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Welcome to my profile!

There isn't too much to say about me, honestly. Just that I'm one of the collectors out there who have OCD.

Due to this I'm always planning (I spend A LOT of time making any kinds of plans, btw) what to buy and keep my impulse buys at a minimum. I'm only collecting figures of video game characters. If I had just one figure of an anime character; next time I'd watch a new anime, I wouldn't be able to concentrate on the anime itself but rather on the possibility of "having to" buy merch (this really happened at some point). Well, to prevent this, I need to set rules for myself. Sometimes I try to make exceptions and it works...
...for a few weeks or so until I pretty much go nuts (I had ITEM #13333 and ITEM #10211 once because I thought they were cute... well, at least I found them a loving new home (no, not mine) :3).

I used to love grab bags and "semi-mysterious" (where all you see is a huge pile of stuff) auction lots, but since there's hardly anything I want (my wishes are really too specific), buying one ultimately means the responsibility of selling everything from it after having looked through. Sorting/cleaning/taking photos & listing took me one or two days at max. The issue I had with it was the headache that got worse and worse the longer it was here, ultimately (after the earnings having reached the amount of money I originally spent) leading to selling the rest in auctions and giving the unsold stuff away with it. I love how it feels to be free of random unwanted stuff!
I used to do that again when I was ready/interested in looking at stuff, but now all I see is the responsibility and that it would be standing around in my room (and in my head)... guess that comes from having done that several times over the past 18 months. I still sometimes look for interesting auction lots, but with headaches every time, thinking "I'm happy I don't HAVE to buy that!", especially when I spot things in them I know from experience are not selling well and/or had multiple times (the presence of parts from ITEM #25067 has become a running gag for me).

My current collecting goals are:
-every Yume Nikki item (except for the T-Shirts)
-every Touhou Nendo (except for Reimu 2.0 and Suntanned Cirno)
-maybe a few more Touhou figures I like (mainly the SEGA Cirno, Sakuya & Marisa)

Other than that I'm working on Custom Nendoroids, and I have a very huge list of characters I'm searching for parts for (incl. RPG Maker charas and all the other Touhou girls). Now, I can't possibly afford 100+ figures and besides, I don't like some characters anyway, but since I love their parts composition, I'm "making" them as drawings instead.
Oh, some of the customs (20; my favourites, to be exact), I AM making with actual parts!

I've come to be quite an expert when it comes to Nendoroid parts (and I can only say again, making lists is an existential need of mine), which is why I'm actually also working on something else (which stays a secret until finished).
Fun fact: I accidentally learn a lot of Nendos names (and sometimes even their numbers) along the way. It still creeps me out at times.

Oh, I'm also working on my own games! They greatly help me with sorting out my mind; thus, their stories are full of philosophical and psychological thoughts and motifs.

I also learned how to draw and have loved to create OCs ever since then. They are probably 50-70 now.
I'm pretty weird in this matter too; for a drawing to be an OC, it requires a "soul", which is pretty much all that behind what you can see; their personality, habits, aura, even the way they'd move. If that isn't there, it's just a composition of things and goes straight to the trash, no matter how "good" it might look (I'm actually unable to judge... the same as with real people; I could never specify what makes someone look good other than their heart).

Yes, my Custom Nendoroid list includes my OCs too; in the exact same order as their drawings are inside a binder. I planned to make (some of) them real at some point, but... the problem is, when I bought something for a character, that meant it's "fixed" and I lost the possibility of changing it if I ever wanted to. Weird.

A few more weird facts about me:
-I used to have LEGOs. Never was creative with building, but sorted them after colors instead (I eventually sold them when I realized I'm unable to sort them after color AND type/shape)
-my humour is basically puns and the hilarious result when combining elevated and slang words, like "gentlemen's loo"
...and probably some other things I have to remember (lol)

Happy collecting!
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Cleared! Thank you so much! Sorry once again, I really forgot bc I got portfolio results about two weeks ago and had to study more bc the entrance exam was a pain. Then I got the results on Friday, but it seems I won’t pass so I was down for the weekend bleh. orz
14 päivää sitten
I am so sorry, I just opened mfc to reply to you, I had entrance exam this whole week and it was extremely stressful, I barely slept and didnmt have any breaks at the uni during exam sections.

I apologise for the delay, I’ll take the parts sans the meat tray if you’re still okay with it. If not, that’s okay.
15 päivää sitten
Hi! Sorry about that, didn’t notice. Cleared now! ( ˘ω˘ )
28 päivää sitten
Cleared it, sorry!

Gosh, that’s fast! I’ll write to the thread later today! Thank you for letting me know. ( ˘ω˘ )
3 kuukautta sitten
Whoops, sorry about that. I've cleared some room in my inbox.
4 kuukautta sitten
Thank you!~
7 kuukautta sitten
Yeah, I keep getting so many PMs each day. I've cleared it again just now.
8 kuukautta sitten
It doesn't seem to work if I don't live in Japan...
11 kuukautta sitten
Thank you very much!
11 kuukautta sitten
Hello, I have a question about the following item:
ITEM #651062
Any idea where could I get it even now?
11 kuukautta sitten
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