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Hi. I'm a filmmaker from TN. I watch a lot of anime and I'm a big fan of Tokimeki Memorial, Sailor Moon, One Piece, Wedding Peach, Mobile Suit Gundam, and more.

You can also check me out at:



If you ever sell one of your Wedding Peach Kits please contact me I'm looking for them so hardly.

Thank you :3

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charlottem34 vuotta sitten#12927927Hi Eccmy! Sorry for the late reply. I've been really bust the past month. I'm glad that you are feeling better.
So, I decided to put all those cards on photobucket.
That's the link. Let me know if that works for you and you can see them all good and stuff. I've never used photobucket for anything so hopefully I uploaded them all the right way. I recommend that you organize them by File Name. If you look at the file names you'll be able to see what pictures go with each other.

Thank you very much for the link and for your effort of putting up that much data! :)
For what I've seen, actually a good chunk of those cards already are fully covered in the database. I do spot ten or so cards in the lot not yet added though, I'll work on those during next week. If you have pictures for other cards still not in the database, please do not hesitate sharing them with me! -_^
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charlottem34 vuotta sitten#11953388Hi Eccmy! How are you doing?
I just wanted to let you know that I've amassed a large collection of Tokimeki Memorial 2 Telephone card pictures; the front and the backs of them complete with the original barcode. All of these don't have any entries on the sire either. Considering that I don't really know how to add things to the site yet, which you like me to email all these pictures to you? Would you be interested in adding them to the site?

Hi charlottem3! I'm doing rather fine very recently, health is now pretty much recovered, I finally got back a new computer, and good real life events are currently occuring (although they will keep me very busy and will dampen my ability to come often at MFC, especially starting from mid-July. I consider recruiting new Club Admins and Mods for some of my MFC clubs). And you, how are you doing?

Good job on getting all those TM2 telephone card pictures! I would indeed be interested in adding them to the database, but as I'm busy, I'll do it a "slow but steady" way. But rather than by e-mail, if you don't mind I'd prefer you to add them in your MFC image gallery if those pictures were taken by you (especially the barcodes, they will be used as proof of item data), or put them on a image hosting site like Imgur if those come from auction sites or other external sources (because of the "no Chan images on an item in your MFC gallery if that item already isn't in the database" rule), so I can retreive them (and you can erase them from there when I'll be done getting them if you want). Thank you a ton for your contribution! ^_^
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charlottem34 vuotta sitten#9307383Hi Eccmy. I saw that you were sick. I just want to wish you well and I hope that you get better soon.
Thank you very much :)
Sorry for not having answered you in a long while, when I'll feel better and I'll get back my personal computer (hopefully in two weeks at worst), let's talk further ;)
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charlottem34 vuotta sitten#5680535View spoilerHide spoilerNo worries friend. I got back to you kind of late as well :P. December has been a very busy month for me with work and Christmas. I understand what you mean about the lack of free time. I've been wanting to go back and play Tokimeki Memorial 2 again for a few months now, but I have been so busy. When I was in college getting my BA in Japanese I had an excuse to play Japanese games, but now I don't. I'll take you up on your suggestion though and try to watch more live-action Japanese movies and TV. One of my favorite film directors is Akira Kurosawa. Have you seen any of his movies? I watch a lot of anime, but even I can tell that voice acting is very exaggerated, but that comes with the territory of being a voice actor. You have to be exaggerated so the character can come alive.
Do you know of any good places on the internet to find pen pals?
Wow, your process for figuring this stuff out is pretty incredible. It's very thorough. I salute your diligence. It must have taken a while to figure out how to use all of those resources.
I'll try add my telephone cards on my own at first just to see if I can do it. If the process is a little over my head I can send you pictures of them. As I understand it, what you need more than anything, is the barcode number on the back of the card. Is that correct?
If you ever want to talk about anything Tokimeki Memorial related, I'm always open for it. I love the series, especially the second game. There are so few people to talk to about it though.

Again late to the answer, sorry. I had a busy week with real life matters, but it's all clear now so I have some time to chat with everyone. :)

But, first and foremost, I wish you a happy new year! I hope you had a nice beginning of January ^_^

Yes, Tokimeki Memorial 2 and Mitsumete Knight are two of the many games I'd love to play again, but can't find time for them. Even more so TM2 with the heavier dating system compared to MK (seriously, being able to invite a girl on the spot, instead of setting up the meeting on next sunday, is a life-saver), and all the disc swapping. :/

Yes, I have seen Akira Kurosawa's The Seven Samurai. I have to admit I haven't seen a lot of Japanese movies though, but I'm not a cinephile to begin with, so my knowledge of films of all countries in general in general isn't vast.

