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Hello! I am a 19 year old figure collector and my hobbies are visual novels, video games and eroge.

Visual novels, eroge in particular, is a medium I am incredibly passionate about. My favourite companies are Key/Visual Art's and Saga Planets, and my favourite game of all time is Little Busters! Little Busters Saikou!

I love to play Pop'n Music, currently up to Level 43

I also love Kushima Kamome from Summer Pockets, and I own a custom Dollfie Dream of her. Other girls I like are Nishizono Mio, Natsume Rin, Sawatari Makoto, Tsukimiya Ayu, Tohno Minagi, Furukawa Yui, Amagase Natsuki, Adelheid von Bergstrasse.

Sometimes I play games such as Diabolik Lovers, Amnesia. I also love Ensemble Stars!!

I make reviews and unboxings of my figures and goods on my YouTube channel:





WindsorSeven SHSL Vegone
I feel like I'm having deja vu when I say this, but I love your profile. Little Busters (♥ω♥*)
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JustMoE モ–リス
Hey :) A new art book sounds amazing and like an absolute must-buy!!! Do they usually sell them via their website/otaku stores in general, or will yoou need a proxy since they'll only be available at conventions?

Oh wow, you made quite the plan there, plenty of Mitsuna art coming up :) Would love to see it again if you don't mind.
I definitely approve of you Mugy-ing up your Kamome ;) Did you manage to add something resembling Ao, as well?

Wait. Wait... WAIT! They added Nagisa and the others to the game in the past?! ARGH!!! WOuld have loved to play that. Fingers crossed you'll get Kud, as well. Got to have the whole gang after all :) Really cool that the voice actors enjoy the game, as well :)

You're very welcome^^ Really cool that you'll be able to play it soon! Hopefully the English version won't take too long, will do my best not to get spoilered until then... heck, if travelling to Japan becomes feasible again this year, I'll probably just buy a physical copy there anyway :D
Are you still happy with your preorder choice, or did they announce another, more Kamome-centric preorder bonus since?

Uff, ignoring my all-time favorite character won't be an easy task :/ But Kotomi really seems to be worth it, plus the anime didn't give away her entire story, so that's a huge plus. She's just sooo adorable^^ Fu-chan is awesome, as well, great choice :) Somehow I never got attached to Tomoyo through the anime + OP, probably because she was so rough on Sunohara... though admittedly he deserved it :D
How about Kanon and Air, who are your favorites?
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I'm happy to know you are doing well and still making YT videos ^-^ I need to catch up on watching aha. Are you still collecting figures? I've stopped for awhile now since I have so many ;w;
3 kuukautta sitten
Hiya! Its been so long and I feel so bad to see that you've been wishing me happy birthday all these years ;w; I appreciate that so much, I hope you are doing well and I miss talking to you too! How have you been? We need to catch up ^-^
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JustMoE モ–リス
Fingers crossed! Would be a shame if they wouldn't release the OST on CD at all.

You did a great job recreating their room :O You even found the (in your room's case not so tiny) Matryoshka :D
So how did Kamome island develop this past week? Did every resident receive a huge suitcase & children's book, or did you find other ways to make it more Kamone-like? ;)

He is, really? Wow, didn't know that! Must admit I'm quite surprised, as great as Kyousuke was as a character.
Just looked up Sevens Story, they look so cute pbs.twimg.com/m... :) Getting all the voice actors back together after all those years sounds pretty hard, impressive that they managed to. Do you play the game/do you intend to now that the collaboration has been announced?

You definitely did! Would love seeing more of your Key character drawings in the future :)

Wait... Hairi will be receiving a voice in Reflection Blue? Didn't see that coming, those are awesome news!!! Looking forward to it even more now <3
Definitely agree, the game feels even more special now that I finished it. They did such a great job of making all the main and side characters loveable.
I'm considering re-starting Clannad and trying to get on the Kotomi route, since she's my second favorite and one of my favorite characters overall. Is there any way to make this work without rejecting Nagisa early on, though? I just can't make myself do that... ^^
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JustMoE モ–リス
With all the OST that got released for the main game, there should at least be another one coming out for Reflection Blue at some point, right? But as you mentioned, it might take some time for that to happpen :/

So you're going to pick up a copy for Switch, as well. That's great :)

Haha, that's great! Would love seeing a pic of the room and field. While reading this, in my head there was someone with a very intense expression yelling "TENZEEEN!!!" ^^ Have a good time making that island worthy of Kamome.
So is Kyousuke the most popular male Key character, or the most popular overall, including the girls?
Congrats on getting your artwork retweeted, that's awesome! It turned out great, love the little Kengo especially. He looks so happy, like he just discovered baseball and got freed from his responsibilities :D

Oh really, they're making a Sakura Wars Dolfie (of Sakura, I suppose)? Finally decided to get the game a couple of days ago, but so far it's not really captivating to me. Hopefully that'll change.

