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oh god i ordered more re-ment
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Drowning in nendoroids. I have too many figs/goods. I love ProWres.

I also collect ball jointed dolls ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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Shaerileth 「mother of a grimoire」
elagabalus3 vuotta sitten#19857242UH OH, I made a terrible mistake and was lookin' at the Re-Ment twitter and found this set: pbs.twimg.com/m...
Would you have any interest in splitting some of it? I really like 1 and 5, but what I really like is just various bits of a bunch of the sets (dying for the little berries in 4! And the other tea set stuff in 2... ugh)
I may bug Meeze too! I'm gonna keep going through the re-ment twitter and cry a lot. LMK if there are any more re-ment you might be interested in splitting aside from the ones you sent a while back?

Um...I don't really want any full sets, but I'm interested in parts, orz. Would be wicked interested in the herb plant/pot from 3, the book from 4, and (if you didn't want) the blue tea can from 5. As for other sets...I really want the roomba from the hello kitty cat cafe one ENCYCLOPEDIA #122572, lol. Other than that I haven't really looked recently. Think there was a Pokemon cafe one too cause it looked like it had macarons...would have to find.
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Shaerileth 「mother of a grimoire」
elagabalus3 vuotta sitten#19302331I actually don't think I have any AmiAmi orders! Since the exchange rate has been a little unpredictable I really haven't ordered anything. I do have a GSC order for exclusives tho (RIP, wallet). I neeeeed the entire Taisho set like I need air. The full set is so cheap too so like... Might as well go blow all myoney at once, lol.
I looked over the ones you're splitting and I'm not totally dying for any of them, unfortunately ;~; I've gotten so picky with (and lazy about buying, even the things I REALLY want) figs and re-ment lately OTZ.

Mm, we slowed waaaay down on preorders. The BF has a few though, mostly nendos, lol. It's a wicked nice set, that pocket watch though...I want Multiples, orz
No worries! And I know how that goes completely. I actually took a hiatus for a bit and just came back, only reason I'm trying to split these sets is I have ITEM #7838 & ITEM #7837 on order and the nendo it's for has gone furniture shopping XD;;
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Shaerileth 「mother of a grimoire」
elagabalus3 vuotta sitten#19281965Aaaa hi!! No worries. I think about you and a few other people whenever I look at my re-ment >w<
I think I'm going to buy the entire Taisho era set for myself so that's probably easier to just order directly, but I'll look at the others for sure.

I do too! But this time I thought I had let you and Meeze know...and aparently just dreamt it, LOL. Mm, especially if you already have an order you can tack it on to. I may end up picking up untaken slots in that because I NEED 3 & 8 ;w; But yeah, take a looks, you never know :3
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Shaerileth 「mother of a grimoire」
I'm a horrid person, but just incase...late is better than never? ;w;
If you're interested in any of these re-ments I'm hosting a few different sets-- clubs.php?mode=...
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elagabalus5 vuotta sitten#3169512Not a problem at all!
It's interesting to see how many are missing? I think it's weird that even special Nendoroids that come paired with item releases don't get a number. Though I guess I can see why they do that? I'd still want to tuck them in at the back of the booklet or something. >w<
Anyway, it looks like the booklet contains the same Nendos that were in the showcase.

Ohhh okay. Guess they weren't missing any then really? I wonder why they don't add the special ones as well. Now I'm curious to know which ones weren't added due to a lack of number.
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elagabalus5 vuotta sitten#3162490Ugh I totally did and I don't know how? Probably when on the phone OTZ. Anyway, I fixed it for you + left your tent slots intact for now.
In more wallet destroying news, Puchi-Kun has posted photos of some of the upcoming Re-Ment sets and I definitely want to order the Little Twin Stars set. twitter.com/puc... aughhh everything is so cute! I think the Gudetama sets are little toys, so you might end up wanting to order those?

As much as I like that odd little egg guy, I'm probably not going to order the Gudetama set. It looks like it's mostly little novelty items, so I'd probably never use them. I'm really liking all the pastel colors in the Little Twin Stars set! The March Comes in Like a Lion set is kind of cute too. I'd definitely need the donuts!

Congrats on the Dollie Dream by the way! It sounds like you had fun at your con~ ^_^ Seems like it was a bit of a handful too though, haha. I've never been much of a doll person, but I have to admit, the Saber dolls in particular are very pretty. Probably why they're so darn expensive. I've entertained the idea of getting one but then there goes three-four months worth of pre-orders! On top of that I really wouldn't know how to take care of a high end doll.

EDIT: I just remembered, I never got back to you on the Sailor Moon Birthday cakes set! I do want a couple things (mainly 2 and possibly 4) so I could probably host if you and Shaerileth want anything. Also, is it just me or does the Jupiter cake look like a giant green sponge?
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Shaerileth 「mother of a grimoire」
elagabalus5 vuotta sitten#3162495No worries! I totally missed Mezit's confirmations on stuff anyway so to compensate for my mess I was gonna give everyone an extra day or two to decide. I'm not sure how close we are to a 2nd box (and I am way too braindead and tired to try to figure it out right now, not with the amount of splitting/tentatives we have on that set!) but I was gonna look at stuff again in the morning just in case.
P.S. Puchi-Kun posted pics of more upcoming Re-Ment. MY WALLET!!! ;A; I really want that Little Twin Stars set and I might want others. twitter.com/puc...

It's all good. I haven't been sleeping well as of late so I can completely relate. T_T Did you at least have fun at the con? I saw your DD! She is gorgeous! I've always wanted one myself but never got one for the same reason as you. 10ish years collecting resin dolls and I'm just like OwO what do I do with it...where do I touch it...but my SO would die to have one. I always wanted to surprise him with one but so expnsive. Maybe one day.

OMG. I love the twin stars too. I always loved them and my melody. Those sushi are fairly cheap on AmiAmi but I wonder how be they are...and asdkl I NEED that riceball...4 from the march comes in like a lion, I think? Yeah, I need that in my life like yesterday. Flipping September.
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elagabalus5 vuotta sitten#3162221Omg, thank you! It works just fine.
This is really neat to have digitally, thank you so much!

Oh good I'm glad! And no problem, sorry it took me so long.
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elagabalus5 vuotta sitten#3162257Heeey! Is it ok if I drop your tentative slots for the Sailor Senshi no Nichijou Re-Ment order? I don't think we're gonna get a 2nd box but wanted to make sure with you anyway~
Here's the link: club/618/discus...
Hey! I left you a message on the split page. ^_^; I posted my final slots a few days ago but I think you might have missed it?
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Shaerileth 「mother of a grimoire」
elagabalus5 vuotta sitten#3162260Heeey! Is it ok if I drop your tentative slots for the Sailor Senshi no Nichijou Re-Ment order? I don't think we're gonna get a 2nd box but wanted to make sure with you anyway~
Here's the link: club/618/discus...

Psh, yup! Apologies I thought I mentioned to...but I guess I got distracted by the other slot issues, orz.
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