• Congratulations ^^. Enjoy this day
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    Tenma The Idolm@ster
    Happy Birthday!!

    Have a nice day =D
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    De-JaY Teitoku

    Happy Birthday!
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    hi there ScorpiO! welcome to tsukiboard! hope you enjoy your stay!

    nice line ups of evangelion figures. ^^
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    fama226 Micronize me
    Wecome to the board ScorpiO! Mechs everywhere and a few other interesting trading figures to boot, a nice and humble combination! You should defintely look into the Mobile Suit Gundam club, Evangelion Fan club and the Revoltech Fanatics club here on the board! All three are excellent places to share your figure preferences while being able to meet other members with similar tastes! Well, I hope you enjoy the community here, take things at your own pace and indulge as you see fit!
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    Sannouk Kit Cat
    Hello ScorpiO, a warm welcome on MFC Tsukiboard! I want to wish you a great time here ^_^
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    yakumo You said Nendo?
    Welcome to Tsukiboard ^_^
    Have a great stay
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    De-JaY Teitoku
    Welcome to Tsuki Board!
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