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Just started collecting figures early 2014 as a new hobby so I thought I'd make one of these nifty MFC to keep track of them. I'm more of a favorites collector, I tend to gravitate towards my favorite characters whether it's Amine, Movies, or Games theres always someone I have my eye on. Having gotten into Anime a lot more the past 2 years or so that only gives me more potential favorites. Which isn't a bad thing, just makes me more aware of what's out there for figures. Over the past couple months with my purchases I definitely have my favorite manufacturers as well. Currently Alter takes the cake, I've haven't seen anyone else that can quite hit their level of perfection. Kotobukiya, they really hit the comic book heroes spot on, but some of their recent work isn't the best. Apart from the standard 1/8 to 1/7 figures I am a fan of Medicom's RAH. I've committed to their AoT line up, currently have 7/7. The only others I'd really want in the RAH format would be Sinon & Asuna (if they ever announce her). Still waiting for Sinon's price tag to drop a bit before I commit, hopeful it does at least a little. That's about it for anime figures, I do have a select few from Sideshow but they're all movie or video game based.

Currently Favs:
-Lara Croft PF Guardian of Light (Sideshow)
-Annie Leonhart RAH (Medicom)
-Sena Kashiwazaki 1/4th (GIFT)
-Keiji Maeda (Alter)
-Mikasa Ackerman RAH (Medicom)
-Lara Croft Tomb Raider 1/4th (GH)

I also do a lot of art, I've been into quite a bit of sketching/drawing lately.



Hey man, Happy Birthday! Hope you're doing well!
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Happy birthday!!
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Happy Birthday!!!
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Happy Birthday!!
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Thank you!!!

Happy holidays to you and your family :DD
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Thank you for your fast reply!! I am looking forward to your reuploaded detolf tutorial !! I already bought 5 Detolf and need your tutorial. One year ago I already ready your whole tutorial and did not saved it somehow. :O
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Rinnzlerr4 vuotta sitten#14084877Thanks!! I'm going to Ichiban tomorrow, it's a Japanese steak house... Pretty much the most amazing thing ever.

Awesome! Have a great time!
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Dear Rinnzlerr

could you please reupload the pictures for your custom detolf LED ligthing ???

Thank you so much !!
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Happy Birthday bro. Hope it's a good one!
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Retro8bit Old School Gamer
Hey buddy, long time no chat. How you been?
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Free Shipping World Wide. A place for collectors.


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