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One Piece - Gecko Moria - Excellent Model - Portrait Of Pirates DX (MegaHouse)Hunter × Hunter - Hisoka Morow - G.E.M. - 1/8 (MegaHouse)Jojo no Kimyou na Bouken - Sentou Chouryuu - Joseph Joestar - Ichiban Kuji - Ichiban Kuji Jojo no Kimyou na Bouken Part1~3 (Banpresto)Akumajou Dracula X: Gekka no Yasoukyoku - Alucard - 1/5 (Gantaku)


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Hunter × Hunter - Illumi Zoldyck - Chibi Kyun-Chara - Ichiban Kuji - Ichiban Kuji Hunter × Hunter (Banpresto)Hunter × Hunter - Hisoka Morow - Chibi Kyun-Chara - Ichiban Kuji - Ichiban Kuji Hunter × Hunter (Banpresto)Hunter × Hunter - Illumi Zoldyck - Chibi Kyun-Chara - Ichiban Kuji - Ichiban Kuji Hunter × Hunter Hiiro no Tsuioku-hen (Banpresto)Hunter × Hunter - Hisoka Morow - Chibi Kyun-Chara - Ichiban Kuji - Ichiban Kuji Hunter × Hunter Hiiro no Tsuioku-hen (Banpresto)



Thanks so much for the Hiei figure! Photos and communication were great, figure was well packaged in and good condition, and I really appreciate the Yu-Gi-Oh! bonus items (I'm a big Yu-Gi-Oh! fan).
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Hello!! This seller is so amazing!!! So friendly, fast, great comunication and detailed!!! 10/10 the packaging was so good!!! Super honest seller as well. I super highly recomend!! Super happy with my purchase!!
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Gothy ♡Cute Connoisseur♡
I'll have to check out the soundtrack when I get the chance it sounds amazing! I have quite a few friends of mine that have played and really enjoy Fallout, I ought to check it out at some point! Especially if it has horror in it-right up my alley right there X3 I looked up The Path and the art style is awesome! It seems really neat!

Now that Halloween is nearing i'm excited to start binging horror movies-everything from the best to the worse lol. October is a great time of the year-it's a lot of fun to put together a costume and decorate the house!

Tim Burton's older films are amazing to watch! They will always be some of my favorites to watch whether it's Halloween or not. The Godfather is a must, it's a little slow in the beginning but man-it gets crazy real quick.

L will always be the better of the two imo. I'm finishing the series right now in fact, I just finished Neon Genesis Evangelion, now I gotta watch the movies for that series!

Good to know! I just feel like super glue is so strong that it'll mess up the figure parts rather than fixing them. I should check out some stores and see what they have to offer.

I love the Chainsaw Mans series! I wasn't too sure at first but man it was a great read! Power and Denji so far are the only characters with figures-not that I mind but I really hope we get other characters soon as well! Power is my personal fav so the more figures of her the better XD Hopefully the FREEing figure will pop up for a good price, part of it I think is that it's so darn hard to find as well. Not many people list him up so it's hard to find him for a decent price. Orange Rouge is a good figure line! I like how they focus on primarily male character figures majority of them time!
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Gothy ♡Cute Connoisseur♡
Oh nice (and no worries :D)! Which video games are you playing right now? I've been wanting to play an old school pixel style video game called Faith available on PC, but i'll have to wait because my computer is old and would probably crash if I tried downloading it XD

I love Freddy Kruegers grotesque and terrifying design. The first movie will forever be my favorite! Same with Child's Play, all the newer movies however aren't great-nothing will beat the first! Trashy horror movies are the best X3 I don't know why I love them so much. One other movie I also enjoy is The Godfather, the drama and storyline are extremely enjoyable-not a horror movie at all but it's a classic in my book. Nightmare Before Christmas and Corpse Bride are amazing :D I enjoy watching them are Halloween time, or anytime for that matter. I have little time to draw nowadays but if I ever get the chance it makes me happy!

Thank you! It's not too bad so far but I've got a whole year ahead of me LOL.

I love that Death Note figure!!! It's the best one hands down-the detail seems to be amazing (although I don't own it myself so i'm only saying that based off of photos)-and yes I would love to have that Spike Spiegel figure, I'm not going to drop that much on a 1/8 scale no matter how badly I want it. I prefer being patient and hunting for a good deal. Same with the Code Geass one, even if I have to buy it broken i'll fix it myself XD

Speaking of, i'm not sure what your experience is with broken PVC figures but I was wondering what you do to repair them or what you've read. Mainly i'm looking for a good super glue substitute since I have a few figures of mine that need repairs!

