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Owned Non-MFC Figures

-RWBY Alpha Beowolf Battle Statue by McFarlane Toys
-WISTERIA Yoru no Majo Lilith by Maosouhouse and Myethos
-FairyTale Alice in Wonderland -Another- Queen of Hearts 1/8 by Myethos
-FairyTale-Another The Little Mermaid 1/8 by Myethos
-Kidou Sentai Iron Saga Judith 1/8 by Myethos
-Kings of Glory Zhen Ji Peony Pavilion Ver. 1/7 by Myethos
-Kings of Glory Peerless Dancing Princess Diaochan 1/7 by Hobby Max
-Houkai 3rd Sakura Yae Chinese Dress Ver. 1/8 by APEX
-Houkai 3rd Shinen Koukon Sakura Yae 1/8 by MiHoYo
-Shen Dai Meng Hua Tan BIBLE BULLET Nidhogg 1/8 by AC Toys

Ordered Non-MFC Figures

-Arknights Blaze 1/7 by APEX
-Azur Lane Unicorn Spring's Present Ver. 1/7 by Hobby Max
-Kings of Glory Wang Zhaojun Flying Phoenixes Ver. 1/7 by Myethos
-FairyTale Alice in Wonderland -Another- Cheshire Cat 1/8 by Myethos
-Houkai 3rd Rita Rossweisse Farewell Ver. 1/8 by MiHoYo
-Houkai 3rd Seele Vollerei Shuusouhyakugou Ver. 1/8 by MiHoYo
-After-School Arena 5th Shot Shadow 1/7 by DAMTOYS
-After-School Arena 4th Shot Mega Power 1/7 by DAMTOYS
-Diaochan Chousen 1/7 by Dream Bistro
-Kamado Nezuko Transformed Ver. Resin statue 1/6 by Magic Cube
-Metempsychosis White-Haired Witch by Ein Studio


sigh. I don't understand this site at all... Yup I recieved it. Will send it sometime this week, or early next week at the latest.
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That's strange. I got another dm just a moment ago. try again.
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RadianSandayu2 kuukautta sitten#78598150Hey there. Sorry I completely forgot. You may DM me again.
It still tells me your inbox is full.
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Hey there. Sorry I completely forgot. You may DM me again.
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