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Weboshidori6 päivää sitten#111011683Hello,
Have a great weekend too, I'll be putting a new display cabinet together. Yeah it's significantly hot here, I don't know if I'm sensitive to it or not but being out in it just makes me tired. Whenever I can I stay in.
The only one I've thought in detail who I've wanted a Fumo of is Utsuho. Originally, I thought that she had one but I was mistaken. She has these unique features that would translate well.
The picture is Maho from Steins Gate ( www.pixiv.net/e... )

Hey Thank you, So far so good. Unfortunately though I tried to update and patch a video game on my computer where i had invested serious time. But now it doesn't work.

On Touhou Lost Word, I decreased the grinding cost of a special stage in Touhou Lost word by 63%. That was through hard work from the last month getting more powerful characters and more powerful equipment. (The more powerful equipment which I have invested a lot of time in grinding effect the whole team instead of the character using it) The most powerful character in the game was released where there was no pity mechanic so community was split on that.
To farm endgame content you need about 2 times more power to pass the stage and then find a reliable sequence of attacks for your characters to copy in auto grind.

Haha I think Oku would be great as a Nendoroid, I Think Orrin would be nice to join her. Now I remember now, you worked really hard to get the Cirno Fumo.

Give us a photo of the new cabinet when you get there. I went to my friend's house on Thursday to view his Gundam collection. He had a much better cabinet than me.

Today I worked on my garden which was pretty good, in contrast to your heat its cool here so Put in some snow peas which when planted in winter will bear crop early in Spring.

Thanks for the explanation on Maho avatar, She did look like she was drawn by Huke/ In Stien's Gate.

Continue to have a good weekend.
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Weboshidori10 päivää sitten#110836971Thank you for the update^_^I think I'll get Alice as well.
This is very great news, I hope they'll keep doing it, so more people can have Fumos. Someone on Twitter mentioned that if they do this with Cirno, they'd sell billions lol

Hey No problems, You would have probably found out another way liek by looking at Ami Ami but I am glad to break the news.

Yeah true that with Cirno that she would sell lots. I think perhaps around some demographics is more recognisable than Reimu or Marisa.
That got me thinking. Have you got any other Touhou's you would like to see as Fumo or other characters which you would enjoy been seen turned into a Fumo Like Plush?

Also I was wondering which character is your profile photo here currently of.

Have a great weekend. I hear it is pretty hot in the United states at the moment. I for one will be sitting behind the computer trying to work out financial things.
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EsmeAllan just informed me that Fumo Alice, Patchy, Tenshi and Kokoro will be made to order from AmiAmi (so just like the previous 3 which dominated the top 10 for the whole while they are on sale.) Jun 22 (Wed.) to Jul 11 (Mon.) 2022. My guess is that Gift upgraded their production contracts. I am definitely going to get Alice.


One ponders the question with the short term stock market volatility could we be witnessing the bursting of the Fumo Bubble?
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Weboshidori1 kuukautta sitten#110101266Sazako you are my news notification! I've gotten word of so many things from you, thank you. All the Fumo releases and Wonfes.

Its my pleasure, Golden Rule: do on to others like what you would have like done to yourself! (could be good or bad thing with how cost intensive this hobby is) but I love being informed of things I didn't know about! I value your fellowship here!

Weboshidori1 kuukautta sitten#110101266The biggest thing I found out is ITEM #1552689
I love Hifumi. She is my queen and I'm overjoyed she'll get a bunny figure, long after the series ended. There are too many things on my wishlist now, so I'll be compromising somewhere.

Good Luck with that. The Freeing they with their 1/4 Bunny Girl range are making a good of characters from a large range of anime. Props to them for taking the risks instead of going with the hot thing at the moment.

I havent seen New Game, what makes Hifumi a captivating character?

Weboshidori1 kuukautta sitten#110101266Same for me, about 2 hours in, I got me a Dark Youmu and a Reimu. The Fumo family is increasing. I really want that they'll do this from now on, but it may be wishful thinking.

Yeah at this point its probably wishful thinking and its not in Gift's interest to pop the Fumo bubble. But good we can get at least the playable characters of the game.

If you don't play Lost word I would investigate Sword Master Youmu's back story. Its pretty cool. Game has an automatic grind mode now where you can set it to grind for items.

