Currently waiting for haikyuu beach scene
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Yamaguchi Collection104


I'm a new collector and very much new to taking care of my figures and my anime merch so please be kind and help me learn along the way!

If you can currently tell, I'm very much obsessed with Haikyuu and most of my collection revolves around the freckled boy, Yamaguchi Tadashi! So if you ever have any Yama merch you want to get rid of, I'm your girl ;D



Thank you so much for accepting my friend request!
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Thanks for joining the Trigger Club! :))
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My “closest” theater is fair away too & it’s cool to live close to the con anyway in my opinion.Ever been to one of your local cons?
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Oh cool,so your theater gets all the anime movies? That's cool (Mine only get Studio Ghibli movies,I love Studio Ghibli and all but I would like to get some anime series movies,I mean we got those too but they always play in this downtown theater that isn't in the best part of town)
(Will California does get a lot of cool stuff,you guys get Anime expo there)
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Lucky,they hasn’t put the Haikyuu movie where I live in theaters (not yet hopefully) Will it’s awesome that you get to see both movies.Did you see Take your marks when it went in theathers?
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Same :)

I want to the BNMA movie too(They’re showing it limited in some theaters and I want to see it so badly) along with the Haikyuu movie(Hopefully that will go in theaters too)
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I’m also a fan of Ikuya

It’s awesome to see the boys again afte a while and I’m also looking forward to the new Haikyuu movie
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NP :)
Awesome to meet another Yamaguchi & Toono fan.
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Hello,I like your profile pic,profile and collection
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Milady-Alluca Obnoxiously Wordy
Happy birthday! It's been a long while since we first talked and I'm sorry for dropping off like I did, but I hope you're doing alright and that your collection still brings you joy ^v^
It's a small thing but I doodled your boy for your bday I hope it puts a smile on your face!
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