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Hmmm? Not sure what that means, but her release year for scale was when I no longer was an active buyer due to insufficient funds. To this day really. No longer plan on grabbing many scales, but I was blessed to get gifted a lot of scales and merch. Nice to see you have them all, though! Lovely set! :)
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Nulling1 kuukautta sitten#110224904Nice Profile pic btw, who was it by? :o

Thnx =P
Artist is Azomo from Sekai Doujin.
Definitely ones of the best doujinartists, though sadly not one of the most active.
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Nulling2 kuukautta sitten#108635468Aye, I am actually reading your Rory Mercury's Kotobukiya figure review right now. I am also planning to get her and pair with Kurumi as the gothic lolita Duo. They are definitly my favorite gothic girls.
I really respect the attention to details in your review, majority of people likely wouldn't notice half of them.
For the Mercury figure I think as a casual figure collector like myself I can overlook the flaws, her sculpt and painting is just insane. Too bad the aftermarket price is a bit high, but I dont seem to see a rerelease this year :S

Both of those girls are really good; I agree with your feelings. ^^ And thanks! I try to be pretty objective and mention details, good or bad, with the figure. I want people to get an accurate review. ^^
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Nulling2 kuukautta sitten#108635205Thanks for the awesome reviews, I was having trouble deciding which Kurumi figure to get, the Griffon one or the AlphaMax one. You reviewed both of them and helped me decide to get the AlphaMax one :) I know there is probably better Kurumi figures out there but these two were the more affordable ones.

Hi! Thanks for the comment on my profile! I appreciate it a lot! ^___^

The Kurumi I had was really a piece of crap; it was terrible. I sold it a long time ago, but I'm glad I was able to help you make the right choice. There are a lot of Kurumi figures...sadly I didn't review any of those. But good luck with getting one! ^^
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