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I am a man that has lived the true hardships of a true life of a normal human of my time.

Besides that, I am not really a figure collector. I just want to collect those I would like to have. My manga, anime and japanese stuff culture is close to 30 out of 100. Lol.

But I do like Ah! My goddess! manga series and I have begun watching the anime on the net.

I love Evangelion. I read the manga and watched the first series.

I have begun reading Dr. Slump too. It's nice and funny, lol. :P I began watching the anime a while ago.

I have all the Dragon Ball mangas. I used to read them alot when I was younger. I have never really watched the whole anime series, just a few episodes, when they would be shown at the television, and watched me a few ones on the Internet. It's not my favorite series, but I like it.

I have watched a few Ghibli studio's movies. I love what they do. Princess Mononoke is awesome, and my favorite of the lot.

I love visual novels too. It's one of my favorite things of japanese culture.

I have played Seasons of Sakura , one of the visual novels that has actually triggered my interest for visual novels. It's among the first ones I played. A simple story; a freshman in a school meets new students (most of them being girls), befriends them, and later in the year becomes the boyfriend of one of the girl he met.

I have played Nocturnal Illusion. I really loved it and I still do. One of the stories that has actually triggered my interest for writing! :D A mansion, a group of people living there, each person for different reasons, many weird things happening. I recommand it.

I have played Runaway City (not too bad! From the makers of Seasons of Sakura) A dude lucky in life that meets different people (especially girls) and somehow helps them solving their personal problems. :) But the end is weird and actually difficult to reach... I had to check on the Internet for solution...

I have played 3 Sisters Story. It's nice. Also from the makers of Seasons of Sakura. They actually produced a memorial cd-rom containing those 3 games, since they used to run on the old generation of computers, Win 98. The cd makes them function on the Win 7, but I have never been able to make them function on the Win 8 and 10 :( I have later discovered a site on which you can play old visual novel games. I think it's legal (lol). tss.asenheim.or... 3 Sisters Story is about a guy that lives with three sisters. Many bad things happen to the group and now I cannot really tell you more without spilling the beans. :P A game full of suspence, very interesting to play. :)

I have played Immoral studies 1 and 2 when I was younger. Nice but not particularly great. A pervert teacher who gives private lessons to girls... Many years ago, when I played the first game, it never really occured to me that the first game was maybe featuring pedophilia... :( The third game looked even more troubling, so I decided not to ever play it.

I have played a visual novel that I can't remember the name. The story was about a man who suddently had to live in a mention with a weird family composed of a crazy mother and her daughters. In the mansion there is that housemaid that is mistreated by the family, like a slave. The man and the housemaid will eventually become closer. Turned out to be really not one of my favorite.

I have played Project Family. Looooved it. A young man and six other people not blood related, begin to live together, because they have all lost their home (except for the woman who actually ''greets'' them. But she needs them in order to pay a share of the mortgage anyways...) Many things happen, and all the characters are being very mysterious about their past (including the main one). A very interesting game.

There is Kimi ni Steady, the PC version, a very old game. After a few years of searching the Internet, I have been able to find it on Amazon. I also found the game guide. At first I bought the guide, just for the fun of looking at pictures in it, because I can't read japanese except a few kanjis, and hirag and katas, lol. Then later on I bought the game cd. But I knew I would not be able to play it for two reasons; first, the game is all in japanese, and second, it was too old for my PC. I actually bought it by pure symbolism. One day, when I was young, I discovered a character on the Internet. I found her so beautiful and mysterious. At that time, I didn't know from what media she came. I nicknamed her Amélia. After 10 very long years of searching lol, I finally came to find her origin, and her name; Yuu Nozawa. Nowaza Yuu Thanks to e-hentai.com. Well, it could be cool to be able to play the game one day; to see how she interacts in it. Kimi ni Steady: a young man that meets many girls and will become the boyfriend of one of them someday. Classic, but effective, lol. Yuu ''Amélia'' Nozawa, that manga girl, she is one of the characters that has really set my interest for manga and visual novel culture. She is one of my top favorite manga girl. If there would exist a figurine of her, I'd sure buy it! :P

It's actually quite sad that those old visual novels never had any of their characters made into figures (well I don't think there are). Because I have a couple of favorite in them :P

Besides reading mangas, watching animes and playing visual novels, I have begun learning japanease a few years ago, but I slightly lost my interest for it. Out of 15 courses at University of Montréal, I finished 3, lol. I had the goal to participate to the JET programme, and to go to live in Japan for a while, but I kind of lost my interest for that too. I have been called to an interview last year, but I failed it, due to my lack of preparation. I assume everything lol. Perhaps I'll try myself again someday; I'll see.

Well, I think it's all about that. ;)
Ah! My goddess!, Avatar: The Last Air Bender, The Legend of Korra, Arale, Walkure Romanze, Les malheurs de Sophie, Les mystérieuses cités d'or 1, Rémi sans famille, Bewitched, The Flintstones, Prison School, Unité 9, Les pays d'en haut
More into comics, any kind of comics
Pacman, Tetris, Risk, Monopoly, Smallworld, Simdates, Super Smash Bros 3DS, Tomodachi Life
Anything (almost)
Canon Powershot SX540 HS



Yes on both! :D I think in the USA there are also multiple similar cons, like a Yaoicon. Still, they are always smaller events because it's like a niche of a niche.

