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Hello! My name is Cozy, and I am a digital artist currently working on a manga series! I do mostly illustration pieces, and I have a lot of fun doing fan art of series I enjoy! I'm on a lot of social media for my art, they're all linked here if you're interested: beacons.page/st...

I have acquired a few figures over the years, but I didn't start getting into collecting until more recently. I had moved one of the figures I had over to my art workspace, and it was super inspiring to look at! So, I decided that investing in some beautiful figures would keep the creativity flowing!

My biggest figure aesthetic is cute, dainty, fine detail work, dynamic posing, and fabric. I love intricate fabric sculpts so much! The more ruffles and flowing fabric the better! I love it when figures look like they have movement to them, and fabric is one of the best conveyors of dynamic movement. It also doesn't hurt that fabric is my favorite thing to paint lol. I also just enjoy figures of my favorite characters/series! Still so sad that there aren't more World Trigger scales and that Lenalee is the only one of the main four DGM protags to not have a nice scale figure ;-;

I also have some resin statues and Chinese figures, but MFC doesn't allow you to log those here.

Resin statues/Chinese manufacturer figures I own:
(Thumbnail pictures for space, but see the full resolution pictures in my pictures!)

1/8 Another Little Mermaid (Myethos)
1/8 Judith (Myethos)
1/6 Gon Freecss (Hunter Fan Studio, resin statue)

1/6 Killua Zoldyck (Hunter Fan Studio and BM Studio, resin statue)


1/6 Nanika/Alluka Zoldyck (Hunter Fan Studio, resin statue)
"Small" Rimuru Tempest slime form (Doughnut Studio, resin statue)
1/6 Hisoka (Hunter Fan Studio, resin statue)
1/7 Arturia Pendragon (Fire Pheonix Studio, resin statue)
Kurapika (IFP Studio, resin statue, LEDs, unclear scale)





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