, but neither of you knew that the other was there. I suppose if the two of you had different friend groups back then, then that makes sense. But, you did say that Jose is a fairly quiet individual so maybe that played a factor into things as well?
Rip, you never watched Pitched Perfect either? Maybe we can have a mini watch party and watch the trilogy together someday? :D Ben Platt is one of your favorite male actors? For me, one of my favorite male actors is Johnny Depp! I do hope that Depp can find ways to obtain more movie roles, despite the mess that Amber Heard caused. :/
It would be great to see movie characters outside of anything remotely related to Disney or Marvel get nendos or figures, but I feel like that isn't likely to happen. ;_; Perhaps, you could buy some nendo parts from Chibi Chop Shop to make your own Evan Hanson nendo? Today I saw that an article on nendo customization got posted and it probably could help you out greatly! ^^ Here's the link to it: BLOG #53308.
I do so very much adore musicals, but movies based on musicals is very much a mixed bag. Though I've never seen the original stage plays, Little Shop of Horrors, Sweeney Todd, and Les Misérables were all pretty good. But, "Into the Woods" was kind of a letdown as the 2nd half of the movie felt rushed and the 1st half wasn't great, but it was decent. From what I've her of the Dear Evan Hansen movie, it seems that it wasn't received all that well sadly. >.> That is unfortunate, but I will try to see if I can find the full stage play and give that a watch! ^^
As for Super Jail, I didn't see any episodes of the show growing up. I was able to see some Super Jail episodes while I was in college since I brought my own small flatscreen TV with me and my college's campus has cable. Growing up, I went without cable TV unless I went over to my grandmother's house for sleepovers and for semi-brief visits. On a few occasions, my grandmother would let me stay up very late at night and she used to let me watch Toonami and shows like Family Guy and American Dad. XD I probably shouldn't have been watching those two shows at such a young age, but I was very fond of animated shows and my grandmother probably thought that American Dad and Family Guy were late night shows for kids. :')
Oof on that picture quality that you had to deal with just to watch Super Jail for free, but what is a person who's strapped for cash supposed to do? Whenever I want to watch a movie or show, I always go to my go-to pirate websites to watch them for free. XD
Unfortunately, my days on MFC this year has been my worst yet. Hence why I was quiet for a while. To sum it up. View spoilerHide spoilerFound out that one user unfriended me. (but they weren't my true friend to begin with)

Got a few negative comments on my own articles. Deleted one and privated the other one.

Got reported just for venting.

Mod kept policing me. (BRUUHHHH why can't I joke around with my friends about Chris Farley? Yet that one dude telling my friend he should sell their body gets a pass!?)

Received a death threat from a former edgelord user. Thank God she got terminated.

Someone seemed to imply I was being racist. Fortunately, the user in question misread my comment and apologized to me. But that was still a scary experience.

About that vent girl. She did make another vent article about 2 weeks ago. She was upset that her more meaningful (such as loot showcase) articles don't get as much hits as compared to her rant articles. I've been in the same shoes as her before. But we will talk about that later.

Boy, the comments were something. There were some good advice. But most of them were unsympathetic and harsh. I reported one comment that said she isn't "special." Not sure what that user meant by that. I swore they changed their profile status to some vague rant. Probably angry about me lol.

Yes, it was Myethos Miku. I curiously checked out his profile page a few months ago and noticed he removed the "evidence screenshot" that he provided from his argument. Not sure why. Maybe he felt bad for what he did. But that was still unhinged of him to attack me over an opinion that he did ask for.

No need to apologize! It was actually kind of funny now looking back. Gives me another "back in the old days" story to tell to the future generations of MFC haha. Speaking of anatomy, the long-ish legs kind of remind me of Sailor Moon. The girls have long legs and it makes them seem like they are in their late teens or early 20's. They are middle school aged by my surprise.

You are right. The vaccine wouldn't 100% kill Covid. But it's still better than having nothing. My relative from my dad's side of the family husband didn't take the vaccine and he sadly passed away. Such a shame because I one time got upset with him during a Thanksgiving visit. Wished I apologized early.

Back on topic. I was going to take remdesivir injection to treat my Covid. However, I chickened out and I didn't want to waste a day getting it. Besides, the doctor I had wasn't very nice to me. She gibed at me when I screwed up on her question. I didn't know what doctor sent me in and instead answered my dad who drove me here. Afterwards, I stood outside at the back crying while holding my papers.