That sounds really good for society, wow! :D And good luck on going back to college!
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Hehe, I'm going to be lazy there and copy something from my bio: "To support this hobby, I of course need a job, so I'm a Content/Division Manager at a mobile game company, which is exactly as awesome (and busy!) as it sounds! I also do a lot of other parttime work, including being a for-hire bootleg-identifier and being the vendor area manager of our national Yaoi and Yuri convention called YaYcon.". :D I see you are looking for a job right now, looking for something in a certain field?

Oh! Sorry, couldn't remember if I shared that one. My progress on new cosplay is slow, but I will write a new blog when I have everything together from my Calne cosplay! :D

That cake sounds good! :D Every birthday, even if small/simple, needs a cake! ^^

Mecha Musume? :) Hehe, yeah, still actively collect from it! Recently it was mostly newer items I found on sale, such as things from Kantai Collection, but right now I am also looking into buying trading cards from the Humikane Shimada Collection, which features a lot of his older designs:



I saw the Nendoroid and he's so cute and cool! :D I am a huge fan of NBC, although I have been selling most of my collectibles from the series, as it does not fit very well with my anime collection. >.< Currently trying to find a new home for ITEM #452400 .

Emily from Corpse Bride would be amazing too! :D Although I think they went for NBC, because it's Disney's property now and those were Disney Nendoroids...so hrrmm, I don't know how high the chance of any other Tim Burton licensed character would be! I'm already super glad we have ITEM #381685 !!!
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No problem! And 31 is not that old (yet) LOL! Was Arale your birthday gift to yourself? ^^

I've been doing well, just a bit busy because I had to switch jobs unexpectedly last year! I still do cosplay! Don't think I will quit anytime soon LOL! Maybe you have not seen this blog from me yet: BLOG #40372 and I'm currently working on this big one: www.cosplay.com...
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9 kuukautta sitten
Valestein3 (1 vuotta sitten) #25211410Do you like Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind?

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Valestein3 Here with you to Knight
Do you like Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind?
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ifob8 (1 vuotta sitten) #25073331Happy Birthday comrade lover of Celia and gals!
Thank you friend~
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Just recieved 2 new figures today :D There are wonderful! :)
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ifob8 (2 vuotta sitten) #22632758Hey,
well, I'm fine, I'm fine! I've been living in Western Canada for the 10 past months, organizing games and activities in french for kids in a french school. It was nice. I'm going to miss them, lol.
Now I'm going back in Québec next Friday. Whew! All of an adventure. I'll be doing the same thing for the coming school year, but in the Nunavut this time. I'll depart next september, and be back next may (may 25th).
What about you, how are you? In what field do you work, already? What about your cosplays, how is it going?
Do you still participate in many contests?
Hey, I've just discovered they're airing an anime of Frame Arms Girl! Nice! By the way, does it have any connections at all with Mecha Musume? (curious)
I wish they'd create a figma of Gourai (my fav of the gang), I think I'd buy it. I like the Cupoche one, however I find her glare to be not similar enough to the original character.
Well, here is a lot already lol,
Write me back when you're feeling up to it ;)
Take care, and thx again for the wishes ;)

Hello! :)

Oh, that sounds so nice! :D So now your job is to continue traveling and live at different places while teaching?

I currently work for an auction house, but I am still trying to fulfill my dream of being my own boss someday. I would like to get an extra degree for that, it will depend on my financial situation how soon I can get to that (right now both me and my husband need to work to pay our bills).

About my cosplays, I have mainly been working on a huuuuuuuuge project, my Calne Ca costume. Here is an overview of my progress: www.cosplay.com... I've been working on this costume since the beginning of this year and I hope I can complete it before the end of this year, but there are just SO. MANY. PARTS. to work on! @.@

As for contests, my last one was a year ago and from my Lilith cosplay. It's in this blog (I don't know if you have read it): BLOG #31529 As for upcoming contests, I hope to enter one again once my Calne Ca is done!

I haven't gotten to watching the Frame Arms anime yet, but I am quite curious about it (I'm very behind with anime and first want to get to watch Brave Witches haha). As far as I know the only mecha musume connection is because of the artist being Humikane Shimada. And the characters having model kits/other figures from their designs of course. ;)

I'm also not really impressed with the Gourai Cu-Poche, I think it looks a bit too bland? I would have liked more details or shading on the figure. If they pick up making her as an Figma, I hope she will get way more details!

No problem! :D How has it been going for you collection-wise? What is your most favorite recent purchase? Or did you not buy much because of your travelling?

Bye! :)
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ifob8 (2 vuotta sitten) #22529208AHh thx!

You're welcome! Long time no talk btw, how's it going with you? :)
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