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Started watching anime over 7 years ago, 3 and a half years after that I bought my first manga (The Complete Death Note Boxset). Not too long after that I bought my first figure (Or statue, it was Craftlabel Ryuk).



I saw them at a decent price, so I had to grab them. I'd be lying if I didn't love Persona 3. If only there were more figures for the other SMT games... It's the sixth set of the figures containing Barong, Odin, Thor, Pixie, Lakshmi, Astaroth, and Great Pascal. I bought them as a set. IIRC, these are originally sold per box with 12 figures each at random. So it's better to buy a complete set than risk duplicates. Of course, it goes without saying that I'm broke now. :P
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Hey, look! The rest of my collection arrived! I got set 6 of the Kotobukiya One Coin series along the way as wel! :)
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Thanks! I'm looking forward to seeing more pictures of your collection, too!
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Well I had been simply wanting to have the figures for the longest time. Then, I got a job, and I started collecting a couple of months ago.

I saw a pair of Thor and Shiva sold for just 8,000 yen. Too bad, I already maxed out my credit limit with all my other purchases. For the key chains, I saw other collectors removing the rings on top of the figures and display them like normal figures.

I really want those One Coin figures, though.
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They're prizes from Minna no Kuji like Vishnu, Jack Lantern, etc. Just like Inugami, they're actually key chains. The One Coin are much more difficult to come by at a good price right now.
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Nonetheless, your collection is amazing! I only have Satan, Loki, and Mother Harlot in hand (and if you would count Thanatos, Izanagi-no-Okami, Konohana Sakuya, and Jiraiya from the Persona series), and Demi-fiend, Vishnu, Jack Lantern, Nue, Alice & Jack Frost, Lucifer, Cerberus, Decarabia plush, Mokoi, Mothman, Inugami, Onmoraki, Gogmagog, Mitamas, and Poltergeist still in Japan. Needless to say, I spent way past my budget. My collection wouldn't be complete without Black Frost, Thor, Shiva, and specially Beelzebub, though.
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Oh wow, you actually have most of the figures including Shiva and Thor! This makes me so jealous and happy at the same time to see all of them in one collection. Gah, I wish I have them as well! You're doing a great job with your collection!
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Hi! Do you have an updated photo of your Shin Megami Tensei collection?
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