Hmmm, places where you can find Japanese pen pals... I've met mine through life circumstances and through other friends, so I've never used Internet resources to find them. Let me see if I can find some good site though, if I'm able to I'll make sure to tell you!

Yup, going through all those archives felt like being kind of an archaelogist. I really had to dig deep in some places to unearth some great data. It wasn't easy, but it paid off greatly.

No problem, please go ahead and add them! Don't worry, I'll have your back in case you're stuck with data or entry creation problems.

Yes, the JAN code is the data I have the most difficult time getting with telephone cards, because Konami never bothered featuring it in their webshops and catalogs, unlike the rest of the data such as release date, Catalog ID, and price.
See, the JAN code on the telephone card itself is useless, it's a generic one for all telephone cards. The one I need for each card (that has one, that is, cards such as the store exclusive ones given when you pre-order a Tokimemo game from them for example don't have one) is the one on the sleeve's sticker, such as this one for example PICTURE #1299879 , or at the back of the cardboard display for Konamilook cards such as this one PICTURE #834403 .
So getting Konamilook cards' JAN codes is relatively easy, but cards using paper or plastic sleeves are harder to get their codes, because a lot of people never bothered keeping the original sleeves.

Thank you very much! It's true there aren't many people still interested in that game, sadly. It's even worse for non-Japanese fans since the game has never been translated...
Speaking of which, may I ask you a TM2-related question, if you don't mind of course? Earlier we talked about our fave chars, but I'm curious, what are your fave Events in the game?
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charlottem34 vuotta sitten#4924554View spoilerHide spoilerThat's awesome that you can read and speak Japanese. You must be fluent if you can read light novels. I have the first Tokimeki 2 light novel, but I've never tried reading it. Have you ever tried to translate the Drama CDs? How do you know Japanese? Did you take it in college? I have a Bachelor's in Japanese and have spent a little time in Osako, but my Japanese is really bad. My listening comprehension is the worst. It certainly makes playing Japanese games a lot more difficult because of how time consuming it can be looking through dictionaries to make sure I understand everything. I'm also really out of practice on my Japanese. I live in a city in America that has no Japanese community so I have no one to practice with.
I may try to add things to the database on my own, but it sounds intimidating. I may take you up on your offer of uploading them for me. I could post pictures of my telephone cards if that would help you.
I'm curious about these resources and sources you mentioned. Do you mind if I ask what they are?

Sorry for the very late answer! I was quite a bit busy lately and I've let it fall back. :/
Sadly, I never got around to translate the Drama CDs. Have always been interested, but lack of free time always prevented me to.
Yes, playing Japanese games help a lot with the language, but if I can recommend something, it's to watch non-anime Japanese TV programs above all else (news, variety, dramas, etc.). Because the problem with anime and anime-influenced media, is the voiceover being done in a different pitch than the one used in real life. If you get too much used to that pitch, it becomes harder to understand a native speaker in real life. Try to see if you can get pen pals too, especially ones willing to hold conversations through Skype, that would help a lot. And as a whole, try your best maintaining a practice of the language, it's easy to lose it when you neglect it.

Thank you for the offer, showing me pictures of your telephone cards will help a lot!
As for my sources, they're varied.
For the Internet side, I use a combination of Wayback Machine archives of Konami's various websites (such as Konamilook and Konamistyle, among others), various fansites dedicated to Tokimemo and Konami history and data, webshops such as Surugaya, and auctions at Yahoo Auction Japan / Rakuten / Mbok.
For physical resources, there's Konami's catalogs, Konamilook and Konami Magazines, old Konami flyers, various independant magazines of the time such as Dengeki Playstation or Dengeki B Magazine for example, and promo CDs from those magazines. Got them mostly through Surugaya, auctions, and local sales at shops selling Japanese goods and at Japanese-themed conventions.
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charlottem34 vuotta sitten#4838037View spoilerHide spoilerI didn't know that about the girls from the first game. I don't know much about the TM1 girls besides the basics. I never played the first one. I'm not surprised that they couldn't fit everything in the game though. It was a SNES game and they might not have had enough space on the cartridge to fit everything in. Gotta hand it to Oldschool Konami though for making all the extra stuff to fill the characters out.
The TM2 characters are all so well-rounded and developed. It's hard to pick a favorite. They're all great. I'm curious, do you speak Japanese? If not, how were you able to play TM2? There's never been an english translation of it, which really stinks.
I got some TM2 telephone cards yesterday off of YJA.
ITEM #197882
ITEM #197875
ITEM #231340
ITEM #196937
ITEM #199341
ITEM #197800
ITEM #198048
ITEM #231336
ITEM #214001
ITEM #197843
I wanted to ask you something as well. How do you add things to the site? I have TM2 telephone cards that don't have a listing on this site.