GIMP is a free graphics software. I've been using it for a decade now. Funny enough, I discovered GIMP thanks to a wolf RPG game I used to play back in 2011 haha. Players were making their own avatars and the popular choice of program was GIMP. I might someday migrate to an 'industry standard' program for my unknown future career. Me and my dad paid around $50 for my sister's art program. Don't remember the name, but it was fancy stuff.

Oh! It's been months since you wrote that message. How is your semester going? Almost finished yet? Sorry to hear about your struggles. I strayed away from college because it seemed really challenging and I fear it could be a waste of years if I screwes up. Well, lot's of people do go to collage for 7 years.

That's very overwhelming about the situation with your aunt. She sounds very manipulative. I feel bad for you and your grandmother. Especially concerned about your guys' health when the word mold came up. I think it's a wise decision to report the condition of the house. If you did yet since this conversation is months old.

Reminds me of back in the early 2010's when me and my family were living at a apartment complex. We temporarily had some mold problem. Not sure the main cause to it. Embarrassing to admit, View spoilerHide spoilerbut my siblings when they were toddlers would pee on the carpet because they weren't well potty trained. That definitely didn't help. To be fair, I done the same thing as a baby as well.

What you and your grandmother could do is save up money to temporarily stay at a hotel. In case if your aunt has another breakdown. Yes, it's going to cost a lot of money. But it is for the sake of your mental and physical health. Also, you guys could treat it like some nice vacation!

Reminds me of that one Bob's Burgers episode where the family stayed at the next-door funeral director's place due to the health inspector overreacting over a small mold spot in their restaurant. If you never seen that show, then I apologize for the surreal explanation of the plot.

Cheaper alternative is just going to places. Me and my dad used to sit at the McDonalds drinking coffee while using our devices. Just to avoid my mom who itched about the house being a mess.

You should definitely spoil yourself! After all that hard work. :) I'm personally no longer a gamer, so my choice would've been the nice dinner haha. My reward in mind if I ever move out of the house and find a nice paying career is buy that aforementioned expensive LPS purple turtle. Waste of money? Yes, but so are fart jars. https://u.cubeupload.com/AMS2000/tumblrnf9lsvIATq1s24.png

I can relate. I unfortunately passed a few grails because of my job not being stable. Been laid off more than 5 times. Around the time I'm writing this reply, I'm unemployed again. Had to downsize my wishlist and I now have around 7 wished items in total.

The bright side is overtime season is around the corner. Cherries and blueberries processing weeks. But those extra hours won't last that long. Maybe for blueberries because that crop is doing better than cherries. This is why seasonal jobs shouldn't be a young adult's main priority when looking for a beginner minimum wage job. Unless if you're lucky and end up in a well paying position that isn't prone to unemployment. I get envious of people around my age who somehow got in repack and didn't work as long as me.

Congrats on re-building your collection! I like your taste in Chinese figures. Referring to your separate list as seen on your profile. I never shut up about that girls toy line haha. I'm re-building my LPS collection. Lost around more than 100 over the past 9 years ever since 2005.

Queens of Hearts is a lovely figure. I'm not itching to get her due to personal taste. But regardless, Ask's own interpretation of the character is beautiful. I'm looking forward to what new fairy tales is Myethos going to tackle. I would've killed for a Tinkerbell until someone educated me about the strict copyright of the Peter Pan story. Maybe they could just do a generic fairy? I can picture Cinderella being another gorgeous addition to the fairytale line. What are your wished characters?

Surprised to see that the figure you linked is from Toy's Works. It's been a while since they released any new figures. I wonder if they are out of business? Been curious because I still mourn for Muramasa. ENTRY #63116 *sobs*

I just saw your profile status about your new laptop. Is it any good? I have a Lenovo laptop my mom gifted me back in 2018. It's surprisingly still running fine. (just slow) However, I'm afraid it might die someday. I'm planning to save up for a nice space mainly for 3D graphics and animation. Been doing heavy research on monitors and computer towers. Unfortunately, it's going to take me years to save up for these luxury machines.

I appreciate your tips on college. My plans have changed and I might consider on sharpening my technical skills. Apparently, there are different types of 3D modeling. Some categories are more in demand than other types in the industry. Maybe I will give archviz a try. Why not? The 3D graphics industry does seem competitive. Then again, this is all I have aside from drawing/animating. Might as well learn to code!

