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Well, I'm an otaku born and raised in Brazil (not by choice), totally psychotic about cats *o*, internet, nail art, manga art and tribals
http://blog.sanriotown.com/akmb1987:hellokitty.com/files/2010/05/image-70.jpg <- This is a *lame* tribal I made wit my name xD (sorry abt the text all over it, I used this image on an unprotected website and had to do it >.<")

My 1st figure was a plush Kyuubi, what says a lot about my craving for cute items showing creepy figures (totally contradictory like any other Tsun xP )

As they say, the difference between a man and a boy is the price of their toys... Guess I'm getting old, huh?

Something you'll easily note is that I ALWAYS finish my phrases with emoticons - sprry if I'm from mIRC generation and we didn't have round yellow faces to represent our emotions -.-

At this time I take care of a blog that helps animal protectors (www.responsabil...) - although it's in portuguese, you can easily change it to english using the google gadget on the top, or only reads the requests in English that are global :)

I also have a blog to share programs links (www.baudebrinqu...), and I'm a writer on otakuworks (www.otakuworks....), a portal/forum/blog directed to sharing anime & manga episodes/chapters. The quality is really good, but the anime is distributed in HQ by torrent, so they can be a little heavy (you need utorrent or similar to download it).

A reunion of everything I do/share online can be found on my twitter (www.twitter.com...), so follow me if you like ^^

I'll be very happy with new otaku/collector/fan friends, so feel free to add me! ^^

If you have any of my favorite items to sell, FOR DA LUV OF GAWD PM ME! I'M WILLING TO BE A LITTLE ROBBED (JUST A LITTLE) FO RTHEM!

Bem, sou uma otaku nascida e criada no Brasil, completamente psicótica por gatos, internet, nailart, manga art e tribais *o*

Minha primeira figure (n sei se essa conta) foi um plush da Kiuuby de Naruto, depois evoluí para gashapons e por fim, figmas >D

Como dizem por aí, a diferença entre um homem e um menino é o preço dos seus brinquedos... acho q isso indica q estou ficando velha eheheh xD

Uma coisa q vcs vão notar com facilidade é q dificilmente uma frase minha não irá incluir um emoticon - desculpaê se eu sou do tempo do mIRC quando n se tinha acesso a smileys >.>

No momento cuido de um blog de ajuda a protetores animais (www.responsabil...), um só de links e coisas pra baixar (www.baudebrinqu...), e sou colaboradora no site otakuworks, onde vc pode baixar praticamente qualquer manga/anime em alta qualidade seja pelo servidor proprio seja por torrent (www.otakuworks....)

Uma reunião de tudo q eu faço pela net pode ser achada no meu twitter (twitterfeed FTW \o/)


Buy Anime figurines and japanese popculture collectibles at figuya.com


Lucky Star S2, animes in general, anything that includes blood/death/animals (not rly a shoujo fan >.< )
everything from Sidney Sheldon, classics, horror
HKO, Pokemon, any horror/life simulation stuff (no 1PS or 3PS or War)
basically I'm exactly liek Konata from Lucky Star (except the blue hair and he skinny body *envy*)
The cupcake song xD
Samsung pl120 & Galaxy sIII Mini & Galaxy Note 3
Dell 1420 & Acer Aspire 1410 & Galaxy Note II