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heebjeeb5 vuotta sitten#2838908Awesomeeee! Ahh that sounds like so much fun, it'd be wonderful to see all the figs and artist in person, and so many figs than never get coverage I'd imagine. Hope you have a great time! Well I'll pray to the snk gods for a little bit of fortune then, maybe it'll work lol. This crazy love for Eren and Levi grows stronger every day I almost don't know what to do anymore, it's hopeless >< /defeated
Oh no it's the least I could do ^^ I'm happy you might be interested! I won't be selling these ones so it'd be nice to know someone else in the world has a copy too. I'm really bad about finishing my dolls, I have so many projects..., but this levi and eren are a true work of love (or obsession lol), and they're closest to being ready and should be finished very soon. I'll send you some pics when they're done, just need to sculpt Eren's hair yet :)
Holy crow so many Eren DDs! That's truly impressive, I think you must have the best Eren collection of all time :P do you have photos up somewhere, or plan to take pics when they're done?
Thanks! I've been to wonfes before and it's really amazing! Hahaha same here! Even though I'm out of the SnK fandom for quite some time now my love for Eren keeps growing >w< pretty sure this doesn't mean well for our wall tho lol

I'm honestly honoured that you're sharing this work of love of yours with me ;w; I hope everything will go well with your dolls project and best of luck!

Aww sheesh you make me blush (ꐦ ´͈ ᗨ `͈ ) likewise you have an amazing Levi collection!
I have 8 Eren DDs on the working right now and I'm planning to do a proper photoshoot for them by Eren's birthday next year! But here's a sneak peek on one of my Eren DD :D
EDIT: Whoops I forgot to change his eyes back to green, here's the correct one PICTURE #1260300
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heebjeeb5 vuotta sitten#2772518Yay that's hopeful news! *fingers crossed* Thanks for all this info, very interesting :3 I can see how exclusive he is and how hard it is to win one though, so I'm trying to not get excited, but if your friends manages to get another one that'd be amazing and I'll be so hyped, so thank you both again for trying <3
I'm not sure if you'd be interested but I'm making a tiny BJD mermaid Eren and Levi for myself.. well trying to, and if it works out and if you'd like, I can cast you (and your friend if she collects Eren and/or Levi) a copy when they're done, as a proper thank you ^^.
Namoji will bring Eren GK again! twitter.com/77m... it will also be lottery again though. No problem at all! It's always a pleasure helping someone who's hunting Eren. I'll join my friend to wonfes too this summer so hopefully both of us can get the direct path ticket to double our chance hehe.

Oh my you're so kind! I collect custom Eren DD so yes I'm definitely interested in any kind of Eren/Levi BJD :D
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heebjeeb5 vuotta sitten#2703041OMG, if that was possible it would be amazing!! I'd seriously be so grateful, yes please if she has the chance please keep me in mind, I'd absolutely love to get this gorgeous Eren and would have to make it up you somehow big time *_* I know it's probably a long shot though, but by turn of great fortune, yes please <3 Just let me know if she gets the chance what you need.
Thank you again for the consideration and kindness :3
The circle just announced that they're booked for summer wonfes so here's hoping they'll bring Eren again! There'll be two lottery that my friend must win in order to get the GK. One is for the direct path ticket to enter wonfes early and the other is for the GK itself (might change though, since the first version is sold without lottery). You only need to pay for the GK when she managed to get it. I'll keep you updated near and during wonfes (ꐦ ´͈ ᗨ `͈ )
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heebjeeb5 vuotta sitten#2730015Thanks for thinking of me ^^ I appreciate it! but that's still more than I'm willing to spend on him due to his issues, the CAD is down so much and since I'd just want to repaint him I couldn't spend over 2000yen. It's such a shame about how he turned out 'cause he has the nicest prototype sculpt, imo.
I know what ya mean.
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Hello, not sure if you remember me but That Levi - 1/7 (Pulchra) figure you wanted some time ago is on sale at Solaris Japan at $35.99 solarisjapan.co...

Unlike some sites trying to sell him over $100 you can get him under $100
Not to many ppl where happy about the final product of the figure, I couldn't get the swords to properly fit in the sockets and he's leg as well, his 3DMG was dirty from IDK what plus one of his swords had a finger print on it.
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Heya! You seem to really want this GK ITEM #232978 and there's a possibility that they'll sell the GK again this summer wonfes! If you want, I can ask my friend to try to get it for you provided that she won the direct path ticket lottery ^^
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heebjeeb5 vuotta sitten#2636653Yep, not rolled. I ended up getting it through otakumode and used some coupons so the shipping was basically free for me. I think they charged around $15 for it there, which is crazy cheap for the size of the box it came in! They must get some great shipping discounts or I'm not sure how they stay in business.
That's a great deal! so you were able to cancel the copy you ordered on CDJapan? I've also wondered how TOM manages to profit with all those coupons and free shipping promos they have :0

When ordering a calendar that's not rolled for sure I go with yesasia as their prices already include shipping fees. With big calendars I've usually saved at least 20 euros because shipping from Japanese stores via EMS is so damn expensive ^__^;
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heebjeeb5 vuotta sitten#2487872Hmm, it's this Shingeki calendar (www.cdjapan.co....). I don't know how this one is but I have received both kinds so I just assumed it was going to be a boxed calendar since CDJapan updated the shipping costs, but figured it's worth the effort to ask just in case. Thanks very much for this info and your help!
This is a super late reply but I finally remembered to add the calendar to database ITEM #284564

I searched for photos and yeah it looks like they didn't roll this -> shipping cost must have been really high.
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heebjeeb5 vuotta sitten#2487805@crystalrain, heh congrats then! yeah I want to order from somewhere else if cdjapan would only reply to and refund me :\
Ohhh, I wonder if that's possible, thanks for the idea! I sent them another email asking since they still haven't replied to my last one -_-

Saw this comment and decided to check what kind of calendar you ordered but couldn't find one listed on your profile.

Usually anime calendars, e.g. made by Ensky, are rolled can be shipped via Small Packet. However, comic (wall) calendars, the ones that Shueisha makes, aren't rolled (they are packed like this PICTURE #955123 in their own cardboard boxes) and unfortunately can't be shipped via cheap methods :<
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Welcome to the board! :)

Enjoy your stay.
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