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♡ Hello! I've been on and off collecting figures and merchandise for about four years now. What started off as one strap (ITEM #70704) eventually escalated into... this.
I'm a big fan of Vanillaware, Platinum, & Trigger, and my collection stems a lot from those studios' IPs. I'm always on the hunt for Tales merch as well, namely Graces and Vesperia. ʕ ∗ •́ ڡ •̀ ∗ ʔ
Feel free to add / message me! I'd love to get to know other collectors here.

my dream figure wishlist:
✦ ALTAiR Richard
✦ Alter Judith
✦ Nendoroid Hazama Masayoshi & Gotou Hidenori
✦ Figma or Nendoroid m!Robin (FE13)
✦ Parfom KOS-MOS (version 1 or 4)
✦ Parfom Velvet
✦ a renewal ver. of Alter's Selvaria

View spoilerHide spoilerfavorite artists:
kazuma kaneko, inoue takehiko, toi8, kinako, nakamura yusuke, kii kanna, kozaki yusuke, kurahana chinatsu, soejima shigenori, yoshida akihiko, inomata mutsumi, yuu kirai

favorite sculptors:
yuma, akao shin'ya, iwanaga sakurako, fukumoto noritaka

favorite companies:
alter, myethos, good smile company, aniplex, aquamarine
strategy / tactics, rpgs, survival horror, third person action
glasses, freckles, droopy eyes, lower lashes, braids, cute updos, flower motifs
triphop, downtempo, ambient, synthwave


Pulmo (6 kuukautta sitten) #25550563Ahh thank you! Yours is quite impressive as well! How long have you been in the hobby?

Around half a year, but I started collecting when I was in Japan... I just saw all these awesome figures for cheap and then I started to learn what kinds of figures exist. So that was fun :P
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Pulmo (6 kuukautta sitten) #25538614Hey, thanks for the the FR! ♥ It's nice to meet you. :>
No problem! It's also very nice to meet you :) You have a very nice collection my friend :P
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Pulmo (7 kuukautta sitten) #24119604Ahhh, thanks for the fr! I don't get messaged here very often so I'm quite flattered. ; v ; You have a really nice collection (that Utena and Jersey Asuka scale ♥) and wow, we really do seem to have a lot of the same interests! I'm totally up for chatting/gushing about any of them!
Thank you~ my icon's from the Nier Replicant guidebook and it's one of my favorite pieces of concept art. ♥ Kainé is my #1, but I love everybody from the main cast, as well as the Nier: A crew. What about you?
Oh, and I couldn't help but notice that you also preordered that Joker figma. ;> Gosh... I'm still not over how good he looks. I was already sold on him but as soon as I saw pics of that grinning faceplate, I was double sold. Can't wait til he releases!

Thank you! I'm quite proud of my collection ^^ That Utena is really special for me not only because she's gorgeous but also since she was a gift from a friend. I'm really sad that Megahouse cancelled Anthy, they would have been perfect together. Still there's upcoming Utena figma! I'm glad that at least some of the older/less popular series get some love nowadays. I didn't finish original Nier so I can't speak of my favourites there (hopefully I'll be able to one day) but in Nier:Automata I loved 9S the most. I feel like it's rare to have such deep and complicated characters that aren't necesarilly considered villians. Yoko Taro seems like a man truly capable of creating intriguing characters. All of the cast, even the more minor characters feel real and well developed. Ah I can't wait to see how Nier turns out to be! If I'm honest it's kind of hard to get into because of the play style and how slow and wonky it feels, especially since I'm just watching a playthrough but I'll do it for the story. Right now I'm occupied with Persona 5 though :P Wow that game is amazing. I mean I like all of the persona games I've played but when it comes to cast, P5 did an amazing job from what I've seen so far. And oh Joker, best protag for sure. Yeah I was kinda holding off until wonfes to decide if something else pops up but since nothing much caught my attention I decided to get him ^^ He looks great and I hope we'll see more of Phantom Thieves not just him and Ann. Not that I'll have the money to get all of them but I feel like Persona games and especially the male cast never gets enough love. I'm still waiting for a proper Jun and/or Akihiko figure. I'm not a fan of the Kotobukiya one...
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Hi! I just stumbled on your page and noticed we have a lot of interests in common (like Persona, Fire Emblem, Nier, LWA). Love your Kaine avatar by the way! Anyways that's all I wanted to say. I hope you enjoy your time here and feel free to talk to me about anything whenever (if) you feel like it!
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