I used to do 2D animation in my pre-teens. Been drawing forever ever since as a toddler. Admittedly, I am out of practice. What I always draw were animals and nature. Don't make fun, but I used to draw furry characters as well haha. Back in the early 10's, I watched many YouTube animators that had their own furry OC's in those meme animations. Drew chibi characters as well.

My memorable years during those times was spending my days on a flash animation website called "Doink." Mostly drew my furry OC's and Happy Tree Friends fan art lol. I wasn't supposed to be on there because the age limit was 13 and up. Made an account at age 10. That didn't stop me from having fun, however. A few users were leery about my mental age due to the way I talk and my drawings, of course, looked like a kid drew it. Oh, and there was this mod everyone hates named Karen. That aged well! I would tell more stories, but my comment is getting lengthy. ^_^'

Ahh, I'll be honest. It's been a while since I used those pastels. Probably wasn't my kind of medium. Very messy to work with! But I will try to get a use out of them. Also been a while when I assembled SeeU. I guess I got frustrated with scoring her small pieces. Though, I did resize the template to make a bigger copy. Might dabble back into my project.

Speaking of drawing, I finally drew on the first page of my Blicks sketchbook after 2 years ago. It took me forever to touch my sketchbook. https://u.cubeupload.com/AMS2000/IMG20220523220625947.jpg

No worries! It isn't easy to convey tone in text messages. I understood you were in a scary situation. Forgot to mention this, but similarly my mom during Halloween a few years back ended up throwing stuff and cussing up a storm all because she was upset at my dad. Her mental breakdown scared the whole family.

I never told my mom because it wasn't very major damage. Another reason is I don't want to tell her I spent almost $200 on a blank anime girl. Not yet. She's still sitting in a lonely shoe box with extra protection. Debating whether I should commission a professional or do it myself. Regardless, I don't have the money at the moment.

It's been a while since I've seen Doug Hefferman, but with more hair. Maybe he did change shifts or is working in a different position. Doesn't matter because I discovered he has a ring on his finger. Too bad I won't stare at his nice thighs.

It's probably because of his age. I believe he's born in 1998? So, he was a few grades ahead of me. I swore I saw him during grocery shopping a few times. Hopefully I catch him someday. He is pretty social compared to me, but does have his dad's "alone time" side.

Thank you for the links. I've been in Chibi Chop Shop in the past. However, I might lean more into 3D modeling my own parts. But I might also ditch this idea or wait because the cost of printing does add up. Don't even have my own 3D printer.

I have never seen the movie version of Dear Evan Hansen. The reviews were very critical like you mentioned. Though, I don't think Ben Platt deserved that much flak just because of his age. It wasn't his fault that the producers chose him to play the main lead. Social media can be over reactive. Even people who never seen the musical were mad about a non-existent plot that never existed in the musical.

The musical is very amazing! I was very lucky to see it live back in my senior year at the Paramount theatre. Granted, it wasn't the original cast. But they still did a fantastic job. I even cried at some parts. I highly recommend finding an unofficial recording somewhere on YouTube. They often get taken down, but eventually someone will upload them again. I believe there might be a Google Drive link of a HQ version given by a Reddit user.

Related to DEH, there's this Pixiv artist I love to follow who loves the musical as much as me! Her artwork is beautiful.

Speaking of Johnny Depp and Amber Heard, I did skim through clips of their court case. Hopefully she loses because I don't really trust her at all. To be honest, I didn't grow up big on Depp's works. Pirates of the Caribbean never interested me as a child. Then again, I wasn't that focused on live action PG 13 movies until many years later. Maybe I will marathon Jack Sparrow and his adventures as a way to wish him luck. Oh, did you see that Edward Scissorhands Nendoroid lately?

Sadly, I have a celebrity crush that went through a lot as well. It's that SNL comedian, that I never shut up about, Chris Farley. He's been fighting drug and alcohol addiction ever since his high school days. I heard that he also had self image issues with his weight. That ending to that Chippendales sketch was no help at all. I wish I could time travel back in time and tell him how much I find him attractive. Not sure if the words would save him, but at least he will know he's well loved. It pisses me off that his hooker Heidi left him dying.

