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«I collect, therefore I am.»
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Welcome to my profile!


As you can see, my collection mostly consists of merchandise related to Touhou Project with a strong focus on official goods and, of course, figures, other merchandise and, mainly, Doujinshi.

I also enjoy playing the Touhou games and have recently begun uploading older replays to Youtube (see my channel in the upper right if you're interested!) and, after a longer hiatus, want to finally tackle the games I have yet to play on the highest difficulty level.

In addition to that, I strongly enjoy adding new entries to the database and engaging in (hopefully) friendly exchanges on certain rules and problematic entries, though right now I primarily hope that one day, we'll be able to add Doujin CD's and games among other media, but that's for the future.

As for my collection, in recent times, I have, once again, only been focusing on the series I have favourited, but again, the primary focus will always be Touhou Project, a series I have been enjoying since early 2009 when I first discovered it, focusing on collecting the games, music CD's, various merchandise, Doujinshi and eventually figures, though the latter have mostly died out, unfortunately.

Either way, should you have any questions or anything you want to talk about, please feel free to contact me anytime.
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Final Fantasy XI, Touhou Project, Yomawari
Females, sufficiently feminine males
Open to everything.
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Nemesis Unlimited Fetish Works
Sorry für die verspätete Antwort. Ich schaue nur ab und zu mal bei MFC rein. ^^
Danke, läuft alles ganz gut bei mir. Hoffe bei dir ebenso~

Wie ich sehe bist du weiterhin fleissig am Touhou Merch anhäufen! Gut, gut~ Weiter so! ;)
Wirklich beeindruckende Sammlung hast du da~
2 kuukautta sitten
Wo schaust du dann aktuell deine Anime Serien an?
4 kuukautta sitten

vielen Dank für die Glückwünsche. Mir gehts soweit ganz gut, keine besonderen Vorkommnisse.
Seit wann hast du den Namen gewechselt und seit wann ist dein Konto bei Crunchyroll gelöscht?
4 kuukautta sitten
Petitssk Eastern Library
Yep, mobile phones aren't my thing either; actually, I don't even like touchscreens. If smartphones weren't so useful for keeping track of stores while I'm out, I'd probably just go back to my old Nokia N95 8GB. Such a great phone, no games, just phoning, SMS, basic e-mail utilities, very basic internet browsing and, of course, music and videos.

On the other hand, I get your work mentality and it probably applies in a lot of situations, but it is somewhat depressing; guess that nowadays, you'd be lucky to have work where it doesn't apply.

IN, however, is great. Except for Normal, I always went for clears there first when tackling a new difficulty level. Many patterns that are more about memorizing, lots of resources and much stuff to unlock and experience make it a great game to start with and play in general. Probably my second favourite game after UFO, though I also really enjoy PoFV.
5 kuukautta sitten
Nah, I think i'm just simply exhausted. The best is to keep in mind there is no recognition at work and trying to hard won't be rewarded like you except or not at all orz.
I want to finish to add entries first and manage my own collection tool (database and front/back-end program) from now so it's taking a big part of my time but i really want to play Touhou Imperishable Night again, this one is my favorite ! But since it been a while, i probably need to go back in Normal mode haha.

A Windows Phone ? How unlucky you are. I haven't tried FGO yet but my last crush was Idolmaster Cinderella Girls. Still, i prefer to play on bigger hardware.
5 kuukautta sitten
IceFang Ero Art Aficionado
PetitsskSorry for the delay in answering!
No worries!
PetitsskStill got some qualms about supporting stores not supporting international customers.
Although I order many from second-hard stores (it's often the only way to obtain rare titles), I get a lot of satisfaction when ordering from stores like Mandarake or Toranoana, even though they don't ship internationally, knowing that my financial support is more directly going to the amazing artists.
PetitsskMy sales are going reasonably well.
Ooh... You sell?! Is this list the best way to see what you have available? Do you actively keep them updated to reflect what you currently have available? If so, I might have to see if you have any personal grails of mine that I've been actively searching for.

Are you in the hobby solely for the buying/selling aspect? ...or do you maintain a personal "will never sell" collection as well?

EDIT: Ugh... sorry, I meant for this reply to go on my page. Not sure what happened.
5 kuukautta sitten
Sorry for the delay, i've been really busy with my work until now.
I think i'm done too much without considering my health; by "too much", i mean working 6/7 days without taking any vacation since 15 months, it starting to depress me a little and it's not so easy to handle. I still haven't taken my time to look at my C95 loot, haha.
I plan to take some vacation this year to go to Japan again until my "long-term" project starts so maybe going during the Comiket 96 and meet lorddraInu again.
Good to hear you have more free time and nice to see some new additions from you !
Still into Touhou Project playing ? Have you tried FGO ?
5 kuukautta sitten
Been tied up with work, so I missed the alert you'd pointed me to. I too subscribe to the theory that the primary source should take precedence. I do know that for mentions of previous iterations of the event, I'd mostly seen the Dai-xx kai variants. I didn't know earlier events had used the Heisei xx-nen naming as well -- I thought that this year was special in that given the upcoming abdication, that would be the last Heisei occurrence of the event, and hence the specific usage of that as the primary title on their site. But I guess that's the form the primary title has always taken!
5 kuukautta sitten
Hey, Happy new year to yoo too ! Well, the start of this year isn't that great until now so i settled to stay positive as possible haha. How do you feel to have free time again ?
6 kuukautta sitten
Glad to have been able to help! For my part, your entries for circles and artists have been most helpful. Sad to say that I had been capitalising the p in pixiv for a long while until I had my eyes opened by one of your edits ^_^
6 kuukautta sitten
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