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H E L L O heathens

♡ 25 | She/her | Thicc AF Degenerate ♡

Loves ladies on the streets, dreams of fictional men every other god damned second

I'm absolute trash and the pink kawaii cringe fest that makes you lose faith in humanity a little bit more every day.

Call me 404, I'm a walking error.

Got my first figure in 2014 and then didn't really collect till the COVID-19 pandemic. Didn't want to look like a loser but now...who cares.
Bootleg Owner: no regrets. I ain't paying $800+ for a bunny.

Outside the dumpster of the internet I'm a data analyst and public servant.

As of now I primarily collect NSFW with some interest in different series and games.

To conclude, I'm a really big weirdo and I'm just excited to share my collection and interests with other people.
♡ Happy hunting y'all ♡

Minors, fujoshi/BL fans

We collect pieces of plastic, its one thing to have preferences but its another thing to look down on people and assert your opinions on them as fact. Dramatic ass people arent welcome. Go touch grass and/or see a therapist.

My Projects (っ◔◡◔)っ ♥

I also love 3d printed statues/one of a kind statues and painting them! If you like doing that and share the similar hobby drop a comment and tell me what you're working on!

Current project(s):
⋆ 1/6 scale statue of Dimitri Fire Emblem Three Houses [painting]
⋆ 1/6 scale statue of Edelgard Fire Emblem Three Houses [painting]
⋆ 1/6 scale dual Dimitri/Female Byleth statues [Concept Finalization]
⋆ Dimitri Nendoroid (Pre & Post Timeskip) [Searching for Artist]








Hehe yeah that’s me! I love to make those videos as well hopefully I have another video coming out soon!!

Yeah tbh the lack of aliexpress merch of fire emblem in general is just heartbreaking haha I wish they had more Dimtiri stuff as well :(

Awww that’s amazing! I’m so glad you’re interested! I sent you a DM of pictures! :)

Also yeah I agree,,,, I’m honestly solely getting it now because it was Billy Kametz’s last work and I love Ferdinand so much that I just want to see him one last time. But yeah the Byleth slander is so f//king dumb I never have gotten that ever. The new main character is such a bummer. But I’m sorry it came out on your birthday :( what a bummer. (Also you’re a fellow cancer? I knew I liked you for a reason! Haha)
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Ayeee!!! I’m so glad you found my video! Haha that’s amazing! YouTube algorithm not failing me there hehe.

But thank you so much!!!! I got the shirt from aliexpress and it was dirt cheap so I highly recommend cause it gave me a good chuckle! Haha

Also, the art on my wall I actually made myself! I love making paper dolls and have been trying to sell them for awhile so if you want the Dimtiri I would def not mind selling him to you cause I know you love him so haha.

But thank you so much for all your sweet comments!!!! (Also I agree with three hopes, I’m getting it cause my completionism brain makes me but I hate the play style) also glad you are getting Edie too!!! She’s so cute!!! Holding out for our hubby haha
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Hey!!! I know it's been forever!!!

I know omg I was sooooooo happy to hear it as well! Hehehe lets hope that they see how popular this will be and they should deliver more from the three houses.

Did you get three hopes or the edelgard pop up?? :)
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Julia125 Kyojuro Rengoku's Wife
Sorry it's a day late but Happy Birthday!!! (´。• ᵕ •。`) ♡
2 päivää sitten
dearly pink enthusiast
YOU'RE WELCOME!! i hope you had a great day! \(≧▽≦)/
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3 päivää sitten
Happy birthday, fellow Rengoku simp! :)
4 päivää sitten
Happy birthday!!! :D ♡♡♡
4 päivää sitten
Thanks :D I am! You too! Currently trusting NNG with my life to deliver on a figure from one of my most adored artists, Ama Mitsuki. But glad I won't have to wait 6 months for a U.S. retailer.

That and the absurd $300+ $400+ aftermarket are two things I just don't want to/can't do anymore. I kinda have the patience for the waiting time, but it's the uncertainty that gets me. Aftermarket gets to be too much when you're basically paying for 2-3 figures for one. Was only worth it to me to do that for the Godoka/Devil Homura Stronger set. But it's like, do I get this one figure, and cancel 2 others? Naaah

Ahhhh that bread sounds heavenly right now. I'd go to Japan just for the food and snacks. My friend and his gf went to a store like that in NYC, like multi-floor with figures and other merch. Seemed super cool!

If you want to, feel free to shoot me a dm if you decide to go or not, I'll be there with three friends the whole weekend, but regardless I wouldn't mind picking up the art and shipping it to you if you decide the hassle isn't worth it!

God I'd kill for even a PuP at this point. It's the same shit with Little Witch Academia. I hold onto the Nendos with a death grip haha.

Well Happy Birthday BTW!

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Happy Birthday! I hope you have a great one.
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Import from Japan


Spatial Analyst
too many anime, trash reality tv, political and religious documentaries, news...I know I'm really boring
Geography books, biographies, scientific journals, historical political novelizations
genshin impact, fire emblem, persona, tales of, too many jrpgs
country, classic rock, hard rock





♡ Daddy ♡

The only men i want are fictional
i want them to blow my back out uwu


im not apologetic about my simping. The world is full of annoying ass people who will hate everything you do.

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