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Buy Anime figurines and japanese popculture collectibles at figuya.com
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Yea like what the other says your inbox is full,
Shipping to US is $31, either by DHL, or FedEx
By UPS is $44
Send me your email so I can send the invoice through Paypal, thanks
3 päivää sitten
Hey, your inbox is full, can't reply to you :)
7 päivää sitten
Hello there Slan!

It looks like your inbox is full
9 päivää sitten

Your inbox is full, but I can hold onto her.
21 päivää sitten
Sorry for such the late response! My inbox is full but you can email me at Huongngo663@gmail.com so it’s easier to talk through there about the Melty figure along with further details!(^v^)
22 päivää sitten
Hey there! Your inbox is full. =)
22 päivää sitten
Hi you aranged your budget? Sorry for the full inbox sometimes they send 10s of messages
24 päivää sitten
Hey, you sent me a couple DMs about figures--I'd like to respond but your inbox is full atm. Thanks!
28 päivää sitten
of course...check my collection which ones are you interested in?. Most of them are cast offs. And again most of them are new in box
28 päivää sitten
Sorry for being annoying but I actually think I will not be selling anything right now due to covid plus it will sort of make me have less money for the packaging as well hope you understand I will let people know if I am selling or not I just thought I would reply back cause you were interested in my collection however I should be fine getting my holy grail heh hope you can get your grail as well one day when I am open to selling things I will let you know by private message
28 päivää sitten
Buy Anime figurines and japanese popculture collectibles at figuya.com