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Hello there. Feel free to join this club. CLUB #1170
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divinefang9 vuotta sitten#1100982Wow you got your Kobato fast! Thanks for the review, keep up the good work. Can't wait for mine ^^
Thanks for looking my review.
I do my best to be able to upload a review fast in the future.
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But Geez!! You have more stuff than i expected bro.
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Hi there. I'm Terrorhunt. I would like to invite you to this club.

CLUB #865
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Necobi Tomato Punch? XP
Just Sasara's head sale spotted!


Starting price at 50,000 yen.
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Necobi Tomato Punch? XP
OH! I found photos of Sasara with different eyes~ She doesn't look bad in them~
This is one of it,you can still browse for others photos of Sasara @ toel-uru's photostream ~
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Necobi Tomato Punch? XP
divinefangYiks! The eyes are the most important part! And I don'tsee Sasara's lovely wig there too :( If not, she will be quite worthy. Thanks for the heads up! Really appreciate that^^!

Hahahaa~Agree with you,the eyes is the most important part! Especially Sasara'eyes~ Love the blue~
Need to experiment alot with different eyes if need to change mm..
Wig is still not a big prob since i see alot of Sasara that look nice even in different hairstyle X3
That auction is okie if you want a Sasara head mold at a cheaper price.If i see any auction of Sasara i will give u a nudge again here =3
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Necobi Tomato Punch? XP
Sasara with only her head and body (eyes is not default too)
Auction ends at this sat. =)
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Necobi Tomato Punch? XP
divinefangHaha! I may be excited about getting my first DD, but I am at the same time feel uneasy to be grouped as a DD "parent", or having a "musume". Hope I will get used to it after a while ^^. As for now, I am just buying her as if she's a figurine, just a large scaled one. I am more comfortable with the purchase that way. LOL!!!
Oh? So you are the one who got her! I saw that entry but my limbs went numb looking at the price. Anyway congrats again for getting Yuki!

That's VERY kind of you finding all the links there! Thank you so much ^^! Right now I am putting Sasara and Yuki aside, they are just too much for me. Even if I am getting them I will probably get their heads only (do let me know if you see them around)... Hmm... can't decide right now coz all funds have been allocated on Saber Alter 2nd!

Pss..i feel uneasy too at first so i understand.XD
I would have the same reaction as you if its me from 2 months ago that see that post lol.

You're very welcome~
I used those links when i hunt for Yuki i hope they can somehow help you out =)

You can slowly decide and save for Sasara and Yuki if you really want them~
Congrats in getting Saber Alter too!! Be sure to post the photos of her when you've got her X3
and Sure,just the heads only right? I will inform you when if i come across either one of them.ヽ(^。^)丿
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Necobi Tomato Punch? XP
divinefangI started with Aika Wicked Style III as my first PN, her twin tails is so moe! Then I got Himeno Fanny Fanny II. Since then I was hooked. I really regretted not buying Tick Tock ver, saw her available at Amazon JP but didn't add her to cart! Anyway that's the story how I was poisoned. Will get more Himeno in the future for sure!

As for DD, I am a total noob. Any YES, Saber Alter 2nd is going to be my first DD (pretty excited but a bit worried about the typical DD staining because of her dark outfit).

Dannychoo and Wolfheinrich both gave strong influence to the purchase, especially with all their Saber 'siao' (craziness). They take splendid photos of their Sabers.

OMG, DD Yuki on your way? Dang, give me an idea of where to get her, or perhaps Sasara. They are on my wishlist!

Heh~ We are going to be a new DD parents soon XD

I ordered her 3 days ago with layaway via someone from figure.fm =)
I've been hunting for her everyday for the past 2 months and finally...

By the way,
There's a few sites where you can check out if there's any Sasara or Yuki there:

YJA (All DD):

Mandarake (Yuki):
Currently 1 at 220,000yen
You can use it to search for other DD too~

Flickr DD group:

- search out some shops including YJA that sell ur items you wanted
- you can check the previous bids that ended too to get an idea how much does the DD cost averagely @ 落札相場

1 at the moment but very overpriced

2 at the moment

Or maybe you can tell me your $ range for both DD that you can pay for?
If i see any Sasara or Yuki that is within your affordable range i can give you a nudge here =)
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