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Milady-Alluca Obnoxiously Wordy
Hello! I had an information question regarding a series of items that you edited! This rubber strap series: ENTRY #212404

Can you possibly give me a link of where their photos and release date info was posted? I'm just curious where I'll have to look to nab them and when ^^ Checking mercari jp blindly everyday feels like a sisyphean task so I just thought I'd ask since I couldn't find it myself!
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Hi there!

I saw that you had Nendoroid Co-de Cardcaptor Sakura black cat maid on your wishlist. I'm currently selling both her and the Angel Crown CCS nendoroid co-de for 100 each (willing to haggle). PM me if you are interested! :)
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sarious Chino is My Life
Thanks for adding all those Chino goods to db. I order so many that I don't add them.
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oh I try to limit them with specific series, though I feel it will go out-of-hand sooner or later haha

the more the merrier...
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Thank you also, your collection is massive.
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No thank You! :)
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Thank you for accepting :] ♡♡
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Well, thank YOU for accepting!
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lmaoo I was planning to reply to ur message (although im 1 month-late so sorryyyy ughh 。・°°・(>_<)・°°・。) but then it said that ur inbox is full XD
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Hey there! I noticed you add a lot of Fate stuff to the database. Really grateful for that! (^_^) I was wondering if you could add the new Blu-ray box standart edition of UBW? Here is the link: www.amazon.co.j...

I tried adding something to the database only once and it didn’t go well lol. I don’t want to do something wrong again because the mods are very busy already ;w;
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Be proud of your inner child