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Rin is the best <3
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Aaaw, your avatar is tiny but looks so cute ^^
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RinRinSignal4 vuotta sitten#4151711Huzzah! xD

Lol xD
So as a conversation topic I shall start with what... no... How -uh- did you first like Rin? < honestly I dont think that makes sense xD ( like everything else I type lol )
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RinRinSignal4 vuotta sitten#4145577Hello~! And no you didn't. xD
But don't worry, I sent you one. ^-^

Hiyaaaa! *facepalms* Of course I didn't, I'm so useless at this site xD Yey, I accepted it too! *highfive lol*
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Hello fellow noob and Rin fan :D ! I just wanted to say I like your profile and hi ( I suck at writing messages sorry xD ) I think I sent a fr I really dont know xD I really cant write messages xD
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RinRinSignal4 vuotta sitten#4023598Not all of the Rin and Len songs are slow ^^;
But in F 2nd, Lens solo songs are quite slow...

yeah i know that there are faster songs, and i really like those, but i was just referring to those from project diva with my comment :3 slow songs are very boring to play in rhythm games in my opinion :/
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Hi :) Thank you for the FR
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Hello!! Welcome to the board! Hope you enjoy your stay here! ( ^∇^)
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Your profile is fab >W<
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Oyamatsumi 大山積命
Ohayou !
Welcome to you on MFC :3
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