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Chinese figures owned



I started watching Anime and reading Manga in the late 80's early 90's, there wasn't a huge selection in the UK at that time but it was growing, but I never collected any figures even though I was tempted my the Mcfarlane Kaneda & motorbike from Akira. I did get other Mcfarlane figures like Eric Draven from the Crow and their Little Red Riding Hood from the twisted fairytales series and I had an unhealthy obsession with the Nightmare Before Christmas.

But my figure collecting moved to fantasy figures in cold cast resin which became my new obsession leading me to become good friends with the sculptors, designers and original company owners and setting up a collectors reference website. Eventually though the market dried up for quality British sculpts because of cheap Chinese imports flooding the market.

Generally I still wasn't interested in Anime figures though.

Move forward to 2020 and my interest started to return. Quite odd really since my favourite anime had to have a dark tone but my reintroduction was Date a Live! I blame a single image of Tokisaki Kurumi... I was instantly taken by the artwork and had to find out who she was. It was then I discovered the figures and how they had improved (and gotten more risqué LOL) I was instantly hooked by the detail and intricacy (and the amount of flesh shown) the deeper I looked the more I liked what I saw and so I made my first purchase Sarah by DSmile (Native) but I wanted figures that were more suitable for display, which led me back to looking for Kurumi figures and ordering 3.

I'll not go in to Nendoroids because I don't do overly cute figures... No I don't! Oh OK then I did order some...

Anyway I discovered this site and was impressed enough to join. I've also been impressed by how friendly and helpful a lot of people seem to be on here



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