Weboshidori1 kuukautta sitten#110101266Thank you for the pictures! Masterpiece work there. The paint has a gradient to it, and awesome both sides are equal in their shades of red. Do you have different paints of red to use, or is this all one color and some white and black? The color variation is superb. How did you make the sword so green?
I inherited a VCR and I've been watching recorded tapes I found on it. One commercial reminded me of you, so I located the Youtube link at www.youtube.com...
I'll have more time now so I can spice up my profile page and get to writing. There's a figure I want to review from last December XD
Have a great week.

Thank you very much! The paint Gradient was not intended. the process for the red shiney armour was prime the pieces, air brush with gloss black, air brush with Silver, then air brush with clear red then top coat. how the red pieces get different shading is that I painted a different number of clear red paint over the silver. didn't mean to do this just happened to try and get a good coat of paint. Seems to have worked out fine though I am very happy wiht the result.

I love that ad, iirc was never screened in Australia. I was in fact having a discussion with my other friends on whatsapp about the retro gundams and 1/144 like Gundam wing today. I have 2 1/144 Gundam wing which i got before I took Gundam and figure collecting seriosuly (had no job or money then).

Haha retro stuff and VCR is so very fun. Yeah go full steam ahead in writing article and looking after the main page here. I should be due to write another article Soon..

All the best hope you had a great weekend!
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Did you see? Good Smile Company had their Spring Wonfest.

ITEM #1464720 the Chole Nendoroid had gotten an upgrade.

ITEM #1464672 Omega Sisters Nendroid got an update as well.

Not much that I want here though. special.goodsmi...

Woo I pre-ordered the Reimu Fumo. The website started to behave itself after 2 hours after the Fumo went on sale. I think I like this made to order instead of limited supply of Fumo, looks like it is only for Edgy Youmu, (which is an alternative version of the character of normal Youmu from Touhou Lost Word), and the 2 main protagonists. I guess the downside is that we might have to wait a bit longer for the next batch of Fumo to be announced as the factory builds this batch.

I speculate this but the gatcha game did heavily promote, so they might have had a word to Gift to make the Fumo's made to order.

I would like to share photographs of my recently completed MG Sazabi, it took a long while to do the metallic Red Paint.
View spoilerHide spoilerhttps://static.myfigurecollection.net/upload/pictures/2022/05/29/3118967.jpeghttps://static.myfigurecollection.net/upload/pictures/2022/05/29/3118968.jpeghttps://static.myfigurecollection.net/upload/pictures/2022/05/29/3118969.jpeghttps://static.myfigurecollection.net/upload/pictures/2022/05/29/3118970.jpeghttps://static.myfigurecollection.net/upload/pictures/2022/05/29/3118971.jpeghttps://static.myfigurecollection.net/upload/pictures/2022/05/29/3118990.jpeg

Have a great remainder of the weekend.
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Just saw More Fumo on Sale on at AmiAmi on Friday the 27th of May.

Marisa, Reimu and Edgy Youmu from Lost Word.

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Weboshidori2 kuukautta sitten#108890511Good evening as it is here, I hope things are well.

I got my Flandre figure ITEM #945243 and I'll review her soon.

Im sorry I took my time getting back to you, unfortunately I got quite busy at work, but I’m glad that I finally got some time to myself and am now able to write out a reply. Thank you for your most detailed reply. That Flandre has a very innocent look on her face. Yeah I encourage you to do the review as your reviews are always very good.

Hey that’s great about the Flandre Figure. I hope you enjoy looking at her. My memory might be incorrect, but she is one of your favourite Touhou characters. Talking about alternative Falndre Designs she got a more mature design and character in Touhou Lost word, what do you think, its from an alternative Genosokyo created within the game.

Weboshidori2 kuukautta sitten#108890511The VA for Kii has those big name roles? I had no idea, as I haven't seen most of her other voiceovers yet, other than Unused Character in Kill Me Baby. I was thinking why did she get such a small Watamote role, when she also played Taiga.

But yeah I haven't seen Komi-san yet. I plan to, but I'm not sure when yet. I have read the entire Welcome to the NHK manga. Albeit over a decade ago, I didn't expect it to be so deep and tragic. It has this precise way of exposing how Japan's society can create hikikomori.

View spoilerHide spoilerI read the manga during my younger years, when I was far too critical of manga and anime, should the given thing be not what I expected it to be. In the case of NHK, I didn't like how the manga ended, as I thought Satou leaving Misaki in the collapsing house from his epiphany was completely against his character, given how he and Misaki developed over the series. It disappointed me so much that I sold the manga. I've wondered to try it again, as I feel now I was too hard on that one part of the story. .

