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Interested in your Albedo figure
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Happy birthday! Hope you have a wonderful day!
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Hey your inbox is full but I'm interested in buying, haven't gotten a notification yesterday sadly. Please PM your PP.
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Hey, just to let you know I'm still interested but your inbox is full.
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alxvasqz122 vuotta sitten#24712102yes I am.

I sent you a PM not too long ago. Let's discuss more there!
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Are you still selling your Hiei Alphamax figure? Interested in buying.
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HERRO $75 shipped in us for shiro swimsuit figure?
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Happy birthday! Hope you have a great day!
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alxvasqz125 vuotta sitten#2909645Thanks for the advice! ive been lurking here for about a month so ive been looking into things like that. also trying to decide what are the best sites to order from. what is your personal favorite place to order from? I have 1 preordered on anime island, and another on Hobby search

Everyone has a favorite store tat is for sure. To back track a step about Bootlegs It was my first purchase so I know just how it feels to get gipped. Like I mentioned Blogs are great info and If you care to read some of mine I think I have some pretty good ones out there.

Back to the stores now. I have tried a few store but for me it's mostly about Price and availability. Ami Ami though hated by many people because of their no cancellation policy often get bashed in threads. But it happens to be my # 1 shop. They tend to have the best price on pre orders. Not always but 99% of the time. Their packaging also gets lots of complaints as the over stuff the box with paper to protect the figurine while in transport.

I have received a few damage boxes from Ami Ami, it's to be expected with the number of figurines I have but none of the figurine boxes were really damaged /( again I think I have a blog with pictures about that incident.) So to me its worth paying a little more and getting your figures undamaged.

I should stop now or I could keep going and going. Please feel free to continue to asking questions

= )

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Welcome to you on MFC ! ! ! : > I hope you will enjoy your time on this great portal.
Enjoy and have fun : >
☆ o(^▽^)o☆
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PVC anime figure store.


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