It seems Chris is always with girls that don't truly love him. Well, it seems that Tommy Boy pool girl was his only true relationship. But other than that, he definitely deserved better. At least he had great friends.

Very nostalgic. Back in my teen years, me and my family would huddle during dinner to watch the more "safe" Adult Swim cartoons. Mainly King of the Hill and Bob's Burgers. I do miss those days. Funny enough, my parents did put on "Aqua Teen Hunger Force or Futurama" during my toddler days. Looking back, I wonder if they ever paid attention to what's on the screen?

Wished I knew about torrenting as a 13 year old. The quality is way better. Though, it probably isn't that big a deal because I always watch content on a phone. Pirating is still the life for me! https://imagez.tmz.com/image/c9/4by3/2017/07/28/c95fef52c65d52c7b265c162b9671229_xl.jpg Land ho! Off to Nyaa.si land!
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Sup miss Gabby. How is my thicc enthusiast doing?

Crazy as it sounds, I was going to take a 3 month break. But I've realized that's overkill and I just needed to browse in moderation. I wrote my messages during my small break. Pardon me for the long haul!

Miss_FoxyOxO3 kuukautta sitten#108230840View spoilerHide spoilerNo worries on the late reply Angie!I know that irl stuff probably keeps you fairly busy. ^^ In fact, a decent chunk of my friends from Discord have been fairly busy during this year so far, including me. O.o I suppose 2022 might just be one of those hectic years. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
You're very welcome for that comment regarding your question about Superbuy. I am happy to hear that you were able to obtain two personal childhood grails of yours! Those panda twins are tots adorbs! x3 (I hope that Superbuy didn't charge you an arm and a leg to have them shipped out to you as 129 yuan is a steal!
Tbh, eBay trying to be slick and charge $100 for those little guys doesn't surprise me. eBay has almost always been one of the worst places to buy just about anything as the sellers like to charge up the wazoo and a few of those sellers are somewhat shady. :/
Just earlier this year,I finally made up my mind about whether or not I wanted to PO Sleeping Beauty or not, but I missed her PO window on all of the sites I usually buy from. Lime a fool, I went to eBay and hoped that I could find a decent deal for her since she hadn't even been released yet. I came across this listing here:www.ebay.com/it.... I was like "OMG! This is about $50 or so dollars below her retail price! What a steal!" But I almost immediately noticed the word "DEPOSIT" on her listing and asked the seller about it and the "best offer" option that was on her listing's page. At first, I was told that the price that I see is the full price and that there would be no discounts. I was like "Ok", but I still felt like something was off about the listing and that this deal seems to be TOO good. Lord and behold it was as I got a message in all caps from the seller almost panicking to tell me that the price that I see is actually a 50% deposit and that the full price that they have for Sleeping Beauty is nearly $400! I was told that I was getting a "really good deal". XD At most, Sleeping Beauty is worth about $228 max at this time. Maybe in her aftermarket phase she'll push for almost $400, but her PO period isn't fully over yet. To top it off, it was strongly implied that the other 50% would be paid outside of eBay. >.>
When I sent a reply calling the seller out on that "good deal" and even sent them a link of the figure's price on Myethos's actually website, the seller side stepped and didn't acknowledge the link at all. When the seller replied, they claimed that the "other" person who was talking to is just a college student that works with them and that they are the "manager" and claimed that the run a store. This "manager" also claimed that their price for Sleeping Beauty isn't all that bad since other eBay sellers who had listings of her up had her up for similar prices, smh. I tried to get the seller to let me have the deal that was originally promised, but I was told that they could not do that as that would cut into their profits. I was told that that the "best" they could do is offer Sleeping Beauty for me for $197.97 plus shipping and the mandatory tax that eBay charges. That "new deal" was still too much for me so I went elsewhere to buy her. One of my friends from the figure collecting Discord server that I'm in told me about a site called Ukiyo Kumo and vouched for them. I was able to get Sleeping Beauty for $197.35 with no tax and free shipping! There was NO way that I was going to pay over $200 for her! XD
I feel like buying from Japanese sites, other collectors, and from proxies are the only ways to get excellent deals on figures. On eBay Cheshire and Haru both currently cost about $110 and $271 more than what I needed up pay for them via proxies. PURE INSANITY!!!!(┛◉Д◉)┛彡┻━┻
I am happy to hear that you dig my profile's new face lift! In fact, I went in and did some further editing to my profile yesterday. Feel free to give my profile's new look a looksee when you have the time! ;D As for your profile, I am very much digging your new aesthetic and your new profile pic is very cute! The bubble and overall color scheme of your profile nice and easy on the eyes. That image of a mermaid Miku is rather pretty! If she were to ever get a scale figure, my wallet and space might be in danger! XD
I wish that more mermaid figure existed as only three come to mind atm. :< Some merMEN would be good to have around as well! ;)
I am most happy to hear that you enjoyed looking and the handsome specimens that I sent your way. ;D Lmao, yes! The 2nd dude had a pretty solid rack for a dude! (☞ ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)☞
Oooooo! It's so great to hear that you appreciate baras as well! Milo from Pokémon Sword and Shield is adorable, but he'll also kinda hot as well! >/////< I've seen a fair number of people ship him and Nessa together. They make for a cute couple imo! I like how Nessa is so tall that she towers over Milo a little bit! XD
Man, Milo is the second hot bara that I've seen in a Pokémon game, the first would be Archie from Alpha Sapphire! *v*
I only picked Alpha Sapphire over Omega Ruby because of him and Kyogre! XD
I do admit that there are too many pixie stick dick figures. This is not to say that they should stop being made, but diversity is very much needed. It would be nice to see more tanned guys, but I feel like that's a far cry. :')
Rip, I do hope that there will be more manga and anime that features chubby guys for you. I will admit that cute chubby guys exceedingly rare. Fat ugly bastards are a different story though.
Hmmm, "the bear crowd"? Is that the nickname that you gave to the devoted followers of this Bara GK maker? ;D Those Bara figures do look pretty nice but I wish there was more variety to the faces. It seems like GarejiBear is only making one or two OC's. :/ Still, this is progress in terms of diversity. ^^'
What does "BHM" stand for though? I am unfamiliar with the abbreviation.
Yeah, the Bara community and the furry community kind of leak into each other. XD
I am happy to hear that nobody has been bullying you as of late and that you've gained a new friend at work! Perhaps, 2022 will get a good year for you as well? :)
Ooooo...you would love to see a figure of a sexy football jock be made? Ngl, part of me would love to such a figure be made as well! If he has a cute face, I might even buy him myself! ;)
And no worries, you can reply to my other message to you when you have the time. Sorry for sending you yet another wall of text though. ^^'
2022 has been very hectic. *sigh*

