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49ers for Superbowl LVI! Let's gooooo!
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Vilseriol! I'm a casual figure collector who started with Figma Yukiko back in 2014 and my collection has snowballed from there. Saber faces are a guilty pleasure of mine.

I just collect what I like. There's no theme or any "aesthetic" pieces. At least not on purpose haha Completing a set isn't a priority. It's a satisfying feeling, but it's too expensive to drop money on a figure for completion's sake, but doesn't really "wow" me. Poor Figma Lio and Revoltech Alphonse are so alone without Galo and Edward, ohh noooo.

It's not enough for a figure to be a character I like. Now, it has to stand on its own as a product as well. And some things just don't look as good once it's in 3D. Still! I can admire all these beautiful anime figures from afar!

There are some exceptions though! I sometimes buy Figma variants just for the faceplates or for body swaps. Saber 2.0 and Rin Shibuya's heads look really good on the Little Armory Figma bodies.

Most of my collection does- yes- consist of Figma! They're a decent compromise of looks and articulation. They have such lovely colors and there happens to be a lot of characters I like from the brand. A shame the brand is getting more expensive for what it offers...

Scales are great! But I'm too picky to buy them consistently. Space, convenience, and style are also factors.

Many of my figures aren't on full display. I have a rule where only three statues, six figures or a mix of both can be present at one time. I know. It's "boring", but it's much easier to arrange and clean them! Feelings of perfectionism also creep up if there's too much displayed. That's also a reason why I keep it simple.

Aside from that, I also have a pet Bombay cat, I enjoy airsofting, writing, watch tinkering, gaming, calisthenics, and, don't laugh, gardening. Yes. Gardening. Vegetables are good for you! I'm afraid to say, I'm not the best at it....

Color testing teal. Nice color but not a very readible color. Form or function?


The Sony E-mount "My lens is bigger than the camera" experience.

Zeiss Loxia 50mm: My, "for fun" lens. It has a beautiful neutral color tone, good build quality, and relatively compact.

Sony 90mm macro: It's too big and slow, but it suits my needs for both portraits and close up shots. The AF/MF mechanism is a pleasure to use.

Sony 16-50mm f/3.5-5.6 KE: If you're not using this on a FULL FRAME, are you even e-mounting bro???

Sony 28mm F/2: A good walk-around lens! The 42mm focal length on APS-C mode is one of my favorites.

PS I have more gear than skill.


Thank you very much! Have a merry Christmas as well and a happy upcoming new year!
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With the god arc part of course haha
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She's a very sweet and well made figure. Quite satisfied. The only issue is her hands can't hold Haro correctly. I suspect the arms slightly warped in the mass manufacturing process. I've been pondering if this could be addressed with some heat (hairdryer), but I don't want to risk ruining the paint. She's also a very large 1/4, not a small one, which is always great.
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My mom saw it when i unboxed her and said that she looks really pretty, but my dad just saw me coming out of the bathroom with her weapon in my hand all wet from water and looked really weirded out lol
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Haha sure thing!
I did put her on the display yesterday and she is absolutely beautiful, although its an older fig GSC did a perfect job
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Heya! It's from the song Love Distance Long Affair by Deco*27, if I'm remembering correctly (it's been awhile ^^') Not sure who did the art, unfortunately!
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Excellent seller. Very caring and professional. Figure/box was well taken care of and I'll continue to do the same. Thank you.
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Valestein31 kuukautta sitten#104552942Hi DKWorks. I looked through the FAQ but still wanted to be sure.
Are we allowed to post pictures of non-mfc with mfc figures? I wanted to post a blog that showed off two non-mfc figures.
You're describing a photo with three figures (one allowed by MFC rules, two that arent't). If you link your photo with the MFC figure entry, categorize it as Collections, and describe the two other figures in the photo's description page if anyone else has questions, you can post it.
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I can see how she would have limited pose movement on her belt but I’m fine with that. Oh wow, didn’t know some figmas could have sharp parts. I’ll be careful when I change her parts.
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Thanks so much for selling me the Zelda figma! She arrived perfectly and quickly! Will definitely cherish it! A great memorabilia piece of Twilight Princess! :)

P.S. I also agree that they should port TP and Windwaker to Switch. I haven’t played WW before but I like it’s cartoonish style like Spirit Tracks.
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