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Helloooo Hello!!! Im still not sure on how to add people on here haha
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Hi, thanks for the FR! :D
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Toonpenguin5 vuotta sitten#2777444hola, I was just curious did you ever listen to the radio station 9.18thefan, for some reason your name look familiar like i met you in the chatroom on the site, maybe i didn't but I thought'd i'd ask regardless
Nope sorry man, must have been someone else.
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Fishcaek-Chan Super Waifu Fun time
Toonpenguin6 vuotta sitten#2145825who is your profile picture suppose to be of? i want to guess your cosplaying mako but wasn't sure
regardless it looks cute!

Ohh! Thank you very much!! I am cosplaying Mako! I love her to bits!!~♡
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interesting blog of using towels as wall scrolls really like it.
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astrum the unnecessary guy
I need to take a look at my comments section more >_>... I had my comment in a word doc, and now I lost it and have since forgotten what it was you blogged about... BAH
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astrum the unnecessary guy
I was typing for 10 minutes on your blog, and found your entry was deleted. Do you mind me sharing my thoughts on your questions/topic with anime comunities and spoilers here? :P
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Toonpenguin7 vuotta sitten#1695012Oh chihiro! Yeah compared to the other girls she doesnt really have a gimicik so to speak. I wasn't the biggest fan of her in season 2 but due to recent events in season 3 I like her a ton more then I use to!
Also is your current picture a cooking mitten from gurren langan?? I have never seen an anime related cooking mitten before :o

I've actually only seen the first episode of season 3, need to get caught up x_x
Ahaha, close, but no cigar! It's actually someone's dakimakura wearing an apron... Found it on google images.
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Toonpenguin7 vuotta sitten#1693087Oh I thought you were new since it said you joined a few days ago(until you said something and i read your little thing on your page.
I know the feeling with working!! nendoroids in general. It gets really tempting every time I see inami or popoura not to just buy them the second I see them as a set or really cheap indivdually.
Also the girl from the world god only knows are you talking about ayumi(the athletic girl) mio (the rich blond girl) or shiori(the shy library girl)?

Haha yeah xP dumb decision to leave, my bad~
Yeah the Working!! Nendos have always been kind of expensive to me, luckily I preordered Popura and the playsets back when they were released. Ironically, Popura is my least favorite character out of the three! Not that I don't like her...

Oh, she's in the second season, Ayumi's best friend, Chihiro! I like her and Keima together the most.
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Toonpenguin7 vuotta sitten#1691143Welcome to the forums! Enjoy your stay
And I must say that I love all the madoka magica bakemonogatari and working!! figures your collection! They are all super cute

Thanks! I've actually been here for years though haha >~<'
Thank you! I had quite a figure-buying problem for awhile there... I'd really like to get the Yamada and Inami nendoroids to go with Popura!
I'm really jealous of your TWGOK figures; when I started collecting, They were up for preorder (all the sega prize ones) and I debated a lot whether or not to get them... I wish I did.

I love Kanon the most... But also uhh... The normal girl! Can't remember her name..
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