Thank you! I remember seeing them online as a kid and always wanted them. Well, I've always wanted every LPS toy in hindsight haha.

Reality hit me when I discovered they were China exclusive. Exclusive versions (especially foreign variants) of LPS are very valuable in the Western market. Such as this Brazilian variant of this turtle. Another good example is the Comic Con Cat. Who usually goes for a whopping $400 or more. However, I've seen recent posts of people somehow getting an authentic unboxed one for steal prices. I really envy those lucky duckies! >:(

Speaking of another rare turtle. Hasbro held a licensing show back in 2007. They gave away this exclusive purple turtle to those attendees. That darn turtle costs around $900 or more nowadays. Ngl, I really do want it. But I doubt I will ever own her. :'( Littlest Pet Shop collecting can be serious.

Hopefully my SuperBuy parcel doesn't cost an arm and a leg. I bought a few more authentic LPS toys from Xianyu! Man, I sure found some amazing deals. Finding packaged pets at retail price isn't very common. A set in MIB condition sold on a Western site like eBay would probably cost about $40 or more.

Man, it's a gamble to miss out on Myethos scales. Your situation sounded stressful. I never bought figures from eBay, but because of the inflated prices. I bought Senko
and the holy grail Stardust from the aforementioned Xianyu. It seems Xianyu is a gold mine for me when it comes to finding HTF items at retail prices.

Also bought my plush grail Magical Mirai 2016 Gift Miku from there. It was around 5 years ago ever since I wanted her. Didn't want to splurge $200 on her. Thank God I waited.

I have a great story to tell about Stardust. So, it was 2020 and I discovered a Chinese figure database website like MFC called "Hpoi." I curiously looked up Stardust's entry and discovered Hpoi had a selling section. A few users were selling my space girl! Some of the prices were even reasonable.

So, I linked one seller's page to a SuperBuy agent. Unfortunately, it's been a week since the seller responded. I even desperately made an Hpoi account, just to communicate with the seller with very simple English. Still no luck. Fortunately, my agent recommended me I should try out this second hand market app called "Xianyu" to see if anyone is selling that exact scale.

