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hello! my name is beck. my pronouns are he/him!
i really love riamu yumemi and fate (/extra and
/zero). i really enjoy collecting stuff i think
is cute and adding stuff 2 the database!
this is a wip...




grails ・゚・(。>ω<。)・゚・22


hi i noticed u have some netrunmon figs in ur wished... i found a huge set being sold on japan auctions if ur interested!! i was gna buy it myself but im kinda broke rn O_o

da link --> it ends soon !!! buyee.jp/item/y...
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i managed to snag the chiyu bundle while everyone was too busy looking at the mayura bid LOL
still shaken up about how high it went.... 14,500 yen..... she was at like 80 aud last time she was on a bid TOPS its so weird

im kinda afraid shell be harder to find but ill try my best ;; lemme kno if u see anythin maybe!!
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OOH YEAH!!!! THE ONE THE COUPLE DAYS B4 OR THE ONE ON FRIDAY? istg she is UNFINDABLE for months on end then there r like. three opportunities 4 her omfgg T_____T but thats great regardless!!!! ive been looking 4 her 4 a while now n was wonderin if u had any recs on what to search up to find her? anything helps rlly C: if ur happy 2 ofc!!!!!
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aaa were u the one who bid on the yja mayura? congrats!!!!!!! shes a real cutie ò__ó
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t-thank u :’) n rq sent!! my user should be.. recognizable ahdsjs and i do have a twit but I don’t rlly use it much :(( sowwy
also I am so sorry for responding so late omg i haven’t been on mfc at all lately .. perhaps i am one step closer to breaking myself free from the fig collecting curse..... or not..........
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TYSM FOR THE FR!! i see that not only do we have similar tastes in figs but also a TON of common interests/favs??? WTF we r geniuses I think. omg and im guessin u play FGO?? if so (and if u play on NA) what’s ur friend code :3 my supports kinda suck tho LOL
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hiya !! thank u so much! n_n for my garage kits i usually buy them off of yahoo auctions & mandarake! i also buy figures from surugaya, rakuten and ebay but they dont have gks as much :0
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Europe's friend for everything manga, anime and related merchandise!


fate/zero, jjba, devilman, im@s, nge, hypmic, alien 9, promare
fate/extra, okami, fate/grand order
denpa, nurse, kemonomimi(esp dogs!!!), angel, fangs, sick, unusual ahoge, thick eyebrows, maid, part mech/robot, pink, tired
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