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Worm slug beetle yeah
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Shon🎏 | artist✏ | invertebrate🐛🐙, reptile🐍🐸, and fish keeper🐠🐟 | scalie🐲 | trans guy🌱 | weeb lol🍙 | Ask me about my frogs and cockroaches!

I do art and I am open for commissions!

✏ Deviantart: shon2.deviantar...

✏ Twitter: mobile.twitter....

✏ Telegram: @SharkyShon2


Currently trying to buy or trade cheaper/ uglier bootlegs to paint over! I wanna get a little practice painting before I spend money on garage kits. I also like to touch up/ fix bootleg plushes when I have the time.

If you have bootlegs of any of the figures in my wish list, please send em my way!


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hey, just wanted to stop by and say that your art is like. fucking badass??? you draw some good monsters lmao
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