A little leery at first. But trusted her words and downloaded the app! By my surprise, I found Stardust at a reasonable price. Around 800 yuan if I recall correctly? I wished I tipped my agent because she was a life saver. I also feel bad for never reaching back to the Hpoi guy that I already found the figure.

Thanks again! I'm so disappointed that artwork never received a figure. I would've preferred it over Taito's "mermaid" Miku. Which, while is pretty, she's not an actual mermaid. Would love to see a real life handsome merman during the sunset at the beach. While heading home to my fancy house on the Oregon coast. Yes, I am dreaming. *sobs*

I find Milo and Gordie hot! Speaking of Gordie, it's nice seeing chubby leaders for once. Especially Melony. She's so cute! I did vote for her during Kotobuiya's Pokemon survey. I believe that was half a year ago. Wonder if they ever did an update on the results? I could've also voted for the previous mentioned guys, but I was afraid the chances were very low. :(

Speaking of Kotobuiya and Pokemon. I'm losing hope on hunting for their Lillie scale. I loved her when I watched that Sun and Moon anime. Don't see myself dropping 500 USD on her.

That's so cute! It's not very often you see a short guy with a tall girl. I actually did see a ship of Milo and Gordie. Can't find the artist at the moment. They also draw hot BHM art.

Oh! About the bear nickname. It's a slang term referring to big and hairy gay men. Also a community as well. I do agree the faces aren't my cup of tea. I'm more into baby-like chubby faces. As for the BHM abbreviation, it stands for "Big Handsome Man." Pretty much the male equivalent to BBW. (big beautiful woman)

Definitely! I just discovered my new love for football hunks. Of course, I prefer the ones with more meat haha. Those companies better make a scale of this hot jock! https://i.redd.it/tt4q8ie1wzo51.jpg BACK OFF METALPINEAPPLE HE MINE Edit: Also counting mod-ash and MissMags lol.

Oh no you're good! I enjoy chatting with you. ♡
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Oh no, you're not spamming me with too many messages! I'm just terribly far behind on messages in general here. ^^'

Okey! that's a relieve haha! Same goes for me I was quite depressed last to months a friend of a friend past away, and I became realy realy sick. I fell unconscious, and now I have to repeat the stupid bloodtests. My new medicine might help tho! And guess what? I met my father 2 months ago! So many crazy thing!

Anyway I'm sorry for my late response!

How are you doing my friend?

Thank you so much (ɔ◔‿◔)ɔ ♥ That's so kind of you! I worked to years on it and it costed me two Fate figures (╥︣﹏᷅╥)

here is the result:www.reddit.com/...

and yess it was so much fun the comic con with my friends! If you want to see my friends cosplay, tell me :D I'll PM it to you then.

I'll respond asap on the other message about GBF, I will now work on my essay for school :')

I wish you well and have a great day!

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Two Random Hot Bara boiis from Nu:Carneval for Miss Foxy

Also the newest FGO character is so hott! His voice ughhh.
View spoilerHide spoilerhttps://i.postimg.cc/NMmNSmYn/342-Constantine-XI-3.png

Greetings! ʕ•́ᴥ•̀ʔっ
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Oh my god, I just stumbled across this and thought of you xD ITEM #1293698

Did you know this was in the works?! There's gonna be a whole-ass centaur figure line in a few years from now, yo...calling it
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Will be job hunting soon
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A few reasons why Free! is one of my favorite ecchi animes:






My Pipedream Hopes in terms of Figure Collecting:

1.) To someday buy a NSFW male figure that isn't a femboy and isn't from a yaoi. I would like to buy one before I run out of space!

2.) To own scales of all four of the Dragon Knight boys from Granblue Fantasy. I'm especially DYING to own scales of Vane and Percy! (Chop, chop Prism Wing!)

3.) To see any Locksukebe's non-yaoi bara OC's get a NSFW figure!༼☯﹏☯༽ (This is the artist's Twitter btw: twitter.com/loc... )

4.) Myethos to add male characters to their Fairytail-Another- line.

5.) To be able to make my own lewd or NSFW male figures someday.

6.) To someday own a male centaur, a male kitsune, or merman figure someday.

7.) To have more male ecchi/NSFW figures to choose from.