THANKS! I know-now for my scale figure addiction to start OH WELL! I'm waiting patiently for some Chainsaw Man ones, especially of Power since she's one of the few female characters I care for! If you ever get the chance I highly suggest checking out BSD it's an amazing series! Dazai is my personal fav, along with Akutagawa. Aku's freeing scale shot up in price, he was going for about 70 dollars and I waited too long and now he's in the 200-300 USD range :/ So I snagged the Orange Rouge Dazai before it was too late! Glad I did since i've been hunting for him for quite a while now!!
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Gothy ♡Cute Connoisseur♡
LOL I will have to try them sometime then-I've been meaning to place some preorders sometimes so that'll be nice! I just hear about people not getting their orders and stuff so it makes me nervous! Slasher films (especially 80's stuff) and anything by Alfred Hitchcock is my absolute favorite! I love Nightmare on Elm Street, The Birds, Childs Play-to name a few XD McFarlane is sub par, but for the price I can't get mad. I have figure of Jareth from the movie the Labyrinth by them. It's not awful but it's also not phenomenal ya know? I love Tim Burton films, mainly his older ones. YES BISHONEN BOYS OMG! I love drawing and when I draw I tend to love crossing over anime characters with horror movie characters. It's so much fun X3

If they leave them out I will be quite upset. Those figures have way too much potential to not be made.

I forget what super glue I use for figures, but now that i'm reading there's better things out there for repairing figures I may have to get that checked out!

Yeah I just started classes and my work schedule is insane so i'm so limited on when I can reply to folks!

Yeah Koto is pretty good with rereleases so i'm not too worried. I think Spike is popular enough (as is Cowboy Bebop) to garner a rerelease. Figure aftermarket is absolute insanity. I hope once the pandemic has subsided a bit more the prices aren't too awful. Code Geass was something I just recently got into and those figures were GORGEOUS, thankfully i'm not too anxious to get them, I like finding a good deal!

Speaking of-I GOT MY FIRST SCALE FIGURE! :D He was a grail of mine that was released about a year earlier. He was rising up to about 200 dollars but I found him for about 80 and with a coupon I had I got him for about 54 bucks! ITEM #806003 I love Bungo Stray dogs and with the limited amount of figures they have Dazai here was a must! I'm still in shock I managed to get him!
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Gothy ♡Cute Connoisseur♡
I hear mixed things about TOM but it's great to hear something positive! Especially from someone that's ordered through them before. I might still hold off just for my wallet's sake buuuuuuut I feel like it's only a matter of time before I give in X3 Here's to hoping for us to one day get a nice Yuji figure! I feel like his hair is one of the harder things to sculpt. Like for a lot of figures that's what's looked off to me for a while now. OMG I'm so excited for the Mob Psycho one! I hope it turns out well! I love Mob Psycho so that's really cool to hear! Yeah, I collected figures from other franchises (usually horror movies and stuff because I'm a huge horror movie fan) and kinda got tired of it for a bit but anime figures drew me right back into collecting!

I feel like with the popularity of Demon Slayer though they would end up making a figure of him, and of several other characters as well! Resins are quite big, i've seen many pictures and I don't think I could ever make room for them! But they do contain a lot of detail which makes them look really nice!

Those aftermarket prices for the Megahouse One Piece figures are pretty crazy. I've seen many on either Buyee or Mandarake and WOW. For me I think the most expensive figures I want at the moment ITEM #396921, I hope Koto decides to do a rerelease of him because I am NOT paying for his aftermarket price. One I may end up having to pay a high aftermarket either way is ITEM #574524, it's got a great amount of detail but that aftermarket price is scary.

Maybe Bandai's quality will start to improve more as time goes on. Especially with those more affordable prices I think they'd have a lot of potential!

Oh no-that picture. Her poor face what did they do to it?? XD I can only imagine how fragile they are, I've handled and worked with Resin before and it's so delicate once it's been molded and cured. That's nice that your overall experience hasn't been awful though! As long as you can repair what has been broken (if it's been broken) and order from trustworthy sites I say it's not a bad deal!

