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Currently Collecting: many Spoopy figures! ;P

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I forgot to leave feedback, well I bought a Saber Alter Figure, a Scathach Nendo Face-plate about 7-8 months ago, and Ageha09 was extremely friendly and responsive, she answered all of my constant questions that I had happily! I recommend purchasing from her, I'm sure you'll have a pleasant buying experience like I did!
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Ageha09 was selling a framed picture that I wanted. I paid on a Tuesday morning and it arrived in Texas on Thursday night. She was incredibly nice, and the item appeared basically brand new in the original package that it came in. Incredible!
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Ageha09 was selling a garage kit I've been hunting for. She was very friendly and responded quickly, and shipped the item very fast. He arrived in perfect condition and very well packed. I'm very happy with the transaction. :D Thank you again!!
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Ageha was so nice and responsive! Bought the Fate Apocrypha Potekoro Box Set from her! Speedy shipping and a trustworthy seller. Everything was in near perfect condition. I absolutely adore them and was so happy to find someone selling this set on this site. T^T A happy early Christmas for me aha!
Thanks again Ageha, for the wonderful service.
And happy holidays to you!
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Hi! Was curious to see other collectors in the same area, and you were one of the few, haha :3

Just stopping by to say hello, and I really dig your page and your collection. Super jelly of that X-Plus Emi Yusa figure, one of my grail figures at the moment :)

The Devil is a Part-Timer is one of my favorite anime (slice of life in general is my fav genre), and the novels are amazing as well if you've had the chance to read them.

Anywho, sorry for the random post, just nice to see a fellow collector from the same town!
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Awesome! Glad she arrived safely
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Happy birthday! Hope you have a great day!
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Stumbled across your page. Awesome collection keep it up.
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Thank you for your purchase! A great, kind, professional buyer that is lovely to do business with! Highly recommended! :D

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Europe's friend for everything manga, anime and related merchandise!


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