Haha I think Rie voiced Minori the red soft ball player in Toradora, and then voiced Big Taiga in Golden Time. I’m sorry I haven’t seen kill me baby either. Perhaps GSC or whoever was producing Watamote felt they could splurge because Kii appeared for one episode only. In regards to Welcome to the NHK I saw it first in Anime club of 2008 at university but now have only started reading the anime. Read the first 5 chapters as I downloaded them, seem to age nicely when being read again, unlike some other manga, however that could be just my tastes. I have the first volume of the manga in English, by Tokyo Pop. It seems very expensive to buy these online these days… especially the later volumes I hope to read it to completion soon.

I didn’t read your spoiler cause while having watched the whole series I never read to the end of the manga yet.

I haven’t seen Kill me baby yet.

Weboshidori2 kuukautta sitten#108890511The

For the manga, I have several favorite parts:

1: Tomoko trying to find a bathroom during the race

2: Tomoko editing the hot guy's voice and the headphone jack. It reminded me of how I made stepfiles for the Stepmania game as a kid, with infinite energy and without any regard to go outside.

3: Ogino and Tomoko's nsfw phone

4: Tomoki's preferences being grilled when Tomoko's friends come over in volume 18

5: Tomoko watching the love hotel during the fireworks

6: Tomoko on the bus, wanting her schoolmates to stay with her on the bus, and then when they leave, acting surprised because she thought she was causing them to stay there. The whole scene cemented my view of early Tomoko as an anti-hero character.

Thank you for your list of favourite moments, yes I remember them all, Number 2 when done in the anime had me really laughing. Yeah Tomoko being an anti hero I think that matches it up to the Trope. She has the quality of her never ending enthusiasm to get popular early on, no matter what embarrassing situations which she got down in time after time. And the has the relatable goal to the audience to at least increase her social Standing. I think I remember playing step mania, only played on my computer and never tried syncing a song. I imagine there would a program which makes it easy now, ie ai determines when to input a key stroke and all you got to do now is tell which arrow direction to put the keystroke. Or am I thinking of a different thing.

Weboshidori2 kuukautta sitten#108890511There are many others, but I have not been able to mentally find them. On the flip side, my favorite part of the anime was how they depicted Tomoko enjoying/dumping her summer vacation, and the livestream part, which I'm puzzled why it wasn't in the manga.

To conclude, I think that an advantage of our foreign perspectives is that we can interpret an anime scene to mean something that a Japanese viewer might miss. Not so much from comparing it to another thing, but taking that given part on a fresh avenue which can only be found via our lives not in Japan.


Could be an Anime original part which the director for the episode matched the theme of manga chapters they were instructed to make into an anime, that’s a shame, could also be notes handed from Nico Tanigawa to say we missed this opportunity but it’s a good opportunity here to place it in the anime. Yeah definitely with the foreign perspective, something depicted in a scene of an anime may depict something mundane to the Japanese Audience but appear quite mysterious to us/over seas viewer because we aren’t Japanese and don’t patriate in what is being depicted. I think there would also be the inverse but different effect if the anime is currently depicting a scene in America/Australia, which would appear very different for the characters on screen and hence the Japanese audience. But it also for us in the native country as it has the Japanese (who draw and animate it) interpretation of the event.

On another note Touhou Lostword reached its 1 year anniversary so far so good. I was concerned for a bit as they were releasing more powerful character after powerful character, but all but catching up to the Japan version of the game it seems like the character power level will taper off from now on. They have added true end game content for the game which is challenging and time consume even with the most powerful characters. So from now on the characters added in future will add utility which will make the end game challenges less time consuming. So that’s a good sign for the game. They are also adding catch up mechanics for some of the first released popular characters to ensure that they won’t fall too far behind.

I just finished my Master Grade Sazabi. It’s a kit designed in 2000, I received it in 2009 but it was only know 13 years later in 2022 that I have been able to build and assemble it, once I do a photo shoot I will send you photos, before I put it on permanent display. I Think now I am just going to take it easy with the Gundam Kits.

The Quiet time has made me a bit reflective, its like what am I doing with my life, endless cycle of going to work, come home, check this webste and others, go to bed, go cycling and do other activities then rinse and repeat. I’m too comfortable not creating opportunities to meet other people (of the opposite sex) or do something like going to purchase my own property. I feel a bit sad about that. I had recently broken up with my girlfriend for about 2 years and am finding it a lot of effort to meet new people. I think Covid has made people less social. Or maybe I got to change a few priorities in my life.

At the time of writing there is also grey clouds outside fuelling negative emotion. Thanks for listening to my rant.

Until next time, Sazako

Weboshidori1 kuukautta sitten#109430338I was not able to get a Fumo either; the website just broke and then they were all gone. I couldn't even attempt to put one in the cart. I heard that about 30 min in, some more preorder spots were restored, but I had to call it quits, it was getting late.

From the last conversation revolving around Fumo's:
Yeah i was like that too, had my computer and phone at work, left my desk for 20 minutes to try to order. Fumo would not go into shopping cart even though i saw a pre-order bottom for them. I could never press it without an error coming up. I headed back to work. If things keep up like this it is disheartening for when the next time Fumo Fumo, I don’t think I will even try to participate as I have done it this time. Come up for sale. I guess the only compensation is that the there would be more floating around in the secondary market lowering the price. If I get some spare budget looks like I will need to learn how to use Buyee. I think unlike most, I view well looked after second hand goods as an opportunity.

I just paid for my Marine Nendoroid which will be the one and only Hololive Nendoroid which I will own.

Besides from that how are you going?
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Were you able to pick up any Fumo? I tried for half an hour at work but couldn't connect to ami ami. I think within 10 minutes they had been sold out through the denial of service/our servers can't handle so many connections. Looks to off to buyee for me to get second hand ones.

I will respond soon.
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Fumofumo day today.. good luck if your going after them..I think there are 15 this time.

Correction looks like 9th of may.
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Weboshidori2 kuukautta sitten#108698360Thank you for your insight; how you explained the colors for each of the characters is right on the money. I missed it for Tomoko, as I keep thinking of her more as black.
I still watch the anime as background noise. I think of it as: they did the best they could do with what they had. Izumi Kitta as Tomoko was unexpected, from her background in shounen anime, and she did a tremendous likeness bringing Tomoko's voice out. How they animate abstractions such as emotions, and metaphors is unique, and the more artistic bent for the scenes, such as how they drew the light reflections, and as a specific example, how the camera pans when Tomoko is thinking about asking a "loner" to the fireworks, all of these together makes the anime special in its presentation. I love it for that.

Haha thanks for the fast response and year, Tomoko's last name is Kuro|ki after all and has black hair, which I would agree with her Anime Depiction, with her Green being her Secondary colour. Its Definitley a manga style T-shirt where Tomoko's Nature has evolved. Know having taking a partial re-read of the entiretiy of the manga, the manga and the show seem like totally different things now. I like them both.. For different reasons. I was wondering if you had watched or read Komi Can't Communicate and what you think about it if you have, perhaps in contrast to Watamote? Same with Welcome to the NHK, I'm, sorry I think i might have had this conversation with you before, but have forgotten.

Wow I did not know Izumi Kitta did Shounen, she only had relatively unknown spots in shows except Milky Holmes. In hindsite I am so glad the studio took a gamble with her oversomeone who was established. (the Show had big money, as you know Rie Kugimiya played Kii chan) Yeah talking about the anime vs the Manga, yeah I really loved the techniques which they used in the manga to show, depict the exaggerated Tomoko's expressions as well as the cuts of her face showing her true emotion when she is able to hold her composure but is over analyzing the situation. Do you know of any anime with similar or equivalent techniques? the Closest I can think of would Be Ping Pong which really got into the mentality of participants of a inter school table tenis tournament I highly suggest you watch it, however its art style is not traditional.

Yeah on Kii-chan episode I guess anime doesn't really have anything go too wrong for their main characters too much, or it becomes a plot point of the episode/season to overcome it if it does. Not so with Tomoko, and I guess that and the humor, at her expense while vieling harsh truths make it a great episode for me. It is said in the King's court the Jester is the only who can tell the unconvient-truth as he lines his message with so much humor. With Anime vs Manga Watamote, I think the anime is great because of Izumi's voice acting and the techniques and it was fairly true to the manga. However it did write a different end which is where all they could do was keep Tomoko as a Mojo and hope for season 2 which I think was suitable end. The disconnect with the anime and manga is that with how TOmoko developed, putting current manga Tomoko into anime Tomoko's position she wouldn't act the same. With someone as OCD as myself its easier seeing the manga Tomoko and the anime Tomoko as different characters, hence I feel similar to your anime as background noise comment. And do not get me wrong the Anime was great where it sits in the Sazako's timeline.

Weboshidori2 kuukautta sitten#108698360I'm not Japanese, I try to not generalize as I reflect on these examples):
1: Tomoko laughing at the salarymen going to work, to only get roped into housecleaning. The TV report casted a backdrop to how Tomoko handled the karmic demands of her mother, of course immaturely. How she found her childhood memories at the end, it gave me the moral of how something that someone doesn't want to do, can end up unlocking a memory that was forgotten, and also lend one to improve their ability to be more flexible in life.
2: Tomoko trying to become a NEET long-term. It gave me a window into how Tomoko aloofly carries herself, with the expectation that she can laze around, and continue to do so, by taking advantage of Japan's "more traditionalist gender expectations" on account of her being a girl, even with a hypothetical child. It calls to mind either how delusional she is, or how gender roles can carve different advantages for the genders involved.
Whenever I look at anime or manga, or any Japanese thing, I try verily to not make a judgement call nor assume, as it's something of my mindset from another country. Nevertheless, these impressions were rekindled when you talked about Kii-chan.

Yeah with your comment about not being Japanese or living in Japan. I would like to interpenetrate and reflect upon that comment. I think we cause I can't understand Japanese besides some key phrases see anime in a totally different light then the Japanese would. What may seem like on earth Fantasy for me would be very relatable to real life for them when they read/watch manga/anime. The subtle meanings of character actions or interactions might totally fly over my head cause I am not familiar with the subtleties of Japanese Tone, instead of "Tomoko's got a funny voice compared to other Japanese Characters, I think its funny but I miss the subtleties within her tone compared to action. Every time I watch an anime which I know a lot of work has been put in I often wonder to myself is there other meanings or messages which flies over my head other than the story being presented, because I am ignorant to the subtitles of tones and never lived the true Japanese lifestyle, and then add to that in the situations if there where would it make me appreciate the anime more or less (in the case that I am living a lifestyle very close hence able to relate more to the characters instead of it being perceived by my mind as an on earth Fantasy) This thought experiment I will gladly take to the grave with me as it is best kept a mystery. I hope I made sense to you.

And 1. reflecting on the scenes with the salary man, its hard for me thinking about where you work so hard in the city you don't go home at night. (as in Perth I don't work so hard and its very quick for me to get home). Childhood would also be so different in Japan, I think you would be given so much less freedom and space to develop as a kid compared to the west, but Japanese toys are very cool.
With 2. Tomoko becoming a Neet, yeah at first glance that would suit her character but she has something which Say Satou from Welcome to the NHK didn't which was drive, but yeah Japan society roles/expectation at least allows that as an acceptable way to live for her, doubley so if she did get married.

Anyway what was your favorite episode of Watamote anime and manga chapter/arc if you can remember?

Weboshidori2 kuukautta sitten#108698360Aharen is super cute and hilarious, and This Healer is a Pain is too, but the latter I find really basic in its humor, like the viewer is bludgeoned over the head with humor from only a limited set of avenues. It's like Konosuba but not as deep.
That Flandre is magnificent but too much, and I'm not a Flandre fan to that degree. I wonder if Remilia will get a matching one.

I am looking forward to my Hololive Marine Nendoroid coming in April as well as buying a Nier 2b Nendoroid from someone in Sydney. (That will probably be Nendoroids complete for me unless I can get Bayonetta and Alice from Touhou Project at a good price second hand). I hope you had a good long weekend. I finished off candy coating my Master Grade Sazabi, never again will I candy Coat too much time. I hope to have it finished by next weekend and I will send you photographs of it. I also added the Some Watamote items to the database here.

Yeah Remilia already has a matching one ITEM #1388095, which i Liked the design more then Flandre, Im not a Flandre fan either. Remila all the way out of the two sister.

Until next time Sazako.
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Pre-owned figures in top quality and good value


Comedy and slice of life anime
Lolis; nekomimi; school mizugi; fangs; tans; mecha musume; bakadere, overly confident, and genki characters; Gawr Gura; oversized sleeves; randoseru