Sorry again for my late response, my classes start again soon so i've had an awfully busy week!
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Gothy ♡Cute Connoisseur♡
It truly is, I'd love to someday get more figures of him! For now his nendoroid makes me happy, I'd rather wait for the FREEing version to see what we get and PO that one! Yes the fancy noodle stopper that is only used during the classiest of parties LOL. I hope so, I have a site that I've heard good reviews about that have the gojo fig for PO. I keep debating on getting him but i'm always worried I won't have the funds when the time comes. I might just wait till afterwards to find a good deal or something. Yuji's pose for that company seems really well done! Same here, none of the Yuji figures have impressed me so far. Is Espada Arts the same company that made the Hisoka one you have PO'd? Which by the way is also a very cool resin statue.

Doma has SO MUCH POTENTIAL! When it comes to a variety of colors and poses I think Doma has a lot to work with. Here's to hoping at least one company will choose to make a figure of him! Yeah his face sculpt looks odd, I'm sure the company would be willing to fix it though...I hope XD

I will kindly knock on Megahouse's door and politely ask them to make us a sitting Muzan figure. Honestly their One Piece SOC line is AMAZING. I need to watch the anime at some point. I don't want to NOT watch it just because it is a longer series. No please, if FOTS makes the figure I will be so sad.

Those Bandai figures are...interesting to say the least. Bandai may have chosen to up their quality. But man those figures are not it. The paint jobs on the face I feel are what Bandai isn't always the best at.

Are resins fragile? I've personally never owned one before so I have no clue. I just know I probably wouldn't have the space for one XD

THANKYOU! I wanted to "fancy up" my profile a tad, so I was really picky when choosing a background and profile pic X3
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Gothy ♡Cute Connoisseur♡
It would be adorable, instant PO if that's the case! I love his smile, it makes me want to hug him :D I was thinking for a while about the high-class (lol) noodle stopper Gojo for a while, but I think at the moment he's out of my price range :/ Unfortunate, especially considering that his face isn't always the best from other companies. I'm hoping for the best for this company's figure of him ITEM #1157825. If it turns out well I shall get him :3 Depends on the price though, I try to be as picky as possible so I give myself a few days to think about a figure before I PO. Unless it's limited-in which case I go for it.

That sitting Tomioka has the best "-_-" expression! His stoic expression on majority of his figures suits him quite well! I've seen your resins you have PO'd! They look *stunning* especially Doma's! I saw the Muzan scale and I must say I have mixed feelings, hoping for the best though! I personally would love a figure like this
View spoilerHide spoilerhttps://static.zerochan.net/Kimetsu.no.Yaiba.full.2718687.jpg that sitting pose with the rose would be wonderful. If any company could PLEASE do this as a figure I would PO it instantly, I wouldn't bother thinking about it.

I have seen some Bandai paint jobs, they aren't the best but the prices aren't too bad for the size and quality. Plus from the pictures some of those bases seems quite nice!

Let us hope that FREEing delivers and gives us a good Rengoku! Honestly I think they'll do a good job! *knocks on wood* I'm glad they chose to do a Rengoku figure! Hoping for the best for our boy!
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Konakona135 Teru-chan
Thank you so much!!! (๑°꒵°๑)・*♡
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Gothy ♡Cute Connoisseur♡
Oh for sure! If it's similar to the aniplex figure I would love that! Even if it had his big grin like this View spoilerHide spoilerhttps://pisco.meaww.com/90f7d061-2b41-4460-8d09-78ef8f3cd924.jpg I would love the figure so much! As long as they give him his happy face and a more relaxed pose he shall be mine! He may end up being my first scale ヽ(^o^)ノ I'm waiting to PO him and another Levi and Gojo scale, I'd rather wait for other scales atm since right now they're all ones i'm dying to have! I think the Aniplex Tomioka is really good as well, but the others are meh, I hope they do the other Hashiras justice! Tomioka and Rengoku are my favs though so hoping for the best!

The angry Rengoku faces so far aren't the best, I feel like they aren't putting in as much detail as the could be. Either way I prefer him smiling over him being angry any day. That Inosuke figure is amazing! The sculpt is so well done i'm surprised, they really did him justice!

I shall pray that FREEing does a good job with his sculpt, they need to give us that prototype soon!
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