Correcting you regarding TM1: it originally was a PC-Engine Super CD-ROM release. It then got an updated release on Playstation 1 and Saturn, and then got a port on Super Famicom. If anything, the Super Famicom version is a downgrade compared to those earlier three versions (as you said, being on a cartridge meant all voiced dialogue was cut, a few events are missing, and only two save slots are available).

Yes, I can understand, speak and write Japanese comfortably. Thanks to this, I've finished several Japanese-only video games on various consoles, read several Japanese novels (including both Tokimeki Memorial 2 light novels ITEM #171600 ITEM #171601 ), and here at MFC this is tremedously helpful for searching data on goods and adding them to the database. I would never have added some much Tokimeki Memorial stuff here without Japanese knowledge, as nearly all the info can only be found in Japanese sources.

Congrats on getting those TM2 cards! Judging from YAJ's history, looks like the Konamilook ones you've acquired came with their original cardboard sleeve, good grab there! ^_^

Well, to add items to the database, go to any item's page, for example ITEM #197882 . When you're there, do you see the "Add an entry" link on the upper right of the page, just above the MFC partner ad? Click on it and you'll go on a form you'll have to fill with your item's data. Please make sure to read the database guidelines first before getting started on making new entries: about/faq/ . It's also a good idea to check the Database Managers club's comment section CLUB #828 , it includes many database quirks not features in the guidelines that'll be very helpful to you.

Alternately, if you wish I can add the missing telekas you own to the database. I'm slowly working on adding Tokimeki Memorial goods in general and telephone cards in particular. I've added a lot already, but I know there's still a lot of work ahead. I happen to have a vast ammount of sources and resources, both online and offline, that help me giving precise and detailed information on most Tokimemo goods.
If you're interested, just show me which telephone cards you own that aren't in the database and I'll add them! -_^
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charlottem34 vuotta sitten#4746388View spoilerHide spoilerThanks for the offer Eccmy. I'm still getting used to the website, so sooner or later I'll probably ask you something.
Yep. I'm a big fan of Tokimemo 2. I have been for a long time. ENCYCLOPEDIA #2580 and ENCYCLOPEDIA #2579 are my favorites. I'm guessing Hikari is your favorite? I'm just happy to meet someone else who is a fan. You are right in that there are very few of us Tokimemo fans. It is unfortunate that the series never caught on in the western world considering that it's big in Japan or rather it was. Konami doesn't seem to show much love to the series anymore. The characters are so rich with personality! I don't see what's not to love in them.
Those Polystone Figures were very hard to get. Two years ago someone on Yahoo Japan Auctions put their whole set up for sale. It was the only time in many years that I had seen any of them for sale anywhere. I can't believe I got away with three of them. The bidding was fierce. I want all of them, but I especially want ITEM #17937

Sorry for the late reply, I was busy putting up my latest blog. Finally I can answer you!

Yup, Hikari is my fave TM2 char, but Kaori is very close to that spot, and I also really like Akane, Kaedeko, and Maho. :p
I also agree with you that the TM2 chars are full of personnality. IMO, one of TM2's greatest strengths was its ability to tell a story and portray a developed set of characters all by itself. TM1 had interesting characters too, but the original game was very limited in its ability to show this by itself, it depended on its spin-off games, radio and drama CDs, and related merch to bring the meat to the skeleton (for example, Mira Kagami is one of the most interesting characters and one of my faves in that game, but her hidden depths are really explored in the side material, the main game only grazes it). In TM2's case, the Substories games and the Drama CDs were just (nice) complements to the main story, IMO.

I totally believe you about the fierce bidding war for those polystone figures. Three full sets complete with their original Konami custom and serial numbered shipping box, and another full set without said box have been put in auction at YAJ back in late April - early May 2014 by this user user.auctions.y... (this is how I got the JAN code for this set of figures picture/&so... ), and the bidding was fierce there too. One of those complete set even ended up sold for about the same price as the original release price!!
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charlottem34 vuotta sitten#4713974Hello Eccmy! I'm very happy to meet a fellow Tokimeki Memorial fan!
Hey, hello charlottem3, nice to meet you!
Welcome to MFC! I hope you'll enjoy your stay here!
If you have any questions about MFC and its workings, please do not hesitate asking me, I'll gladly answer you! ^_^

So you're a Tokimemo fan too (and, from the looks of your profile, the Hibikino saga in particular; that's great, it's my favourite part of the series too!), awesome! That's extremely rare these days, what's with the franchise being sadly mostly forgotten both by anime/video games fans and by Konami...

You've got a really nice TM collection, nice job getting some of those limited-to-100 Polystone figures ITEM #17929 ITEM #17939 ITEM #17934 and the Quo Cards in particular! -_^
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Oyamatsumi 大山積命
Ohayou !
Welcome to you on MFC :3
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