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I like meeting new people. ^ω^ (I speak English, German, Croatian.)
♬♪♫ ~~FEEL FREE TO FR ME~~ ♬♪♫

I like a lot of things and I'm always open to new suggestions. ^-^
I love to talk to people with same interests. <3
I'm a hamster. -.-'' I collect everything that looks useful or cute.

I started collecting figures in April 2010. Until then I had only collected manga & artbooks. I have tons of manga (800+) and a lot of artbooks (30+), but now I'm collecting figures & keychains like crazy. \o/ [obsession?! (ಥ‿ಥ)]

I've been watching anime since 1997, since I was 13 years old (since I saw Sailor Moon in German TV for the 1st time ♥) and I've been reading & collecting manga since 1999, since I was 15 years old (also Sailor Moon's fault).

My love for anime & manga later led to my love for Asian video games, music, TV series, movies, books, languages.
I've been a K-pop fan since October 2010 (Sungkyunkwan Scandal's fault ー💕). I'm a Cassiopeia (fan of TVXQ/JYJ).

Themes I like: mecha, magical girls, BL, reverse harem... martial arts, swords, magic, supernatural, psychological...
Anything with: kemonomimi, ninjas, vampires, witches/mages, mermaids, elves, winged people; dragons, unicorns...

Genres & demographics I like: fantasy, sci-fi, horror, mystery, comedy, romance, drama, action, adventure. A mix of genres is the best. d(-_^) I mostly read/watch shoujo & shounen. I like some seinen stuff too. But very few josei stuff. No idea why.

I'm a romance freak, and a shipper fangirl, I always find many pairings to ship (boyXgirl or boyXboy or both in the same show). o(≧▽≦)o But I'm not a rabid fangirl. (눈_눈) And I don't ship real life people (idols or actors), only fictional characters.

I mostly listen to K-pop, J-pop/J-rock and OSTs from anime/drama/games/movies. I listen to some ''normal'' music too. XD
I love video games. Genre I play the most is RPG, after that survival horror, action & adventure. ー☆★☆
I've never tried playing Visual Novels, but would love to. 。o♡

My MAL profile: myanimelist.net...
My MDL profile: mydramalist.com...

☆*:.。.(¬_¬) (;-_-).。.:*☆ .ヽ(゚∀゚)人(゚∀゚)人(゚∀゚)ノ .ヽ(•‿•)ノ ヽ(•‿•)ノ ☆彡 (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧✦ (╥_╥)(ಠ_ಠ) ✿✿ ♡♡ ♥♥ ✰✰ ★★ ┐( ̄ー ̄)┌
GundamSeed/Wing/00, GuiltyCrown, CodeGeass, Fafner, Evangelion. SailorMoon, Pretear, PrincessTutu, MadokaMagica, MyHiME. Loveless, Gravitation, YamiNoMatsuei. GhostHunt, Digimon, 12Kingdoms, X, SAO, Fate/, Noragami, AttackOnTitan, KurokoNoBasuke...
FruitsBasket, SkipBeat, VampireKnight, UraBoku, AkatsukiNoYona, KamisamaHajimemashita, DNAngel, AngelSanctuary, X, 07Ghost, Karneval. SailorMoon, KKJeanne, MKRayearth. PandoraHearts, CodeBreaker, Naruto, Bleach, Magi, ArataKangatari, TsubasaRC...
(J-RPG & J-horror = ♥) Final Fantasy, Magna Carta, Fatal Frame, Devil May Cry... Shadow of the Colossus, ICO, Forbidden Siren, Haunting Ground, Star Ocean, Tales of... TogainuNoChi, Lamento, HiiroNoKakera, Amnesia, Diabolik Lovers, Fate/, SayaNoUta.....
Tsundere, kuudere, bukiyou, Jerk With AHeart OfGold. Kemonomimi, mermaid, elf, wings. Maid, waitress, lolita. Skintight, Zettai Ryouiki, thighhighs, sleepwear, seifuku, dress, high heels. Heterochromia, black/silver hair, garish eyes, wavy hair, twintails
K-pop, J-pop..... anime/drama/movie OSTs..... various eastern & western music


Happy Birthday! =)
4 kuukautta sitten
Happy birthday! :D
4 kuukautta sitten
Ahh thank you so much for taking the time to add me and comment on here! I love seeing people on here haha. I am so glad you enjoyed the video! They are always fun to make! It a really nice artbook, but I really hope we get a big proper one as well. I don't read Skip Beat but for your sake I hope they print an artbook of that as well!
8 kuukautta sitten
A jaojojojjooo!!! Hvala ti punooo!
Imala sam tu iskljucene komentare, pa sam tek sada vidjela!
~Pa je ispalo kao da masn te totalno izignorirala, zao mij je! :,)
9 kuukautta sitten
Thank you so much! <3
1 vuotta sitten
SailorVeki (1 vuotta sitten) #27251189Aww, thank you. <3 I'm sick, so I was in bed watching anime the whole day. XD
Not a bad way to spend a birthday tbh :D (though ofc being sick sucks, and I hope you're feeling much better by now *hugs*)
Did ya get your Suru order yet?
1 vuotta sitten
Haaaappy belated Birthdaaaay dear!!!! Hope it was full or loveliness and fun :3
1 vuotta sitten
Happy B-Day! :3
1 vuotta sitten
AHhhhhhhhhhh Advanced Happy Birthday! :D I got the MFC Notif just now but I figure they're doing the whole 1 day in advance thing again. Hope you have a great one! ^^
1 vuotta sitten
SailorVeki (1 vuotta sitten) #24694684I heard about that anime and I'm impatiently waiting for it. :Đ I love animes of otome games. I love otome games too, but I've never played one, only read reviews. Are there ones with English patch or available in English? I don't know enough Japanese to play them otherwise.
About the length of the anime, you never know, Hiiro no Kakera got 2 seasons and Hakuouki 3. Let's hope for 2 seasons now too. :3 But even if it's only 1 season, I'll be happy if the episodes are a normal length, not half of it, like with Diabolik Lovers. D:

Yes! There are several otome games that are officially translated. Hyakka Hyakurou (really great game!) and Amnesia:Memories are available on steam. Hakuouki Kyoto Winds is coming to steam too. Lots of otome games on the PSVita are getting localized as well. For now, I only know about Collar x Malice and Code:Realize being available in english on the PSV (I'm sure there are other games as well) and the english sequel of Code:Realize will be released on 2018 :D

Oh, yes, I remember. I really hope Code:Realize would have at least 24 episodes since it took me 8 hours to finish the common route alone >< And I have a feeling the anime will go with Lupin's route which I hope too as well since it's rare in otome adaptations to have the heroine choose between the guys and the story in Lupin's route would actually make a neat adaptation. I only remember Hakuouki and Hiiro no Kakera where the MC chooses the main guy/poster boy. :P
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