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Hello Everyone my name is John Sandoval. I was born in Riverside, CA. I Love Anime and everything Japanese.


:\ . . . . XD Nowalive3 vuotta sitten#19214847Awesome collection beautiful!!! Whats mine is yours lol
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Hi, Are you still interested in Umaru nendoroid? I'm selling mine
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Nowalive4 vuotta sitten#6731896Wait when was Wonder Festival? I seen pics every now and than but its when they announce all the figures that are coming out right?

It was February 7th! Same day as the Super Bowl. Essentially, yes, that is what WF is.
A great time for us peeps. I'm sure you'll find a lot you want to purchase.
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Nowalive4 vuotta sitten#6726810My bday was on the 16th so yesterday lol but Thank you for the bday love! nope just school lol kinda sux but its okay lol whats the list for?

That does suck lol! And it's no problem :) The list, my friend, is of all the figures that caught my eye during the festival. Did you see any you liked? I always like when Wonder Festival gets announced, so many awesome figures get introduced and my wallet shrinks xD
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Nowalive4 vuotta sitten#6681191I've been really good!! Kinda bummed that school starts tomorrow on my bday of all days lol How have you been?

That's great to hear! Was today your B-Day? If so, happy birthday!! Did you manage to do anything special or stuck with school? I've been pretty good, just going through my Wonder Festival list.
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Nowalive4 vuotta sitten#6514898They look pretty Ero lol I like the looks on their faces lol but I'm not super into collecting those I think ill stick to my figures lol but they look very cool lol

Lmao okay. They arent for everyone ;p
How have you been?
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Nowalive4 vuotta sitten#6439675Thanks though! Oh but I do have to say I like your Dolls, very ecchi Iv'e never seen those before. Well I know of Dolfies but not sure if they are the same?

No problem! Thank you! They arent dollfies, though they are made out of the same material as them. They are a sub-brand of Vmf50 and Angel Philia. That company makes em super sexualized. If you are interested in them they have one on pre-order right now.
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Nowalive4 vuotta sitten#6418960Okay thanks for the link lol um 180 is a bit high I've found her limited edition with some extra goods for 12960 yen or about 110 dollars. jungle-scs.co.j...

No problem! Meh, it's a fair price for the original. But the deal you found is good! I like Jungle, it's where I got mine from a year ago? Maybe 2 years.
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Nowalive4 vuotta sitten#6413055Ya it is lol and hopefully I will! I usually start saving like a few months before or at least I try lol I practically want them all lol they all look amazing lol here are the links. Like I said practically all of them lol lol
ITEM #349076
ITEM #269746
ITEM #172210
ITEM #97000
ITEM #198635
ITEM #212496
ITEM #97003

You weren't kidding! I don't see any Mammon's though. Not a fan? Btw, I have an extra Leviathan figure if you want to buy her off of me? She's in her original color. As for Beezlebub, she's still available for pre-order online! She doesn't come out until August.
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