Edit: I just "finally" finished Summer Pockets. As you can probably tell I'm not the biggest gammer, so putting 60 hours into a game is rather unusual for me. I read beforehand that the finale isn't great, that the game is too short etc etc... definitely not agreeing with any of that. Maeda & co did it again, straight to the feels repeatedly. Really can't wait for the Umi route now! Gosh, I'll miss playing this for the first time - something you can probably relate to?
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JustMoE モ–リス
So I thought I'd wait til I finished Summer Pockets to answer you, but the Alka route is taking a lot longer than I expected^^ After what I've seen so far (August 15th), as you said, that Umi route in Reflection Blue will be an absolute sobfest. I'm almost scared of playing it. Ao has some pretty hilarious moments in Alka though, so that makes me happy :) Kamome's part is a bit small though, isn't it?

Will you be replaying Little Busters on the Switch?

Ah, Animal Crossing is super popular, isn't it? What exactly are you drawing?
Aside from continuing Summer Pockets, I've been playing a couple of games with a buddy online (Remnant, Streets of Rage 4) since there's not much else to do aside from hiking. Been thinking about getting Sakura Wars since it seems quite interesting. Do you have any experience with that franchise?
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JustMoE モ–リス
:) Thanks for the further infos on Saga Planets and the recommendation! I checked the pictures for Floral Flowlove and Kin-iro Love Riche and they look great, as well :) If there's going to be an English version of the latter, then that sounds like a good way to get into their games for sure. Will you be getting to playing Kin-iro Love Riche soon?

YES! I saw the Reflection Blue opening as well. Personally prefer Alkatale (I REALLY love that song), but the new one is great, as well. Plus it's quite different, which will add to the new feel of RB. Wish it would be released already ;) I'm still taking my sweet time with the last route of the main game (Shiroha) to reduce the waiting afterwards, though that's quite silly to be honest^^

I must say, you're setting the bar pretty high for Little Busters :D Really looking forward to it and hoping that one day Kanon and Air will receive English translations, as well, though I'm afraid getting my Japanese up to standard will be more likely to happen^^
Ah, so that's the reason! What have you been playing on Switch?
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JustMoE モ–リス
Just checked Saga Planets and their artstyle looks great! I'm really intrigued by Karumaruka Circle. Which game(s) of theirs can you recommend?

Let's hope so, Umi-chan deserves a great story, she's so adorable :) Really looking forward to Reflection Blue!
I received my Kamome scroll last week btw: imgur.com/a/MCt...
Aren't they lovely together? :) Now where to get Mugi...

That's great to read, thanks for the heads-up! Still have some SteinsGate games to play, but Little Busters will be added soon, for sure. A Key game not leading to a lot of crying would... not really be a Key game, right?^^
Yeah, finding the time to finish some games definitely isn't the problem at the moment. What else are you playing currently?
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JustMoE モ–リス
Thanks for the link :) My Japanese sadly isn't good enough to comprehend what's written on the site, but I'll be looking for a physical copy when I I'm Tokyo the next time. Really looking forward to hearing how you enjoy the game.

How long have you lived in Japan?

Just looked for and found another bunch of great tapestries these past few days, there's so many beautiful ones! Do you have any potential additions you're currently considering?
What do you expect from the Umi route btw? The other ones are romance routes, of course, but whhat will they do with hers?

Ah, I see! I assume the ending's the same as in the anime, right? Looking at potentially getting the game, it's quite unfortunate to already know the ending, as well as parts of most of the routes :/ Really liked Mio in the anime, so that's tempting, and Rin's adorable anyway. Wow, so you played through all the others? That's impressive! Quite funny that you keep forgetting about ReWrite, though ^^
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