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Just an anime fan that likes to buy merch, unfortunately it's a bit hard from where I come from but I'm trying my best to support my hobby, and it has been a fun ride so far :D

Thanks for reading`! http://i.imgur.com/CFtx0Fc.gif

My collection as of September 2015



Happy birthday, man.
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Happy birthday! =)
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Thank you for the friend request! : ) It's always nice seeing more Napoleon fans out there!
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Hi! : )

I bought him a little while ago from Yahoo Japan Auctions - I just did a quick look and there is one on there at the moment but he doesn't have a lot of time left. I hope you can find one! And nice choice of icon by the way!
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Hay there sorry for the late replay.
I have not uploaded in a while due to school, work, and life (mostly school).
I was also getting tired of every email I got from youtube being a negative comment on one of my old videos. It was bumming me out. I set all my videos to privet so they are not gone forever. I was even thinking about starting up the reviews again. I just moved to my new house with my wife, I now have my own Anime man cave/office. lol My collection is still growing. Hopefully in the next couple months I will be able to do a proper room tour video and maybe get back in the youtube game. lol
Thank you for checking up on me, really appreciate it. :)
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ZoroZoldyck1 vuotta sitten#60237649How do you feel about the MH Iskandar figure?
He looks a little weird and I'm hoping for a new one.. But day by day that seems like it's not happening..
What do you think?

Well, I think it's a nice figure, albeit a little too static. It emphasizes the statue aspect, put a little motion would have been cool. I'd kill for a statue of him riding atop a rearing Bucephalus.

Its "bad" point (that's relative, though) is the face, but seeing how Iskandar isn't your average bishounen, I guess MH didn't really know how to perfectly capture the manly ruggedness of the character. That's not a real excuse, but that's still way better than some other trainwrecks.

And let's face it, they don't really have any excuses to do another figure, seeing how Fate/Zero's anime adaptation hype is gone and Megahouse's line bombed (and deprived us of that awesome-looking Gilgamesh, fuck them with a big rusty pole or a splintery post), so it's understandable they'd rather play it safe.

Now, if next WonFes could give us annoucements for figures of Anastasia (first or third Ascension) and Napoléon (second or third Ascension), that'd be fucking awesome.
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Happy Birthday dude!
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Happy Birthday. :)
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My best taste and yours!! kkk
I love Hunter x Hunter too
And Gintama, Tales and much more.

Thank you, bro o/
